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Money in the Bank 2020: The Good, the Bad and the Weird



Welcome back to the weird world of pandemic world WWE. This is the second no audience PPV and it is going to be just as odd a spectacle as the first. Money in the Bank is known for its chaotic ladder matches and the fact it can be ripe with surprises. This time, there’s the added problem of scaling the corporate ladder of WWE HQ to the roof and both MITB matches will happen at the same time. Plus, there is a whole host of other matches going on at the same time. Let’s get into it shall we?

The Good

Kick-Off Fun

Cesaro was in the kick-off match again so of course it was fun. He bullied Jeff Hardy until Hardy could mount a comeback and win. It was an expected result but it was fun enough to watch and entertaining enough for a kick-off.

The Right Way to Start

Okay, that SmackDown Tag Title opener was great. It was fast, furious and made everyone look great. Both the Lucha House Party and Forgotten Sons got the spotlight that had perhaps avoided them for so long whilst New Day and Miz and Morrison got to continue bathing in the same light they’re used to. This was just fun from bell to bell with everyone bringing it despite there being no fans in attendance. New Day retained but only through will and determination. Forgotten Sons would have no doubt taken it had the ref not sent Jaxon Ryker away. This is how you open a show. Also, why the hell has it taken this long for anyone to realise Lucha House Party are actually good?

The Surprise Contender

I’ll be honest, I was not looking forward to Bayley vs Tamina in the slightest. Tamina is a weird choice for number 1 contender but oddly enough they made it work. She tried to be nice and Bayley dragged out a monster than nearly killed her. Sasha made a save and helped Bayley retain as you’d expect but overall, the match was actually okay. It won’t change the world but it wasn’t awful like I’d have expected it to be so that deserves some credit.

He’s Not the Messiah and He’s not World Champ Either

This match was way too long and featured way too much Seth shit talking but you know what, it was rather good for the most part. Seth got smacked around, Drew looked like a beast and the match flowed well between the duo. It had a lot of drama and yes, I like seeing Seth get beaten up but this only narrowly makes good. It was way too long and needed something more to really make it special but all in all, it was a great first PPV defence for Drew and a potential shot of redemption for Rollins who accepted a handshake after losing. This match won’t be for everyone and I genuinely felt tired at points but overall, it makes the good for Drew’s star power, Joe’s commentary and Seth’s straight up hate-able character.

The Greatest Clusterfuck

Sorry Joey Janela but WWE may have just put on the greatest, most cartoonish clusterfuck of all time. The MITB match was all kinds of kooky and weird and all over the place but I loved it. The camerawork was all over the place, the skits went from funny to cringey and there were some of the weirdest cameos one could have expected. It wasn’t good but it was just stupid enough you couldn’t hate.

We got clowns, Dana