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NJPW ‘G1 Climax 29’ (7.28.19) Results & Review



The second of back-to-back nights at the Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium sees the B Block in their fifth night of tournament action. The main event features Tetsuya Naito looking to be the first man to defeat Jon Moxley since making his New Japan debut. Let’s get started!

Hirooki Goto (1-3) def. Toru Yano (2-2) @ 1:43 via Goto Special – *1/2
Yano waves the young lion away from holding the ropes for Goto and does it himself to gain Goto’s trust. He then offers his hand to Goto which is waved away. The bell sounds and Yano calls for a CHAOS chant. Goto goes along with the chant and Yano comes up from behind, putting his shirt over Goto’s head and rolls him up for two. Goto bails and Yano takes the time to untie the turnbuckle. He bounces Goto off the exposed buckle, gets another two count, tries for a low blow but Goto blocks it and ties Yano up into the Goto Special for the win.

Tomohiro Ishii (2-2) def. Juice Robinson (3-1) @ 17:55 via Brainbuster – ****
They run at each other with shoulder tackle, hit the ropes and continue until Juice drops down, leaps over, hip tosses Ishii but gets shouldered down. Their fight turns into a chop exchange which Juice wins as Ishii backs into the corner and collapses. Juice picks him back up and slaps Ishii across the face. Ishii fires up, pulls Juice into the corner and repeatedly chops him across the throat. The referee tries stopping Ishii but he gets shoved aside and Ishii continue the attack. Juice collapses, Ishii brings him back to his feet and fires off a pair of headbutts before continuing with chops. He flips Ishii off but takes a kick across the back for his troubles. Juice lays a couple of chops across the chest followed by a pair of headbutts that Ishii shrugs off before hitting one of his own.

Juice escapes a suplex and catches Ishii running in with a spinebuster. The crod calls for Juice as he lands his punches. Ishii responds with forearms, cuts off Juice’s punches but eats a lariat followed by a full nelson bomb for a two count. Backing into the corner, Ishii asks for more causing Juice to fire another headbutt and take Ishii to the top rope. Ishii holds the ropes on an attempted frankensteiner, causing Juice to collapse to the mat and Ishii follows him down with a knee drop and backdrop suplex for a two count. He lands a series of chops and forearms to Juice in the corner, brings him back to his feet and continues the flurry. They meet in the middle of the ring with a shoulder tackle stalemate and begin another chop exchange that takes Juice down.

Ishii pulls Juice back to his feet where he’s met with a chop to the throat by Juice followed by a corner lariat and a cannonball. Juice calls for the referee to check on Ishii before he takes Ishii to the top rope, lands a headbutt and takes Ishii down with a superplex. Ishii powers back up, avoids Juice Box, Juice ducks a sliding lariat, they meet in the middle with another lariat that brings them both to the mat. They make it back to their feet where Juice lays in a series of forearms that Ishii eats but refuses to go down. Ishii fires off a series of forearms himself but Juice too refuses to back down. Juice staggers Ishii and lands Juice Box for a two count. The crowd rally behind Ishii as he’s hooked into Pulp Friction which he counters, Juice sends him off, gets caught but escapes the suplex, lands a punch followed by a powerbomb for another two.

Juice hooks in for Pulp Friction but Ishii escapes, eats a corner lariat, gives out one of his own, fights off Juice’s shoulders and drops him with an enzuigiri. Ducking one lariat, Juice lands one of his own but Ishii stays on his feet, they trade headbutts before Juice is dropped with a lariat. Ishii looks to follow up with a brainbuster but Juice turns it into a jackhammer and connects with a left hand for two. Countering out of another attempted Pulp Friction, Ishii hits the ropes and lands a sliding lariat followed by a brainbuster to score the win.

Jeff Cobb (1-3) def. Taichi (2-2) @ 12:31 via Tour of the Islands – ***1/2
Taichi reveals the satchel that holds the Iron Fingers to Cobb before the bell. They circle before Taichi offers his hand which Cobb accepts for a clean shake. Cobb takes a waistlock and Taichi scrambles to the ropes for a clean break. Taichi offers his hand again which Cobb waves off so Taichi bring Miho to the apron to distract Cobb for Taichi to go on the attack from behind. He sends Cobb to the ropes, gets shouldered down, hits the ropes himself and gets taken down by a dropkick and decides to bail outside. Cobb follows Taichi out, lands a chop followed by a forearm and sends Taichi into the rails.

