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Rousey champ again, explodes on Lynch



Just like that, Ronda Rousey was reinstated as RAW Women’s Champion in the closing segment of tonight’s edition of Monday Night RAW in Philly. So about the Charlotte Flair versus Becky Lynch match for the now not so vacant title at Fastlane? Well, we will still be getting it — with a caveat.

Should Charlotte defeat Lynch at Fastlane, her RAW Women’s Championship match at WrestleMania 35 will remain intact. Should Lynch win, she will be added to the match thus making it a triple threat. It’s what we all thought would happen with a little extra spice added now that we just got a full blown Rousey heel turn to close out tonight’s show.

Rousey gave it to the Stephanie McMahon, the fans, Flair and most importantly, the ultra babyface, Becky Lynch, with a full on assault after reclaiming her strap. Rousey would go on to target the arm and the body of Lynch in a full on assault while Flair watched, not moving a muscle to help her upcoming opponent as Rousey softened her up.

This was brilliant work all around by WWE with the ultimate pay off to the social media build barbs traded between Rousey and Lynch last week coming to head tonight in the ring. Not only do you have a slam dunk with Rousey as the “bad girl” who doesn’t give a damn about her reputation, you also give Lynch even more obstacles to overcome before what should ultimately be her Mania moment.

We’re having a tough time finding what’s not to like about this being your WrestleMania 35 triple threat main event next month.

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