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NJPW ‘Best of the Super Juniors 26’ (5.29.19) Results & Review



The eleventh night of the Best of the Super Juniors 26 sees the A Block in action in front of 1,363 fans at the Nagoya Congress Center Event Hall. TAKA Michinoku will miss the remainder of the tournament which means Marty Scurll picks up an automatic win today. The story coming into the show is that Taiji Ishimori is the only competitor with a chance to catch Shingo Takagi. Let’s get started!

SHO (3-4) def. Titán (2-5) @ 11:05 via Shock Arrow – **1/2
Titán comes out with a noticeable limp. They shake, lock up and trade wristlocks. SHO takes the head, Titán sends him off but takes a shoulder and is dropped to the mat. He sends SHO to the corner, lands an enziguri followed by a hurricanrana. SHO grabs a hold of Titán from the apron, Titán connects with an enziguri that sends SHO to the floor, hits the ropes but SHO is back in before Titán can hit a dive. Titan tries avoiding SHO with a handstand. SHO kicks the arm out and stays on the attack. Titán catches him running in and dumps SHO over the top followed by a tope con hilo.

Titán brings SHO back inside, lands a springboard crossbody and applies a figure four. SHO gets to the ropes, reverses an Irish whip and puts the brakes on a hurricanrana and drops Titán with a powerbomb. They trade forearms, Titán ducks a lariat and lands a thrust kick followed by an enziguri. They trade corner lariats, Titán connects with a springboard dropkick and stomps SHO into the corner. SHO catches him running in with a lariat, wants a powerbomb but Titán frankensteiners out for a two count and pulls SHO into a cross armbreaker. SHO breaks free, eats a boot but drops Titan in a double wristclutch piledriver and finishes him with Shock Arrow. The two shake after the match.

Taiji Ishimori (6-1) def. Tiger Mask IV (2-5) @ 4:34 via Yes Lock – **3/4
Ishimori goes on the attack before the bell bur Tiger catches him running in with a backbreaker and sets up for a Tiger Driver. Ishimori fights it, Tiger keeps the double underhook and drops Ishimori on his knee followed by a headkick for a two count. He stays on Ishimori, applies an armbar and pulls him up in a Tiger Driver for another two count. Tiger pulls Ishimori into a cross armbreaker and transitions into an armbar. He kicks at Ishimori’s arm, Ishimori hits a knee lift followed by corner knees for a two count of his own. Tiger knees if way free of Bloody Cross, nails Ishimori with a crucifix bomb, Ishimori floats through the pin and wants a handspring back elbow but Tiger catches him. Ishimori frees himself of an armbar, lands a pair of running knees for two and locks in the crossface, pulls Tiger from the ropes and forces the submission.

Shingo Takagi (7-0) def. Jonathan Gresham (4-3) @ 11:12 via Last of the Dragon – ***1/4
Gresham comes to the ring holding his ribs. They knuckle lock, Shingo brings Gresham down but he kicks free. Shingo comes in and shoulders Gresham back down, Gresham runs in for the octopus hold, Shingo puts on the brakes and drops him with a backbreaker. Gresham rolls to the floor, Shingo follows, misses a chop and Gresham rolls back in. Shingo wants the fight outside, Gresham inside. Shingo hits the apron, Gresham dropkicks him off, Shingo sweeps the leg and drops a knee on the chest before delivering a vertical suplex for a two count. Gresham denies an Irish whips, fires off a series of forearms and a kick off the second rope.

Gresham hops on Shingo’s back for a sleeper, gets sent off, attacks the knee an jumps back on. Shingo back drops to break Gresham’s hold, gets taken down and Gresham follows him in the corner with a dropkick. Shingo bails, Gresham follows with a running knee off the apron but Shingo shrugs it off. He sends Gresham back in, Gresham is quick to land a dive before Shingo can make it back in and applies a sleeper on the outside. Gresham keeps the hold locked in until the count of sixteen, runs back in and Shingo follows. Gresham hits a shooting star press to Shingo’s back, comes up holding his ribs and can’t make the pin.