Taichi pulls Miho between them to stop Cobb’s attack and while distracted by her, hits Cobb with the mic stand followed by a chair and chokes him with a tripod. He brings Cobb back inside at fifteen and grabs him by the throat, driving Cobb into the corner. Taichi pie faces Cobb, eats a forearm but gains the advantage again by gouging the eyes and landing a series of kicks. Cobb drives Taichi into the corner and hits a flurry of forearms followed by a lariat, pulls Taichi back up and lands an uppercut, Samoan drop but misses a standing moonsault. Taichi tries going back on the attack but Cobb hoistes him up into a vertical suplex for a two count. Cobb sends Taichi to the corner, misses a splash, dodges one enzuigiri, eats a second followed by a gamengiri and a buzzsaw kick for a two count of his own.

Taichi rips his pants off, comes up empty on the thrust kick, avoids the Toru of the Islands, gets his gamengiri blocked, Cobb ducks one lariat but is taken down with a second. Cobb escapes the Black Mephisto, hits a pair of gutwrench suplexes, eats a high kick but catches Taichi in a piledriver for a two count. Taichi is sent to the ropes but holds on, gets popped up into a suplex but rolls up a Tour of the Islands attempt and connects with a gamengiri. He sets up for the thrust kick, eats one from Cobb who looks for a second but Taichi pulls the referee between them. Cobb pulls the referee aside, hits Taichi with a headbutt and finishes him with a Tour of the Islands.

Jay White (1-3) def. Shingo Takagi (2-2) @ 19:26 via Bladerunner – ****1/4
The crowd break into a heavy Takagi chant causing White to bails outside to a chorus of boos. Shingo sits down in the middle of the ring and invites White to come in the ring. White refuses, Shingo sits on the second rope to further invite White who then agrees, only to slide back out. Shingo goes on the chase, gets caught but takes control back when White sends him in and lariats White back to the floor and follows him out. He drives White into the apron, White tries crawling back in the ring but Shingo pulls him back out and sets him on the apron for a DVD but Gedo pulls on Shingo’s boot and White slides off the shoulders. White drives Shingo into the rails and drops him with a DDT on the floor.

Shingo slides back in the ring at fourteen but White pulls him back to the floor and drives him into both the corner of the apron and the rails, flexes and receives a chorus of boos. He sends Shingo back in the ring but the referee refuses the count. White applies a headlock and asks the referee to too sweet him as he drives Shingo to the mat for a two count. He then applies a cravat and drives Shingo back into the mat and stomps at his head. White pie faces Shingo and tells him “come on, Mr. Dragon”. Shingo fires up by landing a series of chops, looks for a lariat but White covers up, lands a boot and drives Shingo down. White goes to hit the ropes but Shingo grabs him by the hair and fires off a double overhand followed by a shoulder tackle, scoop slam, ducks a lariat and catches White in a vertical suplex.

The crowd rally behind Shingo as he picks White up for Noshigami but White fights it off only to be dropped with a DDT for two. Shingo stomps on the head, brings White back up and hits a scoop slam, head to the top but White rolls out of the way. White gets the boot up twice, his third is caught but he still manages to lock Shingo up in a suplex in the corner followed by a Blade Buster for two. A flurry of uppercuts, White hits the ropes, ducks one lariat but can’t a second, ducks a third and drops Shingo with a Saito suplex. Shingo pops back up, hits a lariat followed by a backdrop suplex, rushes in for a Pumping Bomber but gets caught with a flatliner, deadlift suplex, urange and Kiwi Crusher combination for a two count. White sets up for a Sleeper suplex, Shingo fits out and hits a headbutt, punch and lariat combination that grounds White.

The crowd rallies as Shingo brings White to his feet and the two trade forearms until White is again grounded. Shingo brings White up, eats a playful slap from White and lariats him back down. He sets up for a Pumping Bomber but White collapses so Shingo deadlifts him back up into a German suplex and picks him up for a sliding lariat which White catches. White rushes in, gets caught in Noshigami but rolls it through only to get caught back in the hold and eats it. Shingo calls for the Pumping Bomber but Gedo sweeps the leg, he goes for it again but White moves to the corner so Shingo follows him there, hits a lariat followed by a buckle bomb and Pumping Bomber for a two count. White pulls the referee to escapes Last of the Dragon, Gedo rushes in but eats punch. Shingo fights of the Bladerunner and hooks White up into Made in Japan for another two count. the crowd rally as he picks White back up and sets up for Last of the Dragon, White slides out and hits a sleeper suplex, Shingo pops up and eats a second followed by a Bloody Sunday and Bladerunner as White picks up the win.

