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WWE NXT #406 (8.16.17) Play-by-Play and Review



You can scroll to the end for a TLDR recap of the show. Tonight, Drew McIntyre and Roderick Strong go one-on-one, Ruby Riot faces Billie Kay, and then Asuka and Ember Moon will sign a contract.

In-Ring: William Regal is in the ring to introduce Ember Moon and Asuka for their TakeOver contract signing. Before Ember Moon signs, she takes the microphone and God help us. Moon says Asuka has surpassed even Goldberg (and the crowd starts chanting Asuka in the Goldberg kind of way). Moon says the only person she has taken shortcuts to beat has been her. Moon says she is ending the undefeated streak at TakeOver. There’s a No chant. Asuka signs without saying a word. Afterward, Asuka yells in Japanese at Moon.

Thoughts: Well, I’d say the Full Sail crowd is about 60/40 pro-Asuka. Asuka yelling in Japanese was probably meant to try to get some heel heat (Because nothing says heel like a foreign language), but I suspect the split will still be similar in Brooklyn. A lot of time has gone into the Ember Moon build and it’s too late to pull the rug out now. For better or worse, she’s likely walking out the champion.


Earlier Today: Lars Sullivan barges in to Regal’s office and politely asks for one more tag team match. Sullivan gives Regal his word that won’t beat up his tag team partner. After some thought, Regal relents and gives him one more match.

Match #1: Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) v. Lars Sullivan & Chris Silvio

Well, I can already tell Chris Silvio is going to get a beating. Sullivan is going to start out, but Silvio charges right into a boot. Montez Ford is apparently running through the crowd. Dawkins tags in Ford and they deliver the basement drop kick and splash combo. Silvio tries to make a tag, but gets cut off. Ford tries knock Sullivan off the apron, but he no-sells it, which prompts Ford to say No and go back to Silvio.

Dawkins tags in and hits the 360 splash in the corner followed by the spine buster. Ford nails a frog splash and that’s it for Silvio. Sullivan is not amused. Sullivan acts like he’s going to destroy Silvio, but he instead picks him up and carries him away. Unfortunately for Silvio, Sullivan takes him outside and beats him up in the grass. Sullivan throws him in a dumpster and heads back inside.

Winners: Street Profits via pinfall

Thoughts: This was basically the same match as last week for Street Profits. The main goal was to advance Laws Sullivan a little bit by giving him the last tag team match. He did say he wouldn’t beat up his partner in the ring, so he technically kept his word.

Match #2: Billie Kay (w/ Peyton Royce) v. Ruby Riot

Riot gets Kay in several pinning attempts early. Billie Kay catches her with a kick and a discus clothesline, though. Billie Kay hits a straight-leg stunner, but Riot kicks out. Riot fights out of a submission and hits several kicks and a drop kick. Riot uses a head scissors to drive Billie Kay’s face into the middle buckle. Kay takes over again after a distraction by Royce. Kay gets caught with a bicycle head to the face and she’s out cold. Riot pins her for the 3-count. After the match, Royce gets on the microphone and runs down Ruby Riot.

Winner: Ruby Riot via pinfall

Thoughts: This wasn’t a terrible match, but seems to be leading to Ruby Riot taking on Peyton Royce next. I suspect that might be a match shown next week.

Match #3/Main Event: Roderick Strong v. Drew McIntyre

McIntyre starts off by tossing Strong to the mat with ease. Strong comes back and scores with a leg lariat that levels McIntyre, but only gets a 1-count. Strong misses a corner charge and gets kicked in the gut. McIntyre then just deadlifts Strong for a suplex and hurls him to the mat. Strong slips out of a slam attempt and nails a drop kick right to McIntyre’s face. A basement kick sends him to ringside. They trade shots outside the ring until McIntyre launches Strong into the post.

Strong nails an enzuigiri on the ring apron and then cradles McIntyre before dropping him spine-first on the edge of the apron. Back from commercial, Strong is working over McIntyre in the corner. A back breaker gets a 2-count. McIntyre eventually fights back with a huge lariat and then catches Strong with an overhead belly-to-belly off the ropes. They trade more shots with McIntyre getting the upper hand this time.

McIntyre jumps off the top rope with a clothesline that takes Strong down. McIntyre hits a reverse Alabama Slam, but Strong kicks out at 2. Strong counters a Claymore attempt with a jumping knee and then a huge back breaker. McIntyre kicks out at 2. Strong tries to go to the top rope, but gets a head butt. They fight on the ropes and Strong knocks McIntyre into a Tree of Woe. Bobby Roode hits the ring and knocks Strong off the top to the floor.

Roode goes to work on McIntyre as he’s stuck upside down in the corner. He heads to ringside and hurls Strong into the steps. Roode gets back in the ring and impales McIntyre with a Glorious DDT. The NXT Champion stands tall headed into TakeOver.

Winner: Roderick Strong via Disqualification

Thoughts: Well, Strong technically won the match, so he’s going to get Roode. Roode does the heel thing and beats down both guys when they were at their weakest, so I have no issues with that. This was a pretty good match for what it was as well.


  • Ember Moon and Asuka signed a contract without fighting
  • Street Profits beat Lars Sullivan & Chris Silvio
  • Ruby Riot beat Billie Kay
  • Roderick Strong beat Drew McIntyre by DQ

TakeOver: Brooklyn III Card

  • NXT Championship: Bobby Roode © v. Drew McIntyre
  • NXT Women’s Championship: Asuka © v. Ember Moon
  • NXT Tag Team Championship: Authors of Pain © v. SAnitY
  • Aleister Black v. Hideo Itami
  • Johnny Gargano v. Andrade Almas