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Mr. McMahon busted open on SmackDown Live (.gif)



For the first time in four-years, Vince McMahon returned to SmackDown. The Chairman closed out tonight’s show to address the ongoing situation between Kevin Owens and his son, current SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon.

After verbally cutting Owens down to size and announcing a match between Shane O’Mac and KO at the upcoming SmackDown Live exclusive Hell in a Cell PPV, Owens proceeded to headbutt McMahon, busting the 72-year-old open.

Owens wouldn’t quit there. A kick to the midsection, a superkick and a frog splash would follow, before Owens finally left the bloodied McMahon in the ring. McMahon was able to leave the ring before being met by his daughter, Stephanie McMahon, who helped her grimacing father to the back.

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