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Smash Wrestling Episode 46 Results



The show starts with a replay of the rivalry between Malice and Tyson Dux. 

“The Endorsement” Sebastian Suave comes to the ring. Tonight he inspires us. He interests us and gives us a reason to scrounge into our sofas for us penny to put their money behind a real winner. Not someone like Tarik, whom he’s already beaten multiple times. He tells people another time to put their money behind a real winner: Sebastian Suave. 

“The Endorsement” Sebastian Suave def. Daniel Garcia via pinfall. After the match, Tarik attacks  Suave. The two men brawl for a moment and Tarik knows him out. 

– Replay of what happened between Kevin Bennett and The Muscle last week. 

Kevin Bennett is interviewed backstage. What does he say about the fact that The Muscle and Big Tank have been a contributing factor to his success? Bennett denies it. He says he’s solo. He adds that if people don’t contribute to his lifestyle and making him happy, they’re out of here. The Muscle and Big Tank kept coming out and made him look like a fool. He’s not a fool. He’s a rapper, a producer, an audio engineer and most importantly, a pro wrestler. He doesn’t have time for fake friends. He’s doing it all alone now, because he’s a solo acts. He doesn’t need fake boys. 

Cody Deaner, Tyson Dux def. SSB (Stu Grayson & Evil Uno) representing Malice via pinfall

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