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NJPW ‘G1 Climax 29 Final’ (8.12.19) Results & Review



The G1 Climax 29 Final comes down to Kota Ibushi and Jay White. The winner of the match will receive a contract they must defend until January 4th at which time they can challenge for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship at Wrestle Kingdom 14. Let’s get started!

Kota Ibushi def. Jay White @ 31:02 via Kamigoye – ****1/4
KENTA and the rest of Bullet Club come out to second White. The referee sends Bullet Club (excluding Gedo) to the back before he starts the match. The bell rings and White bails to the outside. Ibushi doesn’t follow but instead stays in the ring and invites White back inside. They lock up and Ibushi backs White to the ropes, giving a clean break but Gedo grabs a hold of Ibushi’s leg. The referee sends Gedo to the back, White protests outside and Ibushi comes from behind to send White back inside. A dropkick takes White to the floor, Ibushi looks for the golden triangle moonsault but White hops up to the apron, pulls Ibushi off the turnbuckle and sends him into the rails. He wraps Ibushi’s leg around the rails, sends him back inside and drives Ibushi’s leg into the post. White comes back in, hits a snap vertical suplex and drives the knee into the mat.

Ibushi tries firing up but takes another snap vertical suplex followed by one into the corner for a two count. White taunts Ibushi to make it back to his feet and catches Ibushi’s frankensteiner into a leg screw into the mat. Ibushi lands an enzuigiri and connects with the frankensteiner, catches White in a powerslam and hits a moonsault off the second rope. A flurry of strikes, a standing moonsault, looks for moonsault knees but come up empty and lands directly on the knees. White picks Ibushi up and quickly drops him with a DDT, catches him with a corner uppercut, tries to hyperextend the knee and lands a bladebuster for two. Ibushi hops over a chop block and comes down on White with a double stomp. White stomps on the foot to break a hold, eats a pair of kicks but catches Ibushi in a flatliner + deadlift German suplex combination.

White puts Ibushi on the top rope, hammers at the knee, lands a chop and meets Ibushi on the top. Ibushi tries fighting White off but White hammers at the knee and drops Ibushi with a superplex. White’s Kiwi Crusher is countered into a Hitodenashi Driver for a two count and they begin trading forearms on their knees. They fight up to their feet and continue the exchange. Ibushi comes out on top but White hits the knee and drops Ibushi with a lariat. Ibushi fires up only to get caught in a urange followed by the Kiwi Crusher for two. The crowd rallies for Ibushi as he rolls through a Bladerunner and drops White in a half and half suplex. They continue to rally but White slides off the shoulders and sends Ibushi into the referee. The referee collapses to the floor, White low blows Ibushi and Gedo comes out from the back.

Gedo comes in with a chair and holds Ibushi’s leg down for White to go on the attack with the chair. Inverted dragon screw into the mat followed by a TTO and Gedo sends the referee back inside. Ibushi reaches out for the referee for support before making it to the ropes to force the break. White holds on until four to a chorus of boos. He tries pulling Ibushi to his feet but Ibushi shoves him off. White comes from behind and locks Ibushi in the sleeper suplex but Ibushi fights out and connects with an overhead kick. Ibushi sends White into the corner for a lawn dart, boots White to the apron and pulls him back in with the Swan Dive German for a two count. White fights off a last ride by hammering at the knee and lands a slap to the face that turns Ibushi’s eyes jet black.

Ibushi fires off a series of strikes to White’s face and boots him in the corner. The referee pulls Ibushi away and Ibushi challenges White to meet him in the middle for another exchange. He grounds White with a slap to the face, looks for a kick but White catches him into a dragon screw. White wants a second but is taken down with a lariat followed by the last rider for two. Ibushi hits the YeaOh pose and rushes in for Boma Ye but White collapses to the mat and dead weights. He turns over and smirks, inviting Ibushi in. White distracts the referee while Gedo comes up from behind. Ibushi takes Gedo out with a headick, gets caught in a sleeper suplex, fires back up and lands a Boma Ye to the back of the head.

The referee instructs Romero to take Gedo to the back, Ibushi hits another Boma Ye, gets a two count, lands a headkick and looks for the Kamigoye but White pulls him into Bladerunner. White collapses and can’t capitalize for the pin. They make it to their feet and Ibushi fights off the cross-armed bloody sunday with a headbutt and keeps the arms crossed for a straightjacket German suplex. He keeps the hold but Ibushi turns it into a sleeper suplex followed by a second, the cross-armed bloody sunday, sets up for Bladerunner, Ibushi fires off a series of knees that ground White for two. Ibushi pulls down his knee pad and delivers the Kamigoye for the win.

Ibushi is presented with the G1 trophy along with the flag. He takes the mic and says this has been the most important month of his life. Last year he made it to the final but lost. Today, one year later, he was able to win and he couldn’t be any happier than he is right now. But this isn’t just about him, it’s about all twenty wrestlers. He says a new era of New Japan starts today and thanks the fans for their support.

What a wild night and a strong way to end the tournament. Along with Kota Ibushi’s G1 Climax win, we saw the return of Katsuyori Shibata, KENTA’s turn to Bullet Club and Minoru Suzuki challenge Kazuchika Okada for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. A very memorable night for all the right reasons.

This was the best Jay White’s shenanigans have worked all tour, peaking at the best possible time. Everything was played off perfectly for a well-executed and memorable payoff to the tournament. Well done by all parties, this felt like a big deal and ended in the best way possible.

Tomorrow I’m going to start ranking my top twenty-nine matches of the tournament and while this won’t be the highest, it was yet another blow-away match; one of two dozen we saw throughout the G1 Climax 29.

Along with providing show reviews from across Japan, Robert McCauley is also an editor for WrestlingDesk.