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We do not deserve R-Truth



In what I thought was to be another dismal recycling of WWE’s past, I originally cringed the moment Mick Foley unveiled the “WWE 24/7” title. The ugly green belt looked more like a lower tier boxing league championship or something fit to give the winner of a fantasy football league or local 4H hot dog eating contest. In fact, it had such an underwhelming look that the “Hardcore” championship of years past seemed like an attractive piece in comparison, and that is considering that it was a busted up “winged-eagle” belt covered in duct tape.

Enter R-Truth.

After escaping the belt’s inaugural first night as champion, he has off and on carried the title through the last couple of weeks to entertaining acclaim. From his blonde wigs and disguises down to his short rewrite of Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” (to “Smackdown Show”), I have laughed constantly and have grown to find great interest in the 24/7 title segments. In what I thought would be a short lived stunt by WWE to pull in a few viewers with an old gimmick, R-Truth has been a beacon of hope in giving the 24/7 spots credibility on the show.

R-Truth is no stranger in using comedy to get himself over. From a Royal Rumble appearance that saw him bring a ladder into the ring and climb it to find no belt hanging from the rafters, to bumping into his eventual partner and valet, Carmella backstage and mistaking her as Maryse, R-Truth has had his fair share of memorable moments that saw him prosper forward into better storylines and more time on television. From a single “dance break” with Carmella, he created a buzz that became a regular staple of his appearances and managed to turn this into a “mixed match challenge” win and a brief run with the United States title. Every move he makes seems to catapult into something more.

R-Truth is one of the few WWE performers who is just as valuable, if not more valuable, in his off air segments as he is when appearing on TV. If you have not seen the videos of R-Truth and Carmella taking their “vacation” to WWE headquarters or all of his various 24/7 title run ins, you are missing out.

A video of him losing, then regaining his title on a golf course to Jinder Mahal (in his full ring gear) has currently amassed over 5 million youtube views and a video posted only an hour ago (at press time) of Truth losing his title to Mahal (Don’t worry, he remembered to be in street clothes this time) at the airport as he exited the plane has already amassed around 121,000 views. Whether it is being pulled from his hiding place under the ring on top of a table or cutting a promo to a ring full of superstars about a match he isn’t even in, R-Truth always seems to find a way to keep us watching and yelling “WHAT’S UP!?”

In short, as the title of this article boldly states, we simply do not deserve the greatness that is R-Truth.

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Nicholas Grooms is an accomplished writer, journalist and hip hop artist with many writing credits to his name. He is best know for his work creating songs for the Kansas City Chiefs football organization and is author of the book "Me, Myself & I Hate You: Stories of Adventure, Lust & Shi**y Paychecks". He regularly writes for WrestlingDesk, SteelChair Magazine, Vulturehound Magazine and freelances elsewhere. He is also host of the "Nick is Pissed!" podcast which is based on his misadventures in life. You can find him @NicholasGrooms on Twitter or @officialnicholasgrooms on Instagram.