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WWEekly: The Top Talking Points of RAW, SmackDown & NXT(11.4 – 11.8.19)



I would normally have a witty and concise intro to these things but since I’m a day late and real life is demanding my attention, I must leave you with this, go watch NXT, the other shows can wait. Now, onto the show breakdowns.


– Brock Lesnar attacks everyone in his quest to get his hands on Rey Mysterio. No one gets this worse than Dio Maddin who tries to stand up to Brock. About 10 seconds too late, Rey Mysterio shows up and pummels Lesnar with a baseball bat and his own title. Rey now has a title match at Survivor Series.

– Charlotte Flair and Natalya fight The Kabuki Warriors in a non-title match that sees Asuka tap to Natalya. I have no words for how much I hate writing that sentence. The Kabuki Warriors are starting to gain momentum and WWE pull this. How stupid, keep your champions strong.

– Cedric Alexander and Buddy Murphy fight. Murphy wins with Murphy’s Law. Decent match, I want more for Buddy Murphy.

– We get more of the awful Rusev/Lana/Bobby Lashley angle as Rusev challenges Lashley to a match. He is then made to fight Drew McIntyre as Bobby Lashley is not medically cleared to fight due to a “groin tear.” Rusev wins the match via DQ as Orton and Lashley get involved in the match prompting a Ricochet save. Seems Team Flair never broke up.

– Sin Cara is made a fool of again as he loses to Andrade and Zelina Vega in mixed tag action with Carolina. This time it’s Zelina who gets the win with a Spike Rana following a competitive stint with Carolina.

– Becky claims she’s the target of the upcoming three-way women’s champion match. Shayna interrupts this and delivers a threat to Becky. The Man is unfazed by her threats and promise to destroy Shayna like she has the rest.

– The OC defeat Humberto Carrillo and the Street Profits in a fun little tag bout. Styles pins Carrillo with a dirty powerbomb.

– Seth Rollins is given a tough choice by HHH. Since Seth is complaining about RAW missing its title now the Fiend has it, HHH gives him a chance at capturing another title, The NXT Title. He must fight Adam Cole in the main event of RAW. However, this segment breaks down when the OC interrupts the Undisputed Era’s attempts at arrogance. Except then even more NXT talent comes out to attack as Dominik Dijakovic and Damian Priest make their presence felt. Later down the line in the show, Seth defeated Adam Cole by DQ. We knew he wasn’t going to win the title. The show ends in chaos.


– The New Day are once again the SmackDown Tag Team Champions. They beat the Revival in a nice title match that saw them beat the Top Guys with the Trouble in Paradise from Kofi. Some may be sick of the New Day but it was a good enough feel good moment. Kofi needed a rebound and Xavier is going to be out a long time with his injury.

– Imperium attacked Heavy Machinery since SmackDown was on NXT UK turf. The Smackdown locker room came out to chase away WALTER and his band of European brutes.

– King Corbin earns himself a beating from Roman Reigns after calling him out in a rather long promo. He criticises Roman’s desire to fight and because of this, Roman shows him just how much he actually wants to fight. He did bring dog poop bags though, that was funny even if it was awful to listen to. Gotta love that WWE creative approved promo… said no one ever. Somehow Corbin actually got the win with the End of Days. I think everyone was in shock at that one.

– Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura put away Ali and Chad Gable with the aid of Sami Zayn run interference. Daniel Bryan watches from the stage as Sami Zayn is still trying to get him to join up with him.

– The Fiend ambushed Daniel Bryan, choking him out backstage. This follows Zayn trying once again to get him to join his collective of villains. If this is setting up a feud between the two then sign me up, that would be amazing.

– Following Bayley blasting the women’s division once again, we see Sasha Banks take on Nikki Cross. She debuts a new Entrance remix and gets the win with the Bank Statement. Bayley obviously interferes because she’s on commentary watching the match. After the match she is once again attacked by Shayna Baszler.