Gresham connects with a running forearm but only gets one, follows with a headkick and second forearm and gets two. Gresham hammers at the arm, applies an octopus hold, Shingo powers him off and drops Gresham with a DVD. Gresham ducks a Pumping Bomber, tries escaping Noshigami but Shingo hooks it in and gets a two count. He follows by a Pumping Bomber for another two, looks for Last of the Dragon, Gresham frankensteiners free and rolls Shingo into a bridging leg clutch for a two count of his own. He blocks a lariat and pulls Shingo into the octopus hold. Shingo powers Gresham up to his shoulders and finishes him with Last of the Dragon.

Dragon Lee (5-2) def. Yoshinobu Kanemaru (2-5) @ 14:01 via Desnucadora – ***1/4
Kanemaru goes on the attack before the bell. Lee fires back with forearms, ducks pair of lariats and sends Kanemaru out with a hurricanrana. He follows Kanemaru out, eats a boot, is driven into the post and thrown into the crowd. Lee makes it back in, Kanemaru takes him to the top and goes after the mask. He pulls Lee into the tree of woe and lands a dropkick before stomping the back. Kanemaru sends Lee to the ropes and throws him up in a backdrop, locks in a Boston Crab but Lee finds the ropes. He boots Lee to the floor and looks for a count out. Lee makes it in a fourteen, Kanemaru is there to follow with a vertical suplex for a two count.

He takes Lee outside for a vertical suplex on the cement, hangs out at ringside and sends a young lion into him just as Lee makes it to his feet. Lee catches the young lion and makes it back in at nineteen, fires back at Kanemaru, sends him out and follows with a tope con hilo. He brings Kanemaru in, lands a dropkick followed by a double underhook backbreaker and running knee for a two count. Lee drives a series of forearms in the corner, looks for a corner dropkick but Kanemaru is back up and hits a running dropkick. He catches Lee with another kick, takes a German, fires back up and lands a satelite DDT. Lee bails to the apron, Kanemaru goes on the chase and drops him with a reverse DDT.

Kanemaru sets up for Deep Impact, eats a knee on his way down and Lee hoists him up for Desnucadora. Taichi comes out from commentary and pulls the referee to the floor. Kanemaru removes Lee’s mask, loads up with whiskey, Lee hits a knee that sends the whiskey spraying upwards. Lee puts his mask back on, charges in with a kick but Kanemaru catches, kicks him low and follows with a moonsault. Taichi sends the referee back in the ring but Lee kicks out at two. Kanemaru comes off the second with Deep Impact, Lee catches him and drops Kanemaru with Denucadora but can’t make the pin. He charges in with a knee, Kanemaru sidesteps and rolls him up for two. Lee fires back quickly with a knee, dropkicks Taichi off the apron and drills Kanemaru with another knee before finishing him with Desnuadora.

Four matches all under fifteen minutes made for an easily digestible show. Titán is noticeably hampered by his knee. He had a fine match with SHO but understandably lacked the intensity. Ishimori and Tiger was all intensity. Ishimori is someone else who’s been banged up but has delivered several nice sprints. Gresham had a nice showcase with Shingo and Lee was able to overcome Suzuki-Gun tactics. Four matches for a combined forty minutes of wrestling makes for a good value. The block comes down to Shingo and Ishimori, winner takes all.

Recommended Matches
Shingo vs Gresham
Lee vs Kanemaru

Shingo Takagi (8-0)
Taiji Ishimori (7-1)
Dragon Lee (6-2) ELIMINATED
Marty Scurll (5-3) ELIMINATED
Jonathan Gresham (4-4) ELIMINATED
Tiger Mask IV (2-6) ELIMINATED
Titán (2-6) ELIMINATED
Yoshinobu Kanemaru (2-6) ELIMINATED
TAKA Michinoku (0-8) ELIMINATED

Along with providing show reviews from across Japan, Robert McCauley is also an editor for WrestlingDesk.