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Unsanctioned Podcast: Ahmed Johnson Returns



WWE Attitude Era standout, Ahmed Johnson, makes his triumphant return to the Unsanctioned Podcast, doubling down on stories and claims he made in his first go around with Luis, Jae, and Julio, and continues to keep the conversation truthful and raw. You do not want to miss this one.
Topics discussed include:
– If he regrets threatening Teddy Long during a previous episode of the Unsanctioned Podcast.
– On reaching out to Stevie Ray after taking verbal barbs at each other recently.
– Says Stone Cold Steve Austin did not want to work with black talent when he was there.
– What Sting was like backstage at WCW and what he did separate from the rest that earned his respect from the boys.
– His infamous promo with Shawn Michaels and Ultimate Warrior, and what Warrior was like backstage.
– Acknowledges that he knows people make fun of him for his promo and speaking abilities.
– Who would induct him into the Hall of Fame if he ever gets the call.
– All that and MORE on the Unsanctioned Podcast!
The Unsanctioned Podcast is hosted by Luis Vasquez (@LuisVasquez617), Jae Holland (@JayoCity), and Julio Jeune (@TheJuice_UPW). Find FULL EPISODES today on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Plex, and Tune In. Drop a line to