Jon Moxley (4-0) def. Tetsuya Naito (2-2) @ 16:41 via Death Rider – ****
Naito takes his time disrobing to get under Moxley’s skin. He throws his pants at Moxley’s face and the two start trading forearms. Naito sends Moxley out and fakes out to dive, hitting the LIJ pose. As Moxley rushes back in, Naito rolls to the floor. Naito teases coming back in but decides against it so Moxley lays on his back to invite Naito to back in. Naito comes in, rolls back out, Moxley goes on the chase and Naito rolls back in and he too lays on his back to invite Moxley in. They eventually meet outside where they send each other into the rails and begin brawling into the crowd. Moxley lands a huge chop and sends Naito into the plastic rail that he shoots through and collides into the metal rails.

Moxley hits Naito’s pose on the other side of the rails before sending Naito into the crowd. He brings Naito ringside, drives him into the post and does Naito’s fake out dive followed by the pose. Naito rolls back in but Moxley is there to stand on his face, lands a corner lariat followed by a suplex for a pair of one counts. Moxley looks for a cross-armbreaker but Naito makes it to his feet and stands on Moxley’s face to break the hold. Moxley lands a couple of corner lariats, Naito spits in his face and hits the ropes but gets caught with a urange. Finding chairs under the ring, Moxley wraps one around Naito’s leg and reaches for the second chair but the referee pulls it away from Moxley. Naito takes the chair off his leg, throws it to Moxley who catches it and eats it when Naito flies in with a dropkick.

Staying on the attack, Naito drives Moxley into the post, lands a DDT on a plastic chair, sets Moxley up on the chair and sends him flying off with a single-leg dropkick. Naito sends Moxley back inside, follows him in with a springboard dropkick, does the fake out delayed slingshot dropkick and gets a two count. Moxley fights out of Gloria, Naito spits in his face, he catches Naito and drives him into the corner with forearms. He takes Naito to the top rope and drives him off with a double arm superlex. Naito ducks a PK and catches Moxley in a slingshot DDT for a two count.

A Moxley chant breaks out as the two trade forearms. Moxley hits a headbutt, lands a couple of punches, blocks an enzuigiri, bites Naito and sends him off where he eats a flying forearm. Naito takes Moxley to the top where he hits a frankensteiner, rushes in and gets turned inside out with a lariat followed by a headlock driver and running knee for a two count. Moxley sets up for Death Rider, Naito fights out and bites Moxley who returns the favor, lands forearms but gets caught with a Destino which only gets Naito two. Moxley is able to regroup, lands a double arm DDT for his own two count, fights off a second Destino and finishes Naito with a Death Rider.

Moxley takes the mic and calls Naito loco. He says now is the last chance to jump on the bandwagon and he is going to overcome the obstacles to win the G1 Climax 29.

Without a doubt the strongest show of the tournament date. Unlike yesterday, they were able to engage the crowd with three blow away matches. Everything after the Yano match was great and since the Yano match went under two minutes, no harm there either. The crowd was noticeably distracted like they were yesterday but tonight’s matches were all so undeniable that they managed to hook them in this time. Three matches from one show all sniffing the top ten of the entire tournament can’t be seen as anything other than a success.

All that being said, the wacky booking strikes again. There wasn’t a doubt in anyone’s mind that Naito was going to be Moxley’s first loss. That didn’t happen. Instead, Moxley is still undefeated and continues to sit on top of the block, now with a 5-0 record. If you want Naito to win the tournament, the window is beginning to close. If he were to win out and Moxley were to stumble, there’s a chance but who could have seen this coming? Absolutely insane booking, everything is going against the grain of how the G1 has been laid out over the last decade.

Skip the Yano match but everything else deserves your attention. Ishii and Juice went hard and never let up, Taichi continues his strong and possibly under the radar tournament while Shingo gave White is best match of the G1. Shingo Takagi can absolutely do it all. The guy can be the bully, he can play the underdog, he can brawl, he can wrestle. This is the guy who should be winning the G1. Crazy call in the main event by having Moxley go over on Naito. This has the feeling of a monumental tournament for the future of New Japan and it’s been absolutely unreal to follow.

Recommended Matches
White vs Shingo
Ishii vs Juice
Naito vs Moxley
Cobb vs Taichi

Jon Moxley (5-0)
Tomohiro Ishii (3-2)
Juice Robinson (3-2)
Taichi (2-3)
Tetsuya Naito (2-3)
Hirooki Goto (2-3)
Toru Yano (2-3)
Jay White (2-3)
Shingo Takagi (2-3)
Jeff Cobb (2-3)

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