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Progress Chapter 56: ‘La Danse Macabre’ Results



The show kicks off with Pete Dunne, Trent Seven, and Tyler Bate. Dunne thanks Progress and the Progress fans and says that he’s not sure how much longer he will be wrestling in the U.K. As Pete was finishing up his good bye to the fans, Zack Gibson and James Drake come down to the ring and attack Trent and Tyler. Trent and Tyler quickly runsthem off and chase them to the back. Pete Dunne then gets attacked from behind by Joseph Connors, who was making his first appearance in a Progress ring. Trent and Tyler run back out to make the save as Connors escapes through the crowd.

Match #1: Omari and Aussie Open (Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher) defeat Connor Mills and Never Say Die (Alex Cupid & Dillon D’Angelo)

This was a really fun match. All 6 of these men are fresh to the Progress fans but this match definitely got the crowds attention. Mark Davis pops Connor Mills straight off the canvas and into a devastating Pile Driver to get the victory.

Match #2: Strangler Davis defeats Timothy Thatcher

Strangler Davis has set out to prove that he is a world class technician, and he gets a chance to prove that against one of the best technicians in the world today in Timmothy Thatcher. This was a good technical wrestling match. Strangler Davis locks the Strangle Hold on Thatcher and the match ends by referee stoppage giving Davis a huge win.

Match #3: Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson & James Drake) defeat Chris Brookes and Jimmy Havoc

This match was originally scheduled to be for the Progress Tag Team Titles but with Kid Lykos still dealing with an injury, he wasn’t able to compete. Jimmy Havoc steps In for Lykos and this match is changed to a non title match. This was a pretty good match. Grizzled Young Veterans pick up the victory after hitting the Ticket To Mayhem on Havoc.

Match #4: Walter (c) defeats Wolfgang to retain the Progress Atlas Title

This was a great hoss fight. Wolfgang looked amazing in his Progress In-ring debut. Walter put Wolfgang away after delivering a huge Power Bomb to him to get the win and to retain his Atlas Title.

Match #5: Mustache Mountain (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) defeat Sexy Starr (Jack Sexsmith & David Starr)

This was a really good match. This was Sexsmith and Starr’s first time teaming together and they worked very well as a team. Tyler Bate picks up the win for his team after hitting Starr with the Tyler Driver 97.

After the match, Mark Haskins’ music hits and Vickie Haskins appears on the ramp holding a ball bat with spikes in it. Haskins jumps Sexsmith from behind with a steel chair. Havoc hits the ring for the save but instead grabs the ball bat from Vickie and hits Sexsmith with it. Haskins and Havoc continue attacking Sexsmith and Starr and then stands tall with Vickie Haskins.

Match #6: Toni Storm (c) defeats Charli Evans to retain the Progress Women’s Title

This was a good match. Charli Evans was coming in hot off of her wins at the last progress show winning a #1 contenders tournament. Evans looked great in her chapter debut but it wasn’t enough to put down Toni Storm. Storm wins with the Strong Zero Pile Driver to retain her Progress Women’s Title.

Match #7: Travis Banks (c) defeats Keith Lee to retain the Progress World Title

Fantastic match. The last time these two met inside of a Progress ring they tore the house down and they accomplished the same thing in this one. Keith Lee managed to get the win the last time they met, but Travis Banks was looking to erase that from his past with a win over Lee. Banks had to wrestle his way around the limitless one to wear him down, Banks finally delivered a Kiwi Crusher to Lee to get the win and to retain his Progress World Title.

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