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Smash Wrestling Episode 42 Results: The Beast King FTM vs. Jeff Cobb



Kevin Blackwood def. Carter Mason via pinfall. After the match we see a replay of what happened between Scotty O’Shea and Kevin Blackwood two weeks ago.

Daniel Garcia is interviewed. He’s asked what happened between him and his best friend Kevin Blackwood. Garcia says he doesn’t remember much after the keyboard shot. He says that wasn’t Kevin out there. It wasn’t the guy he knew. 

  • Daniel Garcia vs Kevin Blackwood is announced for next week. 
  • Replay of John Greed and Kevin Bennett rivalry. Alisha interviews Bennett. She asks about what he said about Greed’s family. Bennett says it’s not about winning all the stupid little battles. It’s about wining the war. 

The Beast King FTM  def. Jeff Cobb to retain the Smash Wrestling Championship. After the match, FTM says he’s not done and calls out Tyson Dux. Dux comes out and the two fight until the other members of Malice (SSB and Vanessa Kraven) attack Dux from behind. They beat down Dux for a moment.  The tag team champions The Well Oiled Machines run to the ring to help Dux. They brawl and Malice are thrown outside the ring. Jeff Cobb stands to fight with Dux and The Well Oiled Machines but Malice retreats. 

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