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WWE NXT #412 (9.20.17) Play-by-Play and Review



You can scroll to the end for a TLDR recap of the show. Tonight, No Way Jose takes on Lars Sullivan, Johnny Gargano takes on Tino Sabbatelli, and Aleister Black will give a promo. The main event will feature Tyler Bate & Trent Seven taking on Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish.

Match #1: Johnny Gargano v. Tino Sabbatelli (w/ Riddick Moss) featured Tino Sabbatelli challenging Gargano for this week’s show. Riddick Moss appears to have no teeth during this promo. Tino is cocky and starts to slap and shove Gargano. Gargano comes back with chops, but runs right into a drop kick. Sabbatelli turns Gargano inside out in the corner and hits a back breaker for a near fall. Tino misses a charge into the corner and Gargano tries to fire up.

Gargano nails a step-up enzuigiri. Sabbatelli flips Gargano to the ring apron and when Gargano sling shots over the top rope, Tino catches him and hits a powerslam. Sabbatelli doesn’t capitalize, though. Instead, he taunts Gargano until Gargano hits him with a super kick. Gargano turns the tilt-a-whirl into the Gargano Escape and Tino taps out.

Winner: Johnny Gargano via submission

Thoughts: This wasn’t as dramatic as last week’s match with Moss. While Gargano won easily this time, the announcers still made note about something wrong in Gargano’s head. It sure wasn’t communicated as effectively in the ring this week. As for the former NFL guys, I was definitely more impressed with Riddick Moss last week.

Backstage: William Regal is recalling a story when Roderick Strong knocks on his door. Strong says after beating Roode, he’d like a match with Drew McIntyre. Regal agrees and says he will face Drew McIntyre in 2 weeks for the NXT Championship.

Update on NXT Women’s Championship: Sonya Deville says she would have beaten Asuka. LOL. Later on, Dakota Kai also cuts a promo.

Match #2: Lacey Evans v. Bianca Belair

Does anyone else think Belair’s braid is kind of a liability? I can totally see it causing a mishap or injury. After an aggressive tie-up, Evans’ lip might be bleeding or her lipstick is smeared – I can’t tell. Belair gets a waist lock takedown, but Evans gets a leg sweep for a 1 count. Belair takes over again and nails a face buster for a near fall.

Evans recovers with another leg sweep and a slingshot elbow drop for a 2 count. It’s short lived as Belair catches her with a suplex. Evans comes back with a stiff forearm to the face, a clothesline, and a swinging neckbreaker. Belair is able to kick out at 2, though. Belair takes over again and whips Evans with her braid. Evans eats a reverse powerbomb and Belair gets the pin.

Winner: Bianca Belair via pinfall

Thoughts: It was a decent match. Belair has a good gimmick with her hair braid. I don’t suspect she’s going to be facing Kairi Sane at TakeOver, so we’ll see how she develops.

In-Ring: Aleister Black makes his entrance in a 2-piece suit. Black says that 15 years ago, he started a journey that has led him to NXT. He says he puts all his experiences on his skin in the form of the tattoos. He says his NXT journey is far from done. Before he can finish, the Velveteen Dream interrupts him.

The Dream says Black walked through the darkness, but is blinded by the light that is the Velveteen Dream. The Dream says he doesn’t see scars (tattoos), he sees a man who is hurt and in pain. The Dream says Black is afraid. Black roundhouse kicks the microphone out of Dream’s hand and sits down in front of him. The Dream drops to his knees and seductively crawls out of the ring. Interesting exchange.

Match #3: No Way Jose v. Lars Sullivan

Jose goes right after Sullivan at the bell. Jose tries a cross body, but basically bounces off Sullivan. Sullivan hits some nasty knees to the ribs of Jose and tosses him to ringside. Sullivan drives Jose’s lower back into the ring apron, and then presses him before dropping Jose face-first on the apron. Sullivan hits consecutive avalanches in the corner and Jose is in trouble.

Jose tries to lock in a rear chinlock, but Sullivan counters. Jose hits several right hands, but Sullivan is still standing. Sullivan runs through a Jose clothesline attempt and levels him with a shoulder block. Sullivan goes to the top rope and hits a diving head butt. Sullivan hits his big side slam finisher and that’s it for Jose.

