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TripleMania 25 Preview



TripleMania weekend is already upon us as you read this very article. 

In Triplemania’s 25th year, they seek to reach an even wider audience in a new and experimental way. They’ve completely skipped any traditional pay-per-view formats. That’s why this year you can watch the promotion’s largest showcase on the ever popular streaming service Twitch. Oh, and did I mention it’s all free? That’s right, you are a mere sign-up away from quality, FREE WRESTLING!

For those out of the loop on Lucha Libre AAA and, namely, the event Triplemanía XXV here’s a quick run down. This event has been a 25 year tradition for the brand and the 31st of its kind since 1993. Much like WWE’s Wrestlemania, Triplemania is Lucha Libre’s premier annual event. Triplemania serves as the point where all the major story lines of the year converge.

The event will take place on 26 August 2017, and will be held in the Arena Ciudad de México in Mexico City, Mexico. It features wrestlers from all over the world battling it out. This huge card of matches will be broadcast with both English and Spanish commentary on Twitch. 

Viewers will be treated to strange matches such as the roughly translated 8-man madness match, featuring two teams of four wrestlers each.  This is essentially a mixed-tag match with both male and female luchadors, Exotico luchas and mini-estrellas.  The Reina de Reinas Championship title match will feature four women, including Lucha Underground’s Sexy Star, battling for the coveted prize.  We’ll see tag titles, a tag tournament and a TLC match.  The TLC match features another Lucha Underground wrestler, Johnny Mundo, whom WWE viewers may recognize as John Morrison/Johnny Nitro!  If this match is anything like the other TLC matches I’ve seen clips of from Lucha Libre AAA, it’s going to be absolute mayhem.  There’s a scheduled street fight match between Pagano and El Mesias.  And, of course, the main event match: a best two out of three falls, mask vs. mask match featuring Psycho Clown vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. in a bout billed as “match of the decade.”

You can’t wait for the big event? Need to see what this brand is all about to get hyped? Well, Lucha Libre AAA and Twitch have you covered with a “best of” Triplemania marathon leading up to the big show beginning on 24 August 2017.

This is where the Twitch app is especially interesting for our viewing pleasure. If you’re like me, you interact with fellow wrestling fans during WWE events through Twitter hashtags and other social media. However, apps like Fite TV have added interactive chat room functionality directly with the fans watching the same event. That feature made watching the recent Ring of Honor: War of the Worlds UK a very different wrestling experience as a fan, especially because ROH worked out a deal to have Al Snow sit in and chat with fans live in the chat room. This really makes for an all new social viewing experience. 

Triplemania seeks to one up this innovation with Twitch. You can play with wrestling-themed emojis, and the promotion’s biggest stars will take to Twitch’s chat function to go back and forth with the viewers. 

This stream is ongoing throughout the entire weekend’s marathon as well.  There’s no reason at all to not jump into the fray right now! Ultimately, I see this type of interaction and delivery as something that all wrestling promotions will move toward in the future. Triplemania is going to be big, and most importantly, a fun experience. Hopefully, I’ll see you all in the chat!