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The nWo may be back, but who’ll be a part of it?



It looks as though one of the most exciting stables in sports entertainment history could be coming back.

According to Wrestling News Source, WWE has filed new trademarks that include the New World Order, and many will be thrilled with the news. The legal documents filed by WWE detail the nWo will have different uses, stating fan club services, commercial online services, but also “entertainment services, namely, wrestling exhibitions and performances by professional wrestler and entertainer rendered live and through broadcast media.” Simplified, this jargon means the nWo will potentially feature on Raw, Smackdown, and even NXT.

The nWo made such an impact when they made their debut all the way back in WCW at Bash on the Beach. On July 7, 1996, The Outsiders faced Randy Savage and Sting, billed as the ‘Hostile Takeover Match.’ Towards the end of the match, Hulk Hogan came to the ring and landed two Leg Drops on Savage and made one of the biggest heel turns in wrestling history. Not since his AWA days in 1981 had Hogan been the bad guy, but this was something else. Hollywood Hulk Hogan and the nWo were born, leaving the wrestling world in awe and bringing one of the best stables to life.

With the news they are potentially returning, speculation is going to be rife with who’ll lead them in the WWE and what members are going to feature in the latest incarnation of the faction. Hopefully their introduction and impact will be much better than the one we saw in 2002, and if done right could lead to some spectacular storylines. Without further ado, here are some of the wrestlers that would be perfect to feature in the new lineup, bringing their own kind of destruction in the New World Order.

Hulk Hogan

It was reported last month that Hogan’s return was imminent, so coming back to lead the nWo would be a perfect way to return to the squared circle. At 64-years old, Hulk Hogan is not getting any younger, but he was the one who formed them almost 22 years ago. It’s only right that his grand return is to make the statement once again, except this time doing it with a new breed of WWE Superstars.

Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens is one of the most interesting fighters in the squared circle, and his skills in the ring is second to none. Match that with his personality and on the mic ability and you’ve got a recipe for success. Owens has been absent from the big storylines recently, but this could put him right back at the top and he’s a clear fit for the stable; his aggression and disregard for the rules would bolster the nWo’s dominance and back up everything they stand for.

The Bludgeon Brothers

Harper and Rowan encapsulate everything the New World Order are about, and seeing them stand tall in their attire with a black and white twist would be awesome. Their path of destruction has been nothing short of legendary in recent months and already being Smackdown Tag Team Champions would add some gold to the stable from the get go.

Aleister Black

A man of mystery, Black could be the new blood of the New World Order, representing in NXT. He’s a phenomenal wrestler, with a dominance like no other going undefeated for over a year, rightly claiming the gold at NXT Takeover: New Orleans. The nWo could do with such a force, and his Black Mass move is a thing of beauty.

Bobby Lashley

A humongous moster of wrestling and a beast of a competitor, joining the nWo would make his return to the WWE worthwhile. He’s struggled to find his calling this time around, so donning the famous attire would give him purpose, plus, nobody is going to want to be on the receiving end of one of Lashley’s outbursts.

Big Cass

An almost perfect candidate, Big Cass has great in-ring ability. His future is bright in the WWE, being a shoe-in for a future champion. The 7-foot monster would be another fine addition to the nWo, and he’d cause a lot of problems for a lot of people, including the likes of Daniel Bryan.

Ronda Rousey

When Rousey came to the WWE, she made an impact like few other females. Deciding to go straight to the top and cause damage to Stephanie McMahon (and HHH), she’s proven already that she can entertain both in the ring and out. She wouldn’t be the obligatory female, but so much more. I’m a big fan of Ronda, and having her in the WWE is a joy to watch. She’s aggressive and her focus would only aid the New World Order.

Chris White loves to write, and is a huge fan of wrestling of all kinds. He supports the Boston Celtics, listens to hip hop, and wishes Ric Flair was his granddad. He's a pretty cool guy, just ask his mum.