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Progress Chapter 63: ‘Take Me Underground’ results



Progress Chapter 63

Take Me Underground
O2 Ritz Manchester
Manchester, England

Match #1: Drew Parker defeats Spike Trivet in the first round of The Natural Progression Series 5 

This was a fun opener. Parker and Trivet both have had very impressive victories as of late that got them into this series. Drew Parker keeps his roll going after he hits Trivet with a Backseat Driver to get the win. After the match, Trivet smashes a champagne bottle over Parker’s Head. 

Match #2: Toni Storm and Charlie Morgan defeat House Of Couture (Nina Samuels and Chakara)

This was a good match. Jinny is still injured so she sent her stable in to take care of Toni Storm. The #1 contender to Storm’s Progress Women’s Championship unfortunately had to watch her stable fail after Storm gets the win for her team after hitting Chakara with the Strong Zero Pile Driver. After the match, Storm gets on the mic and tells Jinny she’s screwed cause now she’s got Charlie Morgan watching her back. Morgan then hits Storm with a Super Kick and then joins House Of Couture. 

Match #3: Mark Andrews defeats Flash Morgan Webster

This was a good match. Webster finally got a much-needed win against Doug Williams and was looking to get another win here. Vicky Haskins made her presence known yet again In another one of Webster’s matches. Haskins takes off with Webster’s helmet distracting Webster as Mark Andrews takes advantage of the distraction hitting Webster with a Stun Gun Millionaire followed up by a Shooting Star Press to get the win.  After the match Eddie Dennis comes out and says that Andrews stabbed another friend in the back by beating Webster off of the distraction. Dennis then punches Andrews and then wraps a chair around Marks leg to smash it with another chair but is stopped by security. 

Match #4: Zack Sabre Jr defeats Tyler Bate

This was a great match. These two put on a technical clinic. Tyler Bate hasn’t had a huge singles win in Progress in a while and held nothing back against Sabre here. After tons of holds and scientific looking reversals, Sabre Jr picks up the win after locking on the Hyper Normalization onto Bate leaving Bate with no choice but to tap. I highly recommend this match. This was amazing. 

  • Next, Jack Sexsmith is out and says at Chapter 69 he’s coming for the Progress World Championship. 

Match #5: British Strong Style (Pete Dunne and Trent Seven) defeat The Broduct (David Starr and Matt Riddle) 

This was a really good match. When you have 4 of the best wrestlers in the world today in once match it’s inevitable it’s going to be a great showing. It’s been a while since Dunne and Seven have tagged together in a Progress ring and they didn’t miss a beat at all. Riddle and Starr had really great chemistry as a tag team. British Strong Style gets the win after Dunne nails Starr with a Bitter End. 

Match #6: Walter defeats Mark Davis 

This was a really good match. Mark Davis has been wanting this match since debuting in Progress. This was a non title match, but Davis is in the Natural Progression series so one has to believe that if he wins it he will want to challenge Walter again but this time for the Atlas Championship. Walter really took it to Davis, opening his chest up with the most violent chops I’ve ever seen. Mark Davis proved he can hang with the best. Walter locks on the Sleeper to Davis forcing Davis to tap out. 

Match #7: Jimmy Havoc and Mark Haskins defeats Grizzled Young Veterans (c) to become the new Progress Tag Team Champions

This was a good match. Havoc and Haskins have been on a nice win streak lately so for that they were granted a title shot. Earlier in the night Vicky Haskins appeared in the middle of Morgan Webster’s match and stole his helmet, which played a big part in the finish of this match. Vicky throws the helmet to Mark Haskins and he hits Gibson with it. Haskins goes to hit Drake with it but Drake grabs it from Haskins. Morgan Webster runs down to grab the helmet from Drake but ends up creating a distraction causing Drake to run into a Kiss Of Death from Haskins and Havoc and losing the match. Webster looks completely disgusted at his involvement in this match as he watches Haskins and Havoc stand tall as the new Progress Tag Team Champions. 

Match #8: Travis Banks (c) defeats TK Cooper and Chris Brookes to retain the Progress World Championship. 

This was a good match. Cooper and Brookes are 2 of Travis Banks’s best friends and Banks has done defended the title against both of them In singles, now he’s having to take them both on at once. There was a steel chair war on the outside at one point in this match. After the match got back into the ring it was big move after big move showcasing how good these 3 are. Travis Banks escapes still the Progress World Championship after locking on the Lion Clutch to Brookes to get the submission victory. After the match Brookes extends a handshake to Cooper but Cooper punches Brookes instead. 

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