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WWEekly: The Top Talking Points of RAW, SmackDown and NXT (8.5 – 8.7.19)



It’s go home week for SummerSlam. We’ve had weeks of build and a lot of hot, cold and lukewarm spots but now was the time to ram home the feuds and set up everything going on at the biggest party of the summer. Both RAW and SmackDown were all over the place but in a fun way. The chaotic mess that happened across both shows was rather entertaining and did actually do its job, setting up SummerSlam. Oh, and NXT had it’s go home for TakeOver but did that really need any more hype? I think not but they crammed it full of hype packages. Let’s get into it.


– RAW started with a tribute to the El Paso and Dayton victims. After that Samoa Joe took up a mic and argued with the commentary team after being branded the person trying to kill Roman Reigns. He tried to get an apology during the third hour, even storming backstage as Roman was pulling in. They argue and a car slams into the side of Roman’s car, injuring him. Joe does the right thing and tries to tend to Roman until a medic can get to them.

– Becky Lynch and Charlotte attempt to team up to take on Natalya and Becky Lynch. The match doesn’t go to plan and Natalya ends up getting DQ’ed for not breaking the Sharpshooter. Trish doesn’t actually wrestle here, just stands on the apron begging to be tagged.

– Andrade and Rey Mysterio have another barn burner against each other that sees Andrade win with the Hammerlock DDT after some Zelina Vega interference.

– The Fiend uses the Mandible Claw on Kurt Angle, cancelling a match between Drew McIntyre and Cedric Alexander. He has targeted another legend and seems to have adopted the Mandible Claw as an alternative way to send a message.

– Mike Kanellis disappointed cucks everywhere by standing up to Maria and sneakily pinning her for the 24/7 Title during an OB/GYN appointment. He only makes it as far as the reception though as R Truth is there disguised as a pregnant woman and throws a doll at him, leading to a Roll Up. Mike just can’t win right now.

– Seth Rollins tries to stand up to Seth Rollins and gets killed again. Once again, I’m on Brock’s side for this. It’s more entertaining seeing Seth get pummelled, than trying to cut a promo.

– The O.C. beat Ricochet, Big E and Xavier Woods via Magic Killer. Fun match but not a lot to talk about.

– Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross win the Women’s Tag Titles in a very fun Fatal Four Way elimination tag match. The IIconics are first eliminated, then Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. The Kabuki Warriors get the strongest showing but Alexa picks up the win. The belts may be back on TV but it took too long to get to this point. Plus, I wanted the Kabuki Warriors to hold the belts. Personal bias has soured me on the result of this match.

– Miz and Dolph jaw jack over their match during their contract signing. Dolph signs but Miz doesn’t. Instead of fighting Miz will be fighting Goldberg who promises Dolph will be next. Should be a fun squash that redeems Goldberg from Saudi Arabia.


– Kevin Owens opens the show insulting Shane and trying to egg him into putting his career on the line. He refuses and the pair look set to brawl. Elias interferes but is battered away. Eventually the numbers win and Shane tries to murder Owens with an announce table.

– Trish Stratus and Charlotte get into an argument that ends in Trish slapping Charlotte. The Queen takes it well by smirking and slowly walking off. I feel Trish will regret that come SummerSlam.

– Dolph Ziggler parodies Goldberg’s entrance, disappointing the entire audience. He is scheduled to have a match with Rey but kills him before the bell rings and then fights Ali, beating him too.

– Natalya gets herself and Ember Moon counted out as the pair face each other in a singles match. This is two nights in a row she has cost herself a win trying to look badass. I hope she remembers she’s in a title match on Sunday and doesn’t pull the same trick again.
– Aleister Black kicks Sami Zayn’s head off.

– Bray Wyatt has a conversation with Huskus the Pig about Finn Balor fighting the Fiend. Bray may love Balor but he questions Balor’s judgement in letting in the Fiend.
– New Day vs Daniel Bryan and Rowan ends in DQ when Rowan uses the steel steps on Xavier.

– Roman Reigns goes on the warpath looking for whoever attacked him. He finds Buddy Murphy and interrogates him over who attacked him. After some light beating Murphy coughs up Rowan. It makes sense as the big ginger would have the power to topple scaffolding.


– William Regal opens the show by officiating the Tag Team title contract signing between Street Profits and The Undisputed Era’s Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish. A war of words ensues with Undisputed Era claiming the Street Profits don’t stand a chance as they ain’t on their level. The Street Profits spit barbs back but no fists are thrown, it’s all as amicable as it can be.

– Shane Thorne defeats Joaquin Wilde via Running Knee. This was a fun match that saw a mix of athleticism and ugly as the pair meshed really well. Thorne carried himself well and the win here may aid in re-establishing him as any type of player in the NXT game.

– Matt Riddle vs Killian Dain doesn’t happen as Dain blindsides Riddle as he makes his entrance. He lays him out with a Divide then hits a Cannonball against the steel steps. It’s an ugly attack that only excels the feud further.

So, there you have it, that was the week that was. RAW and SmackDown were genuinely fun to watch this week as they offered a bunch of oddball moment, wrestling and story that all culminated in some decent viewing. Goldberg was a surprise announcement unless you read the dirt sheets, The Roman Reigns whodunnit is a cheesy joy to watch and got Buddy Murphy on TV and The Fiend is always going to be my thing. NXT had some moments but tried to choke the audience with too many hype packages. On the plus side, we get the return of Breezango next week so, yay?

John is a UK based wrestling obsessive who still wants to believe the Bullet Club is fine. He is always tearing the business apart and first realised wrestling was for him when he saw Mankind fall from the top of the cell at King of the Ring 1998.