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WWEekly: The Top Talking Points of RAW, SmackDown & NXT (8.12 – 8.14.19)



Welcome to the Post SummerSlam week of WWE. They announced King of the Ring, got Seth Rollins back on track and managed to pull of a series of entertaining shows on TV. RAW and SmackDown were both fun and full of surprises, we got a slew of good matches and some nice story beats to carry the week. Obviously, there were a lot of recaps too but hey, it’s a post TakeOver week. Let’s get into the action.


– RAW started with Seth Rollins dropping a promo about getting reunited with his title and beating Brock. The crowd seemed to be behind him and he didn’t seem quite as cornball as he has in recent weeks. He can’t enjoy himself for too long though as AJ Styles comes out to challenge Seth to a match as he has something to prove. Rollins accepts and we have our main event. The pair have another excellent match though there is more of a focus on shenanigans since Gallows and Anderson are present. Unfortunately, the match gets thrown out as the OC gang up on Rollins. This brings out Ricochet who then brings out Braun to murder everyone. He has since been challenged to a US Title match.

– Miz taps Dolph Ziggler out with the Figure Four. Dolph has developed a new gimmick of acting like the Black Knight from Monty Python, goading his opponent into attacking him more after a loss. It’s rather entertaining to watch.

– Elias was ready to pull off his first uninterrupted performance when Ricochet appears and ruins it. Ricochet informs Elias that he sucks and Elias challenges him to a match. It’s enjoyable enough and ends with a dusty finish as Ricochet uses his top rope Sunset Flip pin. On closer examination it would appear Elias had his shoulder up.

– Sami Zayn gets himself an ass kicking from Samoa Joe by disrespecting him to the Street Profits. Zayn tries to fight in their match but gets flattened and choked out. Joe just proved that Zayn is no more than Kevin Owens water boy. Joe drops a promo post-match, reminding the audience that he still hates the audience for thinking he was responsible for the actions against Roman Reigns.

– Rey Mysterio and Andrade have a very fun 2 out of 3 falls match. Andrade wins with a clean sweep taking both falls.

– Drew McIntyre and Cedric Alexander have an amazing match that sees Drew win with a Claymore.

– Robert Roode defeated No Way Jose in a total filler match. Nothing to talk about here, which is sad given that it’s Robert Roode.

– A match between The Revival and Lucha House Party goes off the rails when R Truth interrupts running from competitors. The Revival take the belt from Truth but lose it pretty quickly as Carmella helps Truth retain. Elias takes the title later on by breaking a guitar over Truth.

– Sasha Banks returns to RAW during a memorial for Jim Neidhardt and attacks Natalya. The purple hair is gone and so is the nice girl attitude. The Boss is bad and in blue. Her attack brings out Becky who also gets a taste of the Boss.

– Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross defeat the Kabuki Warriors to retain the Women’s Tag Titles.


– Goddamn it, we just can’t get rid of Shane McMahon. He was present for the opening of SmackDown to fine Kevin Owens $100,000 for his actions against Elias during the PPV. He’s also not there as a competitor so KO can’t even beat him up for it. Their exchange led to a match against Samoa Joe. Once again Elias is the special guest enforcer for the match. Kevin Owens would have had the match won if not for Elias interfering and granting Joe the opportunity to win.

– Ember Moon vs Charlotte graces our screens as Ember Moon tries to make up for her loss to Bayley at SummerSlam. The pair have an enjoyable match until Charlotte wins with the Figure 8. I don’t get why we can’t have Ember keep getting a push. Charlotte doesn’t need another title challenge or reign yet.

– Shelton Benjamin insults Chad Gable.

– Roman Reigns vs Buddy Murphy happens and it’s bloody brilliant. It should have been on SummerSlam as the pair actually put on a good match together that Reigns ultimately ends with a Spear (which Murphy sells like a champ). There is clearly chemistry there and Roman showed some respect to Murphy once the match was over. It was a bad night for Buddy Murphy as Bryan and Rowan called him out for lying and promised to find the real attacker of Roman Reigns and he lost to Roman.

– New Day vs The Revival and Randy Orton main events the show that basically becomes an RKO fest for Randy Orton to all the members of the New Day. It was fun enough but not as good as Roman/Murphy. Clearly WWE want to milk the Orton/Kofi feud for a bit longer.


– Breezango open the show to a roar of the Toronto crowd. They are set to do battle with the Forgotten Sons since Breeze was able to get a shock win of Jaxson Ryker and Fandango returned from injury to save him from the numbers. They end up defeating the Forgotten Sons with an Elbow Drop to Double Knees. They may no longer be the Fashion Police but they still have the same strong chemistry they had before. Ryker looked set to ruin Breezango’s match but Fandango and Breeze persevered and overcame. Well that and Ryker was thrown out from ring side. This was an excellent return match for Fandango who has not lost a step in his absence.

– I would just like to mention that Io Shirai scary mask package was absolutely amazing. Heel Shirai may be one of the best parts of NXT right now. Also, I never guessed a Poppy song would be quite so awesome.

– Jordan Myles defeats Cameron Grimes via 450 Splash to win the NXT Breakout Tournament. This was brilliant. The clash of styles mixed with the brutal strikes of both wrestlers led to one hell of a fine match. Myles was a well-played underdog and won with some surprising moments and athletic offense. A must watch for fans of the newly dubbed ACH or Trevor Lee as both were firing on all cylinders.

In Conclusion

So, there you have it, another week of WWE TV done and broken down into itty bitty pieces. I missed seeing the Fiend this week but his presence wasn’t required as the rest of the roster were willing to step up and put on a strong show. Seth is no longer cringey, Breezango are back and WWE have finally recognised that Buddy Murphy is a bankable talent, even if their interest was accidentally formed. The whodunnit is still going strong and Shane McMahon can’t seem to stop stealing TV time. Who’d have thought one loss wouldn’t be enough to get rid of him. Hopefully KO just kicks his teeth in next week and we’re done with it all. It’ll also be nice to see an NXT episode not full of recap packages.

John is a UK based wrestling obsessive who still wants to believe the Bullet Club is fine. He is always tearing the business apart and first realised wrestling was for him when he saw Mankind fall from the top of the cell at King of the Ring 1998.