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Smash Wrestling Episode 43 Results



Kevin Blackwood (with Scotty O’Shea) def. Daniel Garcia via pinfall. After the match Blackwood brutally attacks his former friend. 

Before the match, Bennett says he knows people in the area are expecting to see him face John Greed. He says he doesn’t think he can compete tonight because he’s hurt. He says his back really hurt because of the action h had with John Greed’s wife the previous night. He’s not wrestling Greed tonight. The Muscle will take on Greed tonight. 

John Greed def. The Muscle via pinfall

After the match Bennett tells Big Tank to fight Greed.

John Greed def. Big Tank via pinfall.  After that match Bennett gets int he ring.

John Greed def. Kevin Bennett via pinfall. After the match Bennett says it’s the second time he gets screwed and humiliated by John Greed. He knows exactly who to blame for this. He blames Big Tank, saying he screwed him. Bennett says he’s brining Big Tank back to the dollar store where he got him. Big Tank  is about to take a permanent vacation because he’s fired. 

The situation between Sebastian Suave and Tarik. A match between the two is announced. The two will face to qualify for the Northern Tournament. To make sure Anthony Kingdom James doesn’t interfere, the following stipulation is announced: if he lays a finger on Tarik, he’s fired.

Allie def. Xandra Bale & Joey Ryan after pinning Joey Ryan.

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