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Viceland’s ‘The Wrestlers’ a perfect mix of compelling & informative



Whether you are a casual fan who catches the occasional episode of “Monday Night Raw” looking to expand your horizons, or you’re a long time fan deep rooted in a more niche area of the sport, Viceland has the perfect wrestling show to capture all eyes.

“The Wrestlers” debuted only a few weeks ago, touting material in the world of professional wrestling that ascends far beyond the basic ideas and preconceived notions many have when speaking about the sport. The show takes you deep into the many subcultures surrounding wrestling as a whole. From the dojo systems of Japan, to the brutal breeding grounds of the bloodiest of hardcore bouts, the show delves deep into both the history and inner workings of how all of these styles, organizations and most importantly, competitors came to be. The show shows array of personalities.

From blossoming stars like “All Ego” Ethan Page climbing up the career ladder to retiring deathmatch legend Danny Havoc heading into his final bout, it covers polarizing figures in many different areas of their careers.

Hosted and created by Damian Abraham, the show quickly establishes he is just as charismatic and likeable on screen as he is as the frontman of an aggressive hardcore band (Abraham is the frontman for the band “Fucked Up”). Abraham is visibly affectionate for the sport and his love shines brightly on each new excursion. He leaves no stone unturned, for better or for worse. Competitors share their stories of high and low in a riveting way that can make or break your heart. In many cases, the sport saves their lives and gives them a routine and purpose.

Whether it was a fresh start following a prison stint or catching a bullet train to Japan against their parents wishes, many unbelievable stories are shared by competitors from every walk of life. Beyond the guise and mystique of colorful characters we see the real people beyond what they sell us in the ring. The show strips each person to the bones and it most definitely leaves you rooting for each one of them harder as their stories play out.

“The Wrestlers” airs Wednesdays at 10PM EST on Viceland. You can also rewatch or purchase episodes through the Viceland website as well as on most streaming services and platforms. You can also watch a couple of episodes completely free on Youtube. Just follow the video link we have posted above. Trust me, this one series on the sport of wrestling that you do not want to miss. There is something for everybody and it is one of many reasons Viceland is establishing itself as one of the most groundbreaking networks around.

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