– Carmella & Dana Brooke team up to take on Fire and Desire. This match didn’t seem to have any context other than the winners got a place on Team Smackdown at Survivor Series. but it wasn’t bad. It’s always nice to see Dana Brooke given some TV time, she works her ass off for it. Brooke got a really good showing here, showing off a lot of her athleticism and getting the pin with a Diving Senton.

– Since SmackDown is in Manchester, Tyson Fury is back. He looks to have unfinished business with Braun Strowman but the pair actually end up teaming up to destroy the B Team. It was a fun little section for the crowd but I doubt it will have any impact in the long run.


– The OC have invaded NXT. They attacked the UE just before the start of the show and open the show with a scathing promo. Ciampa disagrees with Style’s attitude and drops his own mic fire in return. He claims NXT is the top show. Styles is unintimidated by a lone Ciampa so Keith Lee and Matt Riddle join him and a challenge is made. The main event comes around and it starts with a brawl. Action spills everywhere until Styles and Ciampa get the match started proper. What follows is a series of dream mix ups and Matt Riddle destroying everyone setting team NXT up for the win until Finn Balor enters the fray to back up the OC. However, Adam Cole sneaks in to avenge the OC’s attack on his faction and attack Ciampa too. The match has no winner, we’re given a huge Bullet Club Revival in another company hint courtesy of Mauro Ranallo and Undisputed Era manage to stand tall despite being attacked before the show even begun.

– Pete Dunne is in action against Damian Priest in a rematch. Priest beat Dunne recently using a low blow so Dunne wanted to avenge that. Once again, we get a hard-hitting bout of strikes and power with Dunne getting a nice bit of vengeance when Priest tries to go low again, Dunne blocks and kicks Priest in the balls and looks on the Wishbone Armbreaker. Post-match Killian Dain comes out to cripple Dunne for breaking his fingers. When Priest tries to get involved, Dain kills him too.

– Taynara is back in action next against Santana Garrett. This was Garret’s NXT TV debut and should have been an easy win. Instead Taynara was using a more aggressive style and was able to best Garrett with a Brazilian Kick.

– Dakota Kai tried to prove her worth for Ripley’s war games team by taking on long time foe and current champ Shayna Baszler. Gone was the meek girl who fought Baszler the first time and, in her place, a confident and brutish striker. Kai had Baszler’s number for the opening stretch until the ring post got involved. She fought on though until she was forced to tap out, surviving some spots that would have stopped lesser women. After the match, the Horsewomen decided to give the Captain of Team Kick another kicking and forced Mia Yim to come out swinging, killing any bad lass with a kendo stick shot. This act of violence earns her the final spot on the War Games team.

– Next up was a number contender’s match for the Cruiserweight Title between two massive egomaniacs, Tony Nese and Angel Garza. Both have had relative success and both have set their sights on Lio Rush’s purple belt. This was exactly what you’d hope for as the pair trade arrogance, strikes and flippy sh*t whilst also giving us the unique moment of Tony Nese powerbombing a pair of pants. There was a lot to enjoy here but it all ended with the Wing Clipper from Garza who now has a shot at the Cruiserweight Title. Rush comes out to congratulate him and gets slapped for his troubles.

– Isiah Swerve Scott is on after that for a mountain climb. He had to fight Dominik Dijakovic, a man on a roll right now. Scott uses his speed to gain an early advantage but gets himself caught and thrown. Scott gets beaten down but comes back into it and keeps chopping down Dijakovic and nearly puts him out multiple times. The pair just keep on going in an exceptional bout of size, strength and athleticism. Eventually though Dijakovic was able to grab Scott and put him out with the Feast Your Eyes.

John is a UK based wrestling obsessive who still wants to believe the Bullet Club is fine. He is always tearing the business apart and first realised wrestling was for him when he saw Mankind fall from the top of the cell at King of the Ring 1998.