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Unsanctioned Podcast: Gabe Sapolsky



Wrestling executive Gabe Sapolsky, co-founder and booker of EVOLVE Wrestling, joins the Unsanctioned Podcast in-studio from Boston, Massachusetts. He discusses his journey in the professional wrestling business and leaves nothing off the table with Luis, Jae, and Julio.
Topics discussed include:
– His recent visit to the WWE Performance Center.
– His thoughts on current EVOLVE champion, Matt Riddle, and his potential.
– Why he feels like he closed a years-long open chapter last month when Adam Cole defended his NXT North American Championship at EVOLVE 107.
– His experiences operating the “Fancam” in ECW.
– Working with Paul Heyman.
– Being one of the first people to see Stone Cold Steve Austin bald.
– Addresses Unsanctioned’s viral Twitter post of fans chanting “Burn It Down” during a fire alarm at EVOLVE 107. Reacts to Seth Rollins sharing and responding.
– All that and MUCH more on the Unsanctioned Podcast. Subscribe, listen, and rate!
The Unsanctioned Podcast is hosted by Luis Vasquez (@LuisVasquez617), Jae Holland (@JayoCity), and Julio Jeune (@TheJuice_UPW). Find FULL EPISODES today on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Plex, and Tune In. Drop a line to