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NJPW ‘Super J-Cup 2019’ Night 2 (8.24.19) Results & Review



Coming (not so) live from the San Francisco Universities student life center. Night two of the Super J Cup 2019! It may have been a few weeks but these shows are finally available to everyone!

The card is as follows:
Caristico vs Soberano Jr – Super J Cup Quarter Final
TJP vs El Phantasmo – Super J Cup Quarter Final
Dragon Lee vs Ryusuke Taguchi – Super J Cup Quarter Final
Will Ospreay vs SHO – Super J Cup Quarter Final

One thing I must say before starting the review is that I might be a little harsh on these matches, since I’m just not a fan at all of one singular hard cam.

Caristico Def. Soberano Jr in 8m30s with a top rope Spanish Fly (*¾)
I’m not familiar with Lucha Libre at all so my limited exposure to these two comes from a few FantasticaMania tours and a Jr Tag League/BOSJ or two. With that being said I’ve loved what I’ve seen from both guys and this should be a great Lucha thing.

The match starts out quite fast paced with a sequence of running the ropes and dodging each other, a hand held top rope arm-drag is the first actual move of the match which sends Soberano to the outside, Caristico follows up with a fake tope as he backflips back into the centre of the ring. Soberano takes his time getting back to the apron but this was to lul Caristico in as he nails an Enziguri and a beautiful top rope hurricanrana followed up with a Fosbury Flop! Caristico does what Soberano did to him earlier and hit an Enziguri which is followed up with a board crossbody! For a two. Hurricanrana by Caristico and now it’s his turn to flip with a tope con hilo!

Caristico rolls Soberano back in the ring for a late two count. Forearm exchange by the two is looking to go in Soberano’s favour before Caristico nails a TNA kick straight to the gut. Superkick by Soberano after a corner lariat exchange. But it’s returned by Caristico! Handspring elbow by Caristico, and a cover for two. Really questionable kicks to Soberano by Caristico which Soberano just stops selling after a while, that made me laugh. Trip up, followed by an Enziguri to the back of the head and a Guillotine leg drop from the top from Soberano all of which only gets a two on Caristico. Great lionsault by Soberani, shame Caristico was hanging on to the ropes like a melt. Soberano goes to the top rope, perhaps signaling his finisher, before Caristico jumps up and delivers a great spanish fly for the win!

Its not that I particularly hated this match, I just didn’t care for it, Lucha is not my thing however I assume if you like Lucha you’d like this match.

El Phantasmo Def. TJP in 14m49s with a roll up (***½)
Not the biggest fan of TJP but I like Phantasmo so this should be fun at least.

A lot of showboating in the beginning of the match, this is expected in an ELP match though. A nice sequence by the two ends in TJP blocking an eye poke then hitting the dab… Which rightly has the crowd booing TJP. So much showboating, ELP hitting a dab of his own after unsuccessfully getting a handshake off of TJP. TNA kick, Headscissors, and a springboard stretch of some sort, which is transitioned into a STF, honestly I don’t like the guy but my god can TJP wrestle. Really weird spot with TJP doing his normal handstand gimmick and ELP poking him in the eye. This gives ELP the advantage, He uses the advantage to slow the match down, taking every opportunity to antagonize the fans. “I learned this in England” as he begins to snap TJP’s fingers, I love ELP, I know it’s popular to hate him, but I like edgy stuff.

ELP goes for his tightrope walking skit, TJP reverses though, and ends up hitting a springboard super frankensteiner which looked sick. European uppercut, tornado DDT, and springboard drop kick to an ELP that is hanging over the ropes by TJP as he begins to fire up. Standing Frog Splash only gets a two though. Strong strike exchange and nipple twister by ELP and he’s in control until a beautiful backdrop by TJP puts him back in the fight. Phantasmo goes balls to the wall as he does a top rope moonsault to TJP on the outside and a top rope splash to TJP in the ring for two! A great exchange by the two ends with TJP hitting a brutal superkick and a Sliced Bread/Original Dirty deeds combo? Idk it looked cool.

After that he hits his Detonation kick for a two. ELP throws the ref into the ropes which crotches TJP on them as he’s climbing, he then hits a top rope frankensteiner followed by a swanton but misses with his BME attempt. A kick out by ELP and TJP is right on him transitioning into a knee bar. Phantasmo doing the smart thing by throwing the ref into TJP to break the hold, and then follows up with a punch STRAIGHT to the Penis. A roll up after that ensures the win for ELP.

Really good match, TJP is a great worker and ELP is a great heel, it just works.

Dragon Lee Def. Ryusuke Taguchi in 11m37s with a running knee strike (****)
Massive pop for Redshoes as he comes out to ref the Semi-Main and Main event. I just don’t like American wrestling crowds.

Double fist bump by the two Taguchi Japan members starts this one off. Slow start to this one as Taguchi dances his way out of a test of strength multiple times until Dragon Lee is fed up and just takes Taguchi’s arm. Nice little sequence there by these two as Taguchi gets the upper hand in the end by dodging a low dropkick by Dragon Lee. Never ending irish whip by Dragon Lee as Taguchi gets tired out and begs for a time out which Dragon Lee graciously agrees to. Not for long though as he dropkicks Taguchi and as he’s recovering on the outside hits an insane Tope Con Hilo on Taguchi. Multiple hip attacks by Dragon Lee to the jeers of the crowd.