Winner: Lars Sullivan via pinfall

Thoughts: That was an impressive win for Sullivan. I was pretty shocked to see him come off the top rope for sure. Can Sullivan really get over, though? The jury is still out on that one.

Match #4/Main Event: Tyler Bate & Trent Seven v. Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish (w/ Adam Cole)

Recent merchandise suggests that the trio will be known as The Undisputed. I feel like that’s the name of a FS1 show with Skip Bayless & Shannon Sharpe, so maybe that’s not the final name. Anyway, O’Reilly and Bate start out with Bate getting the early advantage. Seven tags in and slams O’Reilly while Bate hits a sort of delayed senton off the ropes. O’Reilly gets some breathing room after a knee and tags in Bobby Fish. Seven immediately sends Bobby Fish over the top rope.

O’Reilly stops a Trent Seven dive attempt and Seven turns around into an elbow by Fish. Fish slingshots from the ring apron, over the top rope, and hits a rolling senton. O’Reilly and Fish hit a double team suplex and dual high kicks. Seven fires back with chops to Fish and finishes with a DDT. O’Reilly knocks Bate off the apron right before Seven can get the tag, though. Seven hits a huge chop, but O’Reilly takes him down and tries for a cross arm breaker. They end up in the ropes and Seven ends up at ringside.

Adam Cole distracts the referee while Fish spears Seven into the guard rail at ringside. Trent Seven is in big trouble headed into commercial. Back from break, Fish is working over Seven in the ring. Seven finally gets a short arm clothesline that levels Fish. Bate gets the hot tag and goes to work on a fresh O’Reilly. O’Reilly escapes two German suplex attempts, but Bate catches him in mid-air and drops him on the back of his head with a suplex. Bate hits a running shooting star press, but Fish breaks up the pin.

Seven discards Fish to the outside and then they nail O’Reilly with a double team powerbomb/neckbreaker. Bate bridges for the pin, but O’Reilly somehow kicks out. Seven hits a dive to Fish and sandwiches him against the railing. Bate tries for the Tyler Driver ’97, but O’Reilly transitions into a guillotine with a body scissors. Bate somehow stands back up and lifts O’Reilly for a vertical suplex. Bobby Fish sweeps Seven off the apron and takes out Bate’s leg before he can deliver it, though.

O’Reilly picks up Bate and they nail him with Chasing the Dragon. Bate gets a toe on the bottom rope to break up the believable near fall. That was insane ring awareness to reach the rope when he was already positioned too far away. They try for Chasing the Dragon again, but Bate escapes and tags in Seven. Seven scores with strikes and may have killed Fish with a back fist. O’Reilly and Seven trade more shots before O’Reilly tries for the arm breaker once again. Seven manages to avoid it and locks in a single leg Boston Crab.

Seven gets blindsided by a Bobby Fish kick to the back of the head. While the referee was busy trying to get Fish out of the ring, Cole nails Bate with a super kick at ringside. Seven is now helpless and he eats a Total Elimination-like move and that’s good for the 3 count.

After the match, Drew McIntyre hits the ring. The Undisputed bails out and retreats to the back rather than fight him. Unfortunately, SAnitY shows up behind them and a brawl starts. SAnitY gets the upper hand this time as The Undisputed gets out of dodge.

Winners: Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish via pinfall

Thoughts: That was a hell of a match. It was much more competitive than I expected, which was nice. Obviously, Fish & O’Reilly can’t lose this early. They came across as vicious and believable, but also a sort cowardly heels. SAnitY got a little revenge and that’s obviously leading to a tag team championship match. Anyway, this was a great main event and definitely the thing worth watching on this week’s show.


  • Johnny Gargano beat Tino Sabbatelli
  • Drew McIntyre will defend the NXT Championship against Roderick Strong in 2 weeks
  • Bianca Belair beat Lacey Evans
  • Velveteen Dream interrupts Aleister Black’s promo and a feud is teased
  • Lars Sullivan beat No Way Jose
  • Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish beat Trent Seven & Tyler Bate

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