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Progress Chapter 61: ‘Don’t Touch Me… Don’t… Don’t Touch Me’ Event Recap



Progress Chapter 61

Don’t Touch Me… Don’t… Don’t Touch Me
January 14, 2018
O2 Academy Birmingham
Birmingham, West Midlands, England

The show opens up with Jim Smallman telling us that there has been a slight change to the card cause one of the wrestlers got injured last-minute. Jim asked that wrestler to come to the ring and Mark Andrews music hits. Andrews goes on talking about his injury when Eddie Denis’s music hits. Denis says that all he wants is one thing, a match with Mark Andrews. Denis and Andrews go back and forth bringing up things from the past and then Dennis spits in Andrews face causing Andrews to leave the ring. Eddie Dennis calls Andrews a coward as Andrews continues to walk to the back.

Match #1: Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson and James Drake)(c) defeat Mustache Mountain (Trent Seven and Tyler Bate) to retain the Progress Tag Team Championships

This was a good match. This match was supposed to happen at Chapter 59 but due to weather and travel issues it got held back to this show and it did not disappoint. As Tyler Bate went to bounce off the top rope James Drake hits him with the Tag Title. Zack Gibson attempted to capitalize on the assist from Drake when he tries to hit Bate with a Helter Skelter but Bate rolls Gibson up in the process, but Bates effort is reversed when Drake grabs Gibson’s trunks to give him some leverage to lean back and sneak a pin fall victory over Mustache Mountain.

Match #2: Drew Parker defeats Chris Ridgeway

This was a really good match. Originally this was supposed to be Mark Andrews vs Ridgeway but with Andrews being injured Drew Parker stepped up to the challenge last-minute. These two are still pretty new to the Progress fans but have put on solid matches every time they have been in a Progress ring and this match was no different. Parker picks up the win after hitting Ridgeway with a 450 Splash.

Match #3: Charli Evans and Millie McKenzie defeats Bea Priestly and Nina Samuels

This was a fantastic match. This match got made after the actions of Priestly and Samuels at the last Live At The Dome show. These 2 teams went all out here in this match delivering some captivating moves and spots and some near falls that had the fans on the edge of their seat. McKenzie hits Samuels with a Canadian Destroyer to pick up the win for her team.

Match #4: Pete Dunne (c) defeats Joseph Connors to retain the WWE United Kingdom Championship

This was a good match. This instantly turned into a brawl when Connors attacked Dunne with a chair before the bell rung. This match has been a long time coming and every frustration both men had for each other was taken out here as they brawled all over the building. Dunne put Connors away with a Tombstone Pile Driver to the floor followed up by a Bitter End to pick up the win.

Match #5: Will Ospreay defeats Adam Brooks

This was a fantastic match. Adam Brooks made his Progress debut and he made a lasting impression after he took Ospreay to the limit. Crazy move after crazy move this match absolutely delivered on all cylinders. Ospreay gets the win after hitting Brooks with a Oz Cutter.

Match #6: Mark Haskins and Jimmy Havoc defeats Aussie Open (Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher)

This was a pretty good match. Aussie Open have been tearing it up since debuting in Progress last year. Havoc and Haskins have been dominated since becoming a team and continued that dominance here defeating Aussie Open after hitting Fletcher with an Acid Rain Maker Kick Combo.

Match #7 Travis Banks (c) defeats Chris Brookes to retain the Progress World Championship

This was a great match. This was a great battle between CCK stablemates. Chris Brookes has is on an undefeated streak and set out to continue that with a win over Banks. Chris Brookes struggling to use dirty tactics to win the match but almost pulled off the win after Kid Lykos slid in a baking sheet for Brookes to smash Banks with. Brookes locked in his submission on Banks but TK Cooper ran down to pull the ref out before Banks could tap. Banks picked up the win submitting Brookes with the Lions Clutch. After the match Cooper and Banks had a stand-off with CCK that ended in a handshake of mutual respect. TK Cooper though had his eyes set on the Progress Championship the whole time as the show ended with Cooper relaying the message to Banks that he wants that Championship.

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