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Unsanctioned Podcast Exclusive Interview: Ricardo Rodriguez



Former WWE superstar Jesus “Ricardo” Rodriguez, who now devotes his time to ring announcing and training new talent, joined the Unsanctioned Podcast for a light-hearted and very honest conversation, in which he shed light on a number of topics, including:

– His time with Alberto Del Rio, if he agreed with them being broken up in WWE, and if they still have a relationship.

– His thoughts on Zeb Colter introducing a returning Albero Del Rio at Hell in a Cell in 2015.

– If Impact Wrestling was, or is, in the cards.

– What it was like to be hit on the head with the World Title, the spinner belt, The Great Khali’s hand, and Rey Mysterio’s 619.

– Insight on how a Royal Rumble is laid out behind the scenes.

– Working with Vickie Guerrero and how he learned Eddie had passed away.

– The ideal storyline for his WWE career.

– Being thankful for his time spent in WWE and what it has done for him.

– RVD, Santino Marella, Vince McMahon, and much more! 

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