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WWEekly: The Top Talking Points of RAW, SmackDown and NXT (9.9 – 9.11.19)



It’s been a week of title matches; tournament matches and more as another week of WWE TV comes rolling along. It was the go home week for Clash of Champions and WWE brought back Stone Cold to officiate a contract signing for one of the biggest matches. Throw in a not so surprising addition to the King of the Ring scene and an actual surprise appearance and it gives you a recipe for a good week. Let’s boil down what happened and get into it.


– RAW opens with the aforementioned Stone Cold appearance. MSG was hot for him and another appearance from the OC gave us the dream stand-off between AJ Styles and Stone Cold Steve Austin. He implies there might be tension between the tag champs until AJ interrupts. As expected, all hell breaks loose and Styles eats a Stunner for his troubles.

– After his encounter with Stone Cold, AJ has a match with Cedric Alexander. The match is going well when the OC get involved to ruin that. However, The Viking Raiders appear to even the odds. Looks like they’re done squashing jobbers. Does this count as a face turn? That intervention leads to a ten-man tag match later in the show where Rollins, Strowman, Alexander and The Viking Raiders take on The OC and Ziggler & Roode. It is what it is. Cedric Alexander gets the pin over AJ and Stone Cold comes out to celebrate with them all. Yes, there were beers.

– 205 Live may be dead but its stars aren’t as Gran Metalik takes on Rey Mysterio in a luchadore dream match. Mysterio gets the win with the 619/Frog Splash combo. He’s back with a vengeance after nearly packing it in.

– Becky and Charlotte team up to knock about Sasha Banks and Bayley. They fight on the outside before the match can side with Banks and Bayley only narrowly avoiding some chair shots. This was all the fun you could want from a Four Horsewomen Tag Match. All four women were excellent to watch and Charlotte picks up the win over Bayley with Natural Selection.

– Firefly Funhouse is back to teach us about stranger danger. Well Stone Cold stopped by and got all of Wyatt’s friends in a panic. They would not shut up, angering Wyatt and referencing the Fiend’s work. He talks about friends and The Fiend never forgetting along with another, “See you in hell.”

– Natalya defeats Lacey Evans with the Sharpshooter. Nothing more to say.

– It’s the triple threat King of the Ring semi-final as Baron Corbin takes on Ricochet and Samoa Joe. It’s a fun chaotic match that spills everywhere, Ricochet steals the show multiple times but Corbin steals the win which is ultimately more important. Safe to say no one was happy with that result. Except me because I love Baron Corbin.


– Undertaker makes an appearance since it’s a special show. He is cutting a promo to the audience, dwelling on the twilight of his career. He remembers the Titans of MSG and that he has taken their souls with him. Sami Zayn appears to bad mouth Taker and even steals Ziggler’s it shoulda been me line. Taker doesn’t care about Zayn’s words and gives him a Chokeslam.

– Rowan and Roman open SmackDown as they give the crowd a show. They brawl and fight and brawl and fight until eventually they are dragged apart and Rowan kills Reigns with a crane. Yes, that did actually happen. I actually really appreciated the creativity involved.

– Miz vs Andrade happens as Shinsuke Nakamura watches on from commentary. Miz gets the win to no one’s surprise but is instantly punted down by Nakamura and hit with a Kinshasa. I like seeing Andrade get TV time but a loss to the Miz is not what I want to see.

– Nikki Cross rolls up Mandy Rose. Now both teams have a win going into Clash.

– Bayley defeats Ember Moon with the Bayley to Belly whilst Charlotte is on commentary. She gets in Bayley’s face after the match, taunting the Hugger that her belt will soon belong to the Queen. This time there is no violence and Bayley just leaves.

– Heavy Machinery compact some jobbers.

– We get more Orton/Kofi shenanigans that ends with Orton being put through a table with a leg drop.

– Elias is out of the King of the Ring Tournament with an injury so Shane McMahon enters in his place, pushing himself straight to the semi-finals. Gable beats Shane in about 30 seconds with a German and a fast count from special guest ref Kevin Owens. Shane whines a bit and the match becomes 2 out of 3 falls. Gable still wins after tapping out Shane. He goes on to the final. Shane attacks KO despite KO being a fair ref. There’s nothing funnier than seeing Shane’s punches. To end the show, KO is fired.


– Damien Priest opens the show with a match against NXT Breakout Tournament competitor Boa. He no sells Boa’s striking ability and picks him off quickly with The Reckoning.

– Johnny Gargano is back to address his future with NXT. He had not been seen since losing to Cole in the Death match cage at TakeOver. He pours his heart out to NXT only to be interrupted by Shane Thorne. Thorne moans for a bit then gets his teeth kicked out. Gargano is going nowhere. NXT won’t Gargano escape him.

– Pete Dunne fights Angel Garza next. Dunne does not appreciate the theatrics of Garza so brutalises him early on. Dunne continuously goes for the fingers as usual and is not impressed by the tearaway pants. Dunne actually got to show his speedier side and meshed well with Garza. This was a lot of fun to watch. Dunne wins with the Finger Snap Triangle.

– Cameron Grimes gets a win of Raul Mendoza making him the only breakout tournament star to get a win tonight. Also, he has a nice hat, I would like one too. Mendoza is no slouch in the match but he was unable to cope with the strength and dirty tactics of Grimes. Ironic name really…

– It’s time for a battle of the badasses as we reach the main event. Rhea Ripley made herself the next contender for the NXT Women’s Title and now was her chance to steal it as she would be entered into a multi woman match to determine Shayna’s challenger. The former NXT UK Women’s champion showed no fear in the face of Baszler and held a distinct power advantage. Unfortunately, Shayna was ever the opportunist and managed to lock Rhea up on multiple occasions. The pair were just getting into it when Rhea is too in control so the Horsewomen come out to save their champ. When the pair try to introduce a chair, Rhea takes it and smashes Shayna with it. This got her DQ’ed but she didn’t care. She’d proved a point and the Queen of Spades was definitely shaken.

In Conclusion

So, there you have it, three shows in one. It’s been a fun week despite some hard to care about moments. RAW was surprisingly fun. SmackDown saw Shane lose so bonus points and NXT was NXT so it automatically wins the week’s awards. Next week will certainly be interesting as we get the first 2-hour live NXT and we’ll see the fallout from Clash of Champions. I’m hoping that I have the same amount of positivity next week discussing it all. We’ll soon see. Oh and Rhea Ripley better be the next number one contender for the NXT Women’s Title, I want a full version of that match.

John is a UK based wrestling obsessive who still wants to believe the Bullet Club is fine. He is always tearing the business apart and first realised wrestling was for him when he saw Mankind fall from the top of the cell at King of the Ring 1998.