Taguchi shows how its done however with a hip attack of his own for some breathing room. Multiple hip attacks are finally blocked by Dragon Lee and he uses this space to attempt and miss a Springboard Plancha. Taguchi attempts a triangle Plancha and is a lot more successful in his endeavor. Taguchi with a great top rope hip drop to Dragon Lee for a near fall. Taguchi goes for one too many hip attacks however as Dragon Lee blocks a running one. Red Shoes chant as Taguchi and Dragon Lee are having a good match.. Sigh. Great strike exchange as it ends with a hip attack getting reversed into a German Suplex.

Taguchi hulks up for about 25 seconds before falling back to the mat. Best wrestler in the company. Great dropkick and Shibata style corner dropkick on Taguchi by Dragon Lee. Double Stomp avoided by Taguchi who responds with an Ankle lock! This is reversed and Taguchi manages to reverse a cradle by Dragon Lee into one of his own for two and straight back into the ankle lock! Taguchi goes for Dodon but is reversed into a roll up for a near fall. Jumping knee by Lee and a brutal Lariat by Taguchi leaves the latter the only man standing. Another attempt at the Dodon is reversed into lots of knee strikes followed up with a brutal Liger Bomb! That and a Bomaye with the kneepad down will finish Taguchi.

Really great comedy match filled in with really great wrestling, the Ryusuke Taguchi special

Will Ospreay Def. SHO in 30m32s with a Stormbreaker (****)
Oooooh boy here we go, the main event. Will has just had a near half hour classic with Amazing Red, and SHO has beaten former IWGP champ Taiji Ishimori. This should be good.

Really slow start by these two, it makes sense honestly considering how long they’re going for. Some beautiful mat wrestling to begin with. A nice sequence which culminates with SHO dropkicking Ospreay out of the ring. A walk and brawl later and they’re back in the ring with SHO slowing the match down. A full like 3 minutes of this match I can’t comment on as these two went into the crowd and I was left looking at a hard cam for the time as the crowd popped a few times. Back in the ring and Ospreay is in control now, favouring his left arm. Brutal backbreaker by Ospreay, both men have slowed the match down and acted a bit heel-y so I’m not sure who is supposed to be the heel. SHO tries to fight back, attacking the injured arm of Ospreay. However Ospreay puts him down with a chop.

Ospreay goes for a handspring but SHO kicks his arm out from under him, that looked cool. SHO with a comeback that puts him in control. Beautiful hip toss into armbar by SHO, he is so freaking good. SHO keeps working on the bad arm of Ospreay, but Ospreay catches a kick from SHO and that gives him the ability to hit a handspring kick on SHO. Step Up Enziguri, a top rope 619, and a springboard forearm and Ospreay is back in control. Ospreay misses a Robinson Special however he regains the upper hand by launching SHO out of the ring, he uses this time to hit a great Fosbury Flop!!!! Two in one night this is electric. Bloody Sunday from Ospreay for a near fall! Ospreay starts messing with SHO, boot scrapes followed by mental forearms and chops, SHO asks for more though, and begins to hulk up while absorbing these shots.

Jumping knee by SHO starts the comeback! Human wall run by Ospreay and an Enziguri to send SHO down. Only for SHO to pop back with two brutal German Suplexs, SHO attempts the third, but Ospreay reverses and hits a ROBINSON SPECIAL while SHO is recovering! SHO catches Ospreay as he almost hits the OsCutter and nails him with a SPEAR! SHO goes for a suplex but Ospreay reverses it into a stunner! Both men are flat out. BRUTAL strike exchange that Ospreay seems to win until he goes for the OsCutter which is again reversed this time into a German Suplex for a near fall! SHO goes for a powerbomb but Ospreay flips out of it! Nails SHO with a kick and then a standing moonsault! Ospreay goes for the stormbreaker but can’t hook SHO’s arms because of his bad arm.

Ospreay tries to bully SHO into hitting a stormbreaker but SHO hulks up again and delivers some BRUTAL Kawada kicks to the head of Ospreay. Ospreay fights back though with a Spanish Fly set up into a one handed Powerbomb! On the third attempt Ospreay finally nails SHO with the OsCutter, but SHO kicks out at 2, the crowd go mental. Ospreay muscles SHO up to the top and nails a Cheeky Nandos kick on SHO, insane top rope blackout for a two! Hook Kick and Lariat from Ospreay and SHO respectively has both men out. SHO just beats the absolute Christ out of Osprey with Forearms. Another Lariat from SHO turns Ospreay inside out! Powerbreaker by SHO and Ospreay kicks out at 2. Ospreay gets out of the Shock Arrow before kicking SHO’s head off. Lariat by SHO and a Spanish Fly by Ospreay! Hidden Blade and a Stormbreaker by Ospreay will finish SHO.

A really great match that should have been 8 minutes shorter than it ended up being. Still great. The crowd weren’t happy that Ospreay went over though!