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Roman Reigns is back and we couldn’t be happier



Roman Reigns is back and we couldn’t be happier.

Tonight’s edition of Monday Night RAW out of the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, GA opened with the heavily advertised return of former WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns. And as advertised, Roman gave us all an update on his status.

Back on October 22nd of last year, Reigns was forced to relinquish his Universal Championship upon learning that his leukemia had returned after being in remission. Tonight marked the first time we’d see him back on WWE TV and he was met with a thunderous applause during a lengthy entrance. Roman slapped hands, kissed babies, took pictures and signed autographs for the fans who met him with a variety of positive chants. And yes, just in case you wondering, even former WCW World Heavyweight Champion David Arquette was spotted in attendance.

Reigns told fans that he was “scared” and “insecure” when announcing his illness back in October. The crowd would reply by telling him that the WWE ring was still his yard to which he answered “this is our yard,” to his supporters. Reigns also announced that he wanted to use the global WWE platform to “raise awareness and support those who are in need just like he was.”

So, about that result.

“We didn’t just swing for the fences. We hit a homerun.”

Reigns gave the world the best news possible, announcing that he is indeed in remission. The “Big Dog” is back and would be met at the end of the ramp by his Shield brother, WrestleMania 35 Universal Championship challenger Seth Rollins, for a lovely embrace to close out the segment. .