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SummerSlam 2018 Predictions: Braun Strowman vs. Kevin Owens



John: Braun doesn’t really need the briefcase to be menacing. His ongoing feud with KO has been a mix of bullying and devious tactics. Although it may Braun look a bit stupid, I can see Kevin Owens benefitting more from owning the case. It won’t be a clean win by any means. It more looks like KO will win by DQ or count out to take the briefcase and use it for his own benefit.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Chris: Watching Kevin Owens in any match is sure to be a winner, but when faced with a monster like Strowman you’ve got to wonder how he’s going to get the pin. However, I think KO is going to walk out of this match the winner. There’s a lot of bad blood between the two, but with Strowman losing at Extreme Rules, it’s not looking good for him. Still, it’d be great to see Owens rewarded; he fell off a damn cell! We’ve not seen anything quite like it since Mankind and The Undertaker, and to sacrifice himself for the good of the crowd, you must wonder if Vinnie Mac didn’t promise him a little something for his troubles.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Dave: The oddsmakers actually have Strowman as a sizeable favorite here which kind of worries me — maybe they didn’t get the memo. Hopefully WWE sold enough of those “Monster in the Bank” shirts because this gimmick has run its course. The briefcase was never a good idea for Strowman; it’s there to either elevate the talent or for the talent to elevate it. Strowman was doing just fine without it. Owens will elevate the briefcase with his mic game, especially if Roman comes away with the title later on in the evening.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Frank: This makes no sense, and I have no logic to back this, but this is WWE. I’m calling Owens in the upset.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Total: It’s a clean 4-0 sweep for KO

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