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NJPW ‘G1 Climax 29’ (8.1.19) Results & Review



The B Block has their sixth night of tournament action at the Fukuoka Citizens Gymnasium. CHAOS stablemates Hirooki Goto and Tomohiro Ishii clash in the main event and Toru Yano is half of the block’s last hope. He must find a way to beat Jon Moxley or else they will be mathematically eliminated from winning the tournament. Let’s get started!

Jeff Cobb (2-3) def. Shingo Takagi (2-3) @ 12:28 via Tour of the Islands – ****
They meet face to face and Shingo initiates contact with a shove. Cobb returns the favor, Shingo hits the ropes with two shoulder that don’t budge Cobb. He gets a hip toss, hits the ropes again and eats a dropkick from Cobb followed by a release pumphandle overhead suplex. Shingo rolls to the outside, Cobb looks to follow but once on the apron, Shingo sweeps the leg. He brings Cobb back in and sweeps the leg again before applying a leg lock that Cobb breaks by getting to the ropes. Shingo looks for a knee buster, Cobb fights it off and eats a couple of lariats from Shingo but refuses to go down. Shingo kicks out the knee, rushes Cobb but gets caught in a release belly-to-belly suplex.

Cobb lands a pair of uppercuts in the corner, Shingo tries fighting him off but Cobb catching him in a swinging backdrop followed by a standing moonsault for a two count. Shingo blocks a powerbomb by punching at the back of the knee and backdrops Cobb. He blocks one of Cobb’s lariats, ducks a second and drops him with a snap backdrop suplex. Shingo charges in the corner with a pair of lariats before setting Cobb up on the top rope. Cobb reverses and lifts Shingo in the corner but Shingo fights him off, climbs to the top and lands a superplex. Cobb catches Shingo running in with an exploder, Shingo responds with one of his own and both are down.

They meet in the middle with lariats, Shingo blocks one, hits a double overhand, they trade punches and headbutts, Shingo hits the ropes and drops Cobb with a lariat but Cobb throws Shingo off at a one count. Shingo rushes in, fights Cobb off on a Tour of the Islands and locks him up into a Noshigami followed by a Pumping Bomber that turns Cobb inside out for a two count. Cobb fights off Made in Japan, sends Shingo to the ropes and flattens him with a lariat. Shingo escapes the powerbomb, hits the ropes again but again is caught and dropped with a powerbomb for another two count.

Cobb sends Shingo to the ropes for Tour of the Islands but Shingo collapses, Cobb rushes in and is trapped in a crucifix driver followed by Made in Japan that scores Shingo two. Shingo fires up and the crowd rallies. He hits two lariats, goes for the ropes but Cobb pulls him back in. Shingo fights him off, Cobb escapes Last of the Dragon, hits a German suplex and finishes Shingo with a Tour of the Islands.

Toru Yano (2-3) def. Jon Moxley (5-0) @ 5:07 via Count Out – ***
Yano spits his water at Yano before the bell and bails. He has the referee check him on the apron and drops to the floor. Moxley looks to follow him out but as he gets between the ropes Yano squirts his water bottle at him. Moxley goes on the chase but Yano slides back in and the bell sounds. Yano goes for a low blow, Moxley blocks it, Yano scrambles for his DVD and offers it to Moley but it gets kicked up in the air. Moxley chases after Yano who ducks between the ropes and calls for a break but Moxley slap him and they fight to the outside. They trade sending each other into the rails, Yano catches Moxley in an atomic drop and tries tapping Moxley up but Moxley fights him off and tapes Yano to the rails.

Yano makes it back inside at seventeen and offers his hand to Moxley. The crowd chants for Moxley to accept the hand so he does and they both rush to the corner where they untie the buckles and charge at each other. The referee pulls the buckle from Moxley, Yano hits a low blow and school boy but Moxley kicks out at two. Moxley bails to the outside and sets a table up against the rails where he slaps Yano head first. He goes to charge in at Yano but Yano pulls Umino between them, low blows them both and ties Moxley to Umino which scores Yano the count out victory.

Yano scurries to the back before the two can untie themselves. An irate Moxley looks to attack the referee with a chair but throws it down, crawls into the ring with a blank stare to the mat before sliding out and walking off to the back.

Tetsuya Naito (2-3) def. Juice Robinson (3-2) @ 13:47 via Destino – ****
Juice takes his time disrobing a la Naito. The two battle on who can take longer, a battle won by Juice who tells Naito to tranquilo. Juice removes his shirt only to reveal another underneath. He does this twice before Naito snaps and goes on the attack and hit the Juice fist bump and spots at him. Juice takes Naito by the throat and backs him to the ropes. Naito hits Juice pose again, catching him running in with a boot but Juice responds with a pair of hip tosses and lariats Naito over the top. Juice hits the ropes for a dive, fakes Naito out and does Naito’s pose. Naito avoids a plancha, fights off a spinebuster, Juice puts the brakes on a tornado DDT but takes a dropkick across the back and is thrown into the rails.

Juice makes it back in before the count of twenty where Naito is waiting to go on the attack. He sends Juice to the corner, hits the slingshot dropkick and does the Juice fist pump before sending him to the ropes and locking in a sleeper. While Naito has Juice in a hold he continues the fist pump until Juice finds the ropes and is dropped with a neckbreaker for a two count. Juice fights back up, lands a headbutt, Naito beats him back down and spits on Juice before landing the Juice punches. He winds up for the left hand but Juice blocks with the punches himself and lands a leg lariat that turns Naito inside out.

Juice charges in the corner for a pair of lariats, drops Naito with a third and climbs to the top rope. Naito avoids the crossbody, hits a back elbow followed by an enzuigiri, Juice ducks the flying forearms and drops Naito for a two count of his own. The crowd rallies behind Juice who sets up for a powerbomb but Naito ranas through, drapes Juice’s legs over the second rope and drops him with a neckbreaker before taking Juice to the top. Juice fights Naito, looks for a Juice Box off the top but Naito slides off. They fight back to the top where Juice hits a rana followed by a powerbomb stack for a two count.

Juice signals for the end, the crowd rallies, he hooks up Pulp Friction but Naito turns it into a German suplex, looks for a slingshot DDT but Juice puts the brakes on. Juice wants a vertical suplex out of the position but Naito drops him in a DDT, rushes in with a reverse rana followed by a Destino for a two count. He sets up for a second but Juice puts the brakes on and lands Juice Box that buys him time to regroup. Naito still manages to make it up to his feet first and the crowd rallies in his favor. He pulls Juice to his feet, ducks lariat, Juice fights off a Destino, lands a punch, Naito slides out of Pulp Friction and hits Valentia followed by Destino to pick up the win.

Naito pats Juice’s head, spits on him, hits Juice’s pose and walks off to the back.

Jay White (2-3) def. Taichi (2-3) @ 15:08 via Bladerunner – ***3/4
Upon making his entrance, White hands Taichi a live mic to sing into but gets waved away for his troubles. White applauds Taichi’s performance, Taichi reveals the satchel, they share smirks and the bell sounds. The crowd favors Taichi so White bails outside. Taichi does the same as the two pace in their respective corners. White comes back in and urges Taichi to do the same. They finally meet back in the middle and circle each other but lock eyes with each other’s seconds and bail back outside. Gedo rushes Kanemaru from behind which gives White the opportunity to go on the attack, throwing Taichi into the rails.

They rolls back in at nineteen, White hits two forearms that Taichi smirks off and gives a kick to the leg. The battle continues until White is dropped to the crowd’s approval. He fights back up ad gouges the yes which Taichi gladly returns the favor. On the outside, Gedo grabs Miho by the hair to distract Taichi and allows White to go back on the attack. He sends Taichi back into the rails and slides back in content with a count out victory. Taichi rolls back in at sixteen but White is there to kick and slap at his head. Taichi fights up and lands a kick but gets chopped back to the mat. White charges into the corner, comes up empty, ducks an enzuigiri and chops Taichi back down.

White rushes back in, misses another corner attack and eats a pair of rope-assisted enzuigiris. Taichi rips off the pants, White drops down on the thrust kick attempt so Taichi stomps him into the mat. He pulls White back up to his feet, misses lariat and is dropped with a DDT followed by a Bladebuster for a two count. Taichi fights off the Kiwi Crusher, they trade strikes, Taichi boots White down, gets sprayed with spit but takes White down with a gamengiri. White ducks the Axe Bomber, hits the ropes, Taichi puts the brakes on a flatliner, gets caught with a urange followed by a Kiwi Crusher for two. Taichi fights off a sleeper suplex, takes a backdrop, fights up and lands a backdrop of his own.

Both men are down, Taichi makes it up first and blats White with a buzzsaw kick. He goes to pick White up with a Last Ride but Gedo hits the apron for the distraction. Taichi blocks White’s low blow, gets White low himself and puts White in the Gedo Clutch, Gedo pulls the referee out at two. With the referee out, Gedo rushes in and stomps Taichi, reveals the brass knuckles, Kanemaru comes in, Gedo ducks the spray but Taichi drops Gedo who rolls to the floor. White sets up for Bladerunner, Taichi sends him off and Kanemaru hits the apron with the whiskey mist to White. Taichi follows with a Last Ride stack for a two count, looks for the thrust kick but Gedo pulls the leg out. Kanemaru fights Gedo off, White catches Taichi in a Bladerunner, Taichi fights it off into position for Black Mephisto but White escapes, ducks a thrust kick connects with a sleeper suplex, Bloody Sunday and finishes Taichi with a Bladerunner.

Hirooki Goto (2-3) def. Tomohiro Ishii (3-2) @ 18:01 via GTR – ****1/4
They lock up, Goto backs Ishii to the ropes and gives a clean break but eats a slap. Ishii sends Goto to the ropes, comes in with a shoulder tackle, they trade attempts, charge at each other like bulls until Goto is finally able to put Ishii down to win the exchange. He hammers down elbows to the back of Ishii’s neck who retreats to the corner. Ishii eats a series of stomps, asks for more and catches Goto into a vertical suplex. He pulls Goto back up and lays in a series of chops, Goto responds with his down until Ishii fires off one that takes Goto crashing to the mat. Ishii again pulls Goto back up and headbutts him back down, telling him to bring it.

Goto fires back up, hits forearms that Ishii walks right through and once again drops Goto with strikes of his own. Ishii boots Goto back to his feet, hits another headbutt, rushes in with a boot, Goto catches it and drops Ishii with a discuss lariat. Ishii elbows out of a backdrop suplex, gets sent to the corner, pops off but is caught in a backdrop suplex. Goto looks for Ushigoroshi, Ishii fights it off, they each duck a lariat before Ishii connects with a backdrop suplex of his own. Ishii chops Goto into the corner hits chop + forearm combination that fires Goto up into a flurry of corner forearms of his own that crumble IShii to the mat. He sends Ishii to the opposite corner, Ishii bounces off and charges back into the middle of the ring where the two trade forearms for an extended exchange.

Goto comes out on top, hits the ropes but is caught with a powerslam. Ishii wants a powerbomb, Goto fights it off, they hit the ropes and trade ducking lariats until Goto winds up connecting and sends Ishii to the mat. Goto follows in with a corner lariat and takes Ishii to the top where he drops him with a draping neckbreaker for a two count. Ishii grabs Goto’s leg to stop him from climbing the ropes again. Goto stomps at Ishii’s head and climbs to the top but Ishii meets him up there and sets up with a vertical suplex. Goto fights him off and the two trade forearms on the second rope. They trade headbutts, Goto comes out on top and sends Ishii off with Kaiten.

Goto blocks an enzuigiri, they hit the ropes and trade ducking lariats until Ishii connects. Ishii eats a slap, his eyes go black and they trade forearms, an exchange won by Ishii and he follows with a powerbomb stack for two. He catches Goto in a German suplex followed by a sliding lariat for another two, picks Goto back up, they both fight out of a vertical suplex but refuse to let go. Ishii slides out of another, Goto goes the same and pulls Ishii’s head down onto his knee. Goto locks in a sleeper that causes Ishii to collapse to the mat. He sets up for GTR, Ishii forearms out but is caught in an Ushigoroshi for a two count.

Goto pulls Ishii to his knees and lands a series wrist clutch kicks to the chest. Ishii falls, gets picked up, eats another and fires up. They trade a series of headbutts back and forth, a battle finally won by Goto. He picks Ishii up where he hits a Reverse GTR followed by a PK for another two count. Ishii reverses a GTR into position for a vertical suplex, Goto slides out, puts Ishii into position for an Ushigoroshi, doesn’t stick the knee out and inside drives the head down on the release and finishes Ishii with a GTR.

Goto takes the mic and tells the crowd the “G” in G1 stands for Goto.

Another killer night from the B Block. That’s three in a row for them. The secret? Every match has gone under twenty minutes. They haven’t given you any time to get bored with a single match, it’s been a flawless watch night in and night out. As far as I can tell, no one has been eliminated. With three matches to go, Shingo and Taichi can at best get to 5-4. Neither own the tiebreaker over Moxley but say Moxley loses out, finishes at 5-4, one of those guys wins out at 5-4 and Yano too finishes at 5-4. That would create a three way tie with each having a tiebreaker win over the other. Therefore, everyone still has a chance, slim as it seems.

Five ‘big mood’ matches, three blow-away, another great performance from Taichi and Yano with the upset win. This was probably the most anticipated Yano match of all time. The result wasn’t in question but how they decided to lay it out was easily predictable so it doesn’t get the recommendation. For once, my hopes were too high for a Yano match. Shingo and Ishii have been battling a war of ‘anything you can do, I can do better’. Both men have been getting the absolute best out of the opponents which has made the block that much better.

This was another show you can’t go wrong with. The B Block has by far been the most consistent over the last week and that doesn’t look like it’ll be changing anytime soon. Skip the Yano match as per usual. The match is short enough that you don’t have to skip it but the other four should not be missed. These B Block shows have been peak G1 Climax.

Recommended Matches
Goto vs Ishii
Shingo vs Cobb
Naito vs Juice
White vs Taichi

Jon Moxley (5-1)
Tetsuya Naito (3-3)
Tomohiro Ishii (3-3)
Hirooki Goto (3-3)
Jay White (3-3)
Juice Robinson (3-3)
Jeff Cobb (3-3)
Toru Yano (3-3)
Shingo Takagi (2-4)
Taichi (2-4)

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