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Smash Wrestling Episode 41 Recap



The show starts with a replay of what happened between Tyson Dux and SSB a few weeks ago. 

Anthony Kingdom James is in the ring with Sebastian Suave before their match starts. He says he’s the smartest man who ever lived. He’s been trying to tell us for over a year, the seven most important words in professional wrestling are: “Promotional consideration paid for by the following”. He then promotes his shirt. He also wants to tell us that the match is sponsored by Bulldog Nutrition. Suave interrupts him and says today is not about endorsements. Today is about the pillars and he wants to do it without James, if that’s okay with him. James leaves the ring. Suave turns to Dux. He says he’s the one who came up with the term “the pillars of Smash”. He says they all bleed for this company, they stand by the flag pf Smash Wrestling. It’s time to face the facts. Dux coined the term because he’s an ancient dinosaur who wants to tie his name to the three brightest stars of the company. 

Suave then turns to Banks. He says they debuted the same day. They’ve been everywhere together. The both know something the fans don’t know.Suave’s always worked harder than Banks, he’s done better than Banks. Banks knows it’s true. It eats Suave up that Banks gets dues for something he doesn’t work for like Suave does. He’s not going to share the spotlight with him. Suave finally turns to Tarik. He mentored Tarik but he’s ungrateful. He hates Tarik more than the other guys because he’s selfish, and he never respected Suave. He’s happy he kicked Tarik in the face; and he’s happy he kicked his cousin in the face. He hopes at a future date Tarik flies his mother to the show so Suave can go wait for her at the airport and kick her in her stupid face too. Tarik jumps Suave. 

Tyson Dux def. Sebatian Suave (with Anthony Kingdom James), Brent Banks & Tarik. 

After the match, Dux tells everyone involved in the match to get up. He says this is what pillars are all about. They are the four pillars, the foundations of Smash. He says he loves his house and he loves the other participants of the match.  He says he’s back. He has a new gear, he has new moves, and he’s real to get his belt back. He says he’s a little outnumbered. He says there seems to be a dark presence on Smash who trying to ruin it. They’re trying to ruin the company grew together. He will not be outnumbered. He will lead the charge. He doesn’t care of the other guys get along. The four pillars should take back Smash. He asks the others what they think about that. Suave tells Dux there’s a difference between them. Dux is all about the pillars, while Suave is all about a pillar. He tells Dux he’s on his own, then walks out. 

Tarik says they have history. He loves him like a brother and has tons of respect for Dux. But he has some unfinished business with Sebastian Suave and Anthony Kingdom James. He has to put an end to it. He says his hands are tied. 

Dux turns to Banks. He says there’s only two of them but that’s enough. Banks’ the money and Dux is the machine. They could be called ATM. The crowds starts chanting ATM. Banks says he doesn’t know if Dux realizes it but he just pinned him tonight. Banks says he’s a loser. He couldn’t get the win tonight. He doesn’t think this is the moment for them. ATM is going to have to wait. Banks also walks away, leaving Dux all alone in the ring. 

Dux tells the fans he loves them. He says this isn’t over by a long shot. He’ll make this work. He’ll get the Title back. He’ll take 2018 by storm and he’ll destroy everything in his way. 

Well Oiled Machines def. SSB via pinfall to retain their Tag Team Titles. After the match, SSB attacks the Well Oiled Machines. 

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