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Progress Chapter 62 ‘Fear No More, Come To Dust’ Event Recap



Progress Chapter 62: Fear No More, Come To Dust

January 28, 2018
Electric Ballroom
Camden, London, England

Match #1: Natural Progression Series First Round Match: Chris Ridgeway defeats Omari

Season 5 of the Natural Progression Series is underway and this was a good match to kick things off with. Both men are still pretty new to Progress but have already won over the hearts of the crowd. The match comes to a close after Ridgeway wraps himself around Omari and locks in a vicious Choke Hold forcing Omari to tap. Ridgeway advances to the second round of the series.

Match #2: Roy Johnson defeats Pastor William Eaver

This match was fine. Both men looking to score a victory in a Progress ring for the first time in a long one. Early into the match, Eaver dumps Johnson to the outside and then dives, but falls short of Johnson and crashes onto the floor. The Pastor, now fighting through this match with an injury, doesn’t go lightly working on the Sabbath trying to put Johnson away. Johnson eventually gets the upper hand after hitting Eaver with a Destroyer to score the win.

Match #3: Zack Sabre Jr defeats Chris Brookes and Trent Seven

This was a fun match. These three managed to put on a technical clinic in this triple threat proving why they are three of the best in the U.K. scene today. Trent went for the 7-Star Lariat on Sabre but Sabre countered it into one of his signature pin combinations to secure a win.

Match #4: Travis Banks (c) defeats TK Cooper to retain the Progress World Championship

South Pacific Power Trip partners together in the ring again, but under totally different circumstances. TK Cooper got granted a shot at Banks and he gave everything he had to defeat his tag partner. Cooper began to get frustrated after Banks kicks out of a Top Rope Spanish Fly which led Cooper to resort to grabbing the Championship from Jim Smallman to use on Banks. Before Cooper could use the Championship on Banks, Chris Brookes runs out stops Cooper and to save his CCK stablemate. Cooper then hits Brookes with a dive from the outside and then puts Banks in an Octopus Stretch which leads to Brookes pulling out the ref before Banks could tap. Banks then locks in the Lions Clutch to Cooper forcing Cooper to tap out. After the match all three men brawled as Progress security and officials ran out to break things up.

Match #5: Toni Storm (c) defeats Chakara to retain the Progress Women’s Championship

When originally announced, this was supposed to be Storm versus Jinny, but Jinny suffered a wrist injury to take her out of the match. It was then announced that Millie McKenzie would be facing Storm. Storm comes out for the match and is greeted by Jinny. Jinny says that if anyone is going to take her spot it will be someone she chooses so instead of McKenzie she says Storm will be facing Chakara. Storm defeats Chakara with the Strong Zero Pile Driver. After the match Jinny comes in and kicks Storm. Storm tries to fight back but Jinny escapes the ring. Nina Samuels comes out attacks Storm and Chakara joins her. Jinny stands tall over Storm holding the Championship over Storm with Chakara and Samuels by her side.

Match #6: Mark Haskins and Jimmy Havoc defeat Mark Andrews and Danny Jones

Before the match can start, Eddie Dennis comes out and is outraged that he still hasn’t gotten rid of Andrews and says he wants Andrews in a match. Dennis leaves the ring and then Havoc and Haskins attacks Jones and Andrews as the bell rings for the match to start. This was a pretty good match. Jones and Andrews fought hard against Haskins and Havoc but failed to overcome the usual tactics of Vickie Haskins as she aided Havoc and Haskins to hit Jones with a Acid Rainmaker and Kick Combo for the win.

Match #7: Flash Morgan Webster defeats Doug Williams

This was a good match. Both men were looking to get a win and some momentum here. Doug Williams was pulling out everything on Webster but things slow down for Williams when Vickie Haskins comes down and distracts him and the Ref. Webster takes advantage of the distraction and delivers a furry of moves to Williams and then finishes Williams off with the Strangler forcing Williams to tap. Vickie Haskins leaves after the match and there is no answers as to why she came out there.

Match #8: Walter (c) defeats Timothy Thatcher to retain the Progress Atlas Championship

This match was incredible. It was pure beauty seeing these two beat the life out of each other and put on an absolute strong style clinic. Walter was able to put away his RingKampf partner with a Power Bomb and retained his Progress Atlas Championship.

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