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Progress Chapter 64: ‘Thunderbastards Are Go!’ Event Results



Match #1: Sexy Starr ( David Starr and Jack Sexsmith) defeat The Anti-Fun Police ( Los Federales Santos Jr and Chief Deputy Dunne)

This was a really fun match. Santos Jr made his Progress debut here and absolutely stole the show. Sexy Starr picks up the win after a Product Placement + Double Foot Stomp combo on Dunne. After the match Sexy Starr says they want Haskins and Havoc and the Tag Team Championships.

Match #2: Charlie Morgan defeats Millie McKenzie

This was a good match. At the last chapter Charlie Morgan attacked Toni Storm and joined sides with Jinny. Millie McKenzie looked to get some revenge on behalf of her friend. McKenzie goes for a roll up but Morgan pushes her off

Into the ropes and Jinny connects with her shoe to McKenzie’s face. Morgan then hits McKenzie with a Face Plant DDT to pick up the win.

Match #3: National Progression Series First Round: Mark Davis defeats Maverick Mayhew

This was a good match. Mark Davis had the size advantage on the much smaller Maverick Mayhew but Mayhew held his own against the big man. Davis advances to the next round after hitting Mayhew with a vicious Pop Up Pile Driver.

Match #4: The Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson and James Drake) defeats Mark Haskins and Jimmy Havoc (c) to regain the Progress Tag Team Championships

A lot went on here. Early in the match, Havoc Double Foot Stomps GYV from the side of the ring onto some chairs and Havoc manages to injure his knee. Haskins walks Havoc to the back as the match is called off. Gibson gets on the mic and goads Haskins into coming back out and defending the titles on his own. Haskins accepts. Haskins takes a beating but manages to kick out of everything GYV throw at him. Finally, Havoc comes back out to help his partner but eats a Ticket To Mayhem from GYV and GYV win the match and win back their Progress Tag Team Championships.

Match #5: Zack Sabre Jr. defeats Jonah Rock

Really good match here. Jonah Rock made his debut here and easily won the hearts of the crowd. Zack Sabre Jr had his hands full putting Rock down. Sabre Jr finally puts Rock away after locking in a Heel Hook forcing rock to tap.

Match #6: The Thunderbastard Match: Flash Morgan Webster defeats Mark Andrews, Trent Seven, TK Cooper, Tyler Bate, Eddie Dennis, Pete Dunne, and Chris Brookes

This was a fun match that kept a lot of storylines going strong. Eddie Dennis is having shoulder surgery soon but he signed a waiver to be in this match so he can get his hands on Mark Andrews. Dennis waits for the arrival of Andrews but gets eliminated by Cooper before Andrews could get into the ring. Dennis is furious on the outside as progress officials get him to the back. TK Cooper came right into the match firing at Chris Brookes. Cooper would eventually get three eliminations In this match but is then eliminated by Brookes. The final two came down to Morgan Webster and Tyler Bate and again Vicky Haskins injects herself into another of Webster’s matches distracting the ref. Webster would eventually roll Bate up to get the win and earns a shot at the Progress World Championship.

Match #7: Travis Banks (c) defeats Matt Riddle to retain the Progress World Championship

This was a good match. Riddle and Banks have a lot of history between one another and added another good bout to their history. Riddle had Banks beat completely down after a Jumping Tombstone from the top rope. Riddle then hits a Gotch Pile Driver to Banks and into the Bromission but Banks rolls out and rolls Riddle up to get the win. After the match Morgan Webster is out with Vicky Haskins and signals to Banks he’s coming for his Championship.

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