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WWEekly: The Top Talking Points of RAW, SmackDown & NXT (5.20 – 5.22.19)



What a weird week eh? We’ve had new titles, new challenges and a lumbering beast threatening people with a briefcase. It was teased at Money in the Bank that Mick Foley would introduce a new title on RAW but I’m not sure people were quite prepared for what it would be. Elsewhere we saw Shane being Shane and The Undisputed Era sending a message to their rivals Gargano and Riddle. Let’s get into it.


– After disappointing the WWE Universe by winning Money in the Bank, Brock Lesnar opens the show by mocking both Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston who wanted him to cash in and get it over with. Brock doesn’t bother but Heyman teases their work isn’t done tonight. They find out from HHH that they’re teaming up in the main event.

– Braun Strowman defeats Sami Zayn via Running Powerslam after a match that goes all around the arena and features a cameo from Bobby Lashley.

– Lucha House Party get into it with Lars Sullivan.

– Cesaro has new music and beats Ricochet via Gotch Neutraliser.

– Baron Corbin gets slapped by AJ Styles for trying to mock him.

– Shane McMahon sets his sights on Roman Reigns and claims he is done with the Miz.

– We get a small video reminding us of the dark side of Firefly Funhouse.

– The Revival defeat The Usos via Roll Up. At least this match had no Ucey Heat involved. Maybe now we can get some proper matches between the two teams?

– A Moment of Bliss gets gate crashed by The IIconics and Lacey Evans leading to a six-woman tag match between the gate crashers and Becky Lynch, Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss.

– Mick Foley debuts the 24/7 Title. This is basically a new variation of the Hardcore Title and can be defended at anytime, any place and by any roster. There is a scramble match that sees a bunch of undercard members of the roster go nuts trying to get it. The winner of that is Titus O’Neil who is instantly rolled up by Pornstache Robert Roode who then loses it to R Truth later in the night.

– Drew Mcintyre defeats The Miz via Claymore thanks to some interference from Shane. This brings out Roman Reigns who clears the ring and sends the heels packing.

– Seth Rollins & Kofi Kingston defeat Bobby Lashley & Baron Corbin via Trouble in Paradise. They brawl after the match only for big bad Brock to make an appearance. He threatens to cash in, then changes his mind and walks away.


– Elias is backstage looking to apologise for failing to stop Roman Reigns at Money in the Bank.

– The New Day are in the ring to welcome back Big E into the New Day after being away with an injury. Their celebration is cut short as Big O, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn come out to try and ruin the whole thing. Kevin Owens is sent off sulking and Sami Zayn promises to make Kofi suffer in their match later tonight.

– We have more 24/7 Title shenanigans as R Truth is disguised backstage hiding from everyone who wants the title. Carmella offers to help him disguise himself better. Truth accompanies Mella to the ring but doesn’t last too long as a horde of WWE stars come out to chase Truth. Mandy and Sonya look on dumbfounded as Truth puts Mella on his back and books it out of the arena, fighting of Jinder Mahal and The B Team on the way.

– Ali defeated Andrade via Roll up. Excellent match, interesting finish given that Andrade has an IC Title match on the horizon.

– Kofi Kingston defeats Sami Zayn via Trouble in Paradise. That match ends and Dolph Ziggler attacks Kofi from behind as Heyman teases a cash in. Ziggler brutalises Kofi with a chair and a bunch of strikes. Referees break the pair up and Kofi walks away from the attack under his own volition. Later in the show Dolph makes a challenge for the WWE Title at Super Show Down which Kofi accepts. There is a promo from Dolph too but it is mostly just him complaining that he should be the one having all the big moments, not Kofi.

– Both women’s champions team up to beat Charlotte and Lacey Evans with Bayley pinning Charlotte. The two bicker as they’re handed their title.

– Roman Reigns defeats Elias via Spear despite a slew of Shane McMahon interference. Shane tries to attack after the match but is stopped with a Superman Punch from Reigns. It looks like Roman is going to introduce Shane to Elias’ guitar but Drew McIntyre comes out of nowhere and ruins proceedings with a Claymore Kick.


– William Regal announces a tag team ladder match between the Street Profits, Forgotten Sons, Undisputed Era and Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan for Takeover 25.

– Undisputed Era open the show with a promo about controlling NXT. They promise to be draped in championship gold once again, referencing Takeover 25. They’re cut off by Johnny Gargano who throws some barbs of his own. Matt Riddle then attacks from behind to get to Roderick Strong. The pair then clear the ring of the Era. A tag match is made for later in the show and a Takeover Match is made between Matt Riddle and Roderick Strong.

– Mansoor defeats Shaun Maluta via Spinning Inverted Suplex

– Velveteen Dream delivers an innuendo laden promo that is interrupted by Tyler Breeze. He has returned to NXT. He plays to the crowd for a bit then drops a challenge to the Velveteen Dream after some mockery about the state of NXT. Dream mocks the Fashion Police and Tyler’s lacklustre main roster run. Breeze attacks Dream and strolls off. A match is made for Takeover 25.

– Candice LeRae defeats Reina Gonzalez via Cabrada. The Horsewomen try to attack after but Io Shirai comes out with a kendo stick and breaks it over them.

– Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish defeat Matt Riddle & Johnny Gargano via High and Low after interference from Strong and Cole. They beat down both men after the match to end the show.

In Conclusion

So, there you have it another week of WWE programming in the dust. For better or worse, this was an interesting week. The introduction of the 24/7 Title at least gives jobbers and non-used stars something to aim for. There is an unlimited potential for comedy with a belt like that. We’ll hopefully see more edgy Bayley and the continuation Becky One Belt on RAW. Plus, there’s a technical masterclass booked for NXT next week as KUSHIDA takes on Drew Gulak. I can’t wait.

John is a UK based wrestling obsessive who still wants to believe the Bullet Club is fine. He is always tearing the business apart and first realised wrestling was for him when he saw Mankind fall from the top of the cell at King of the Ring 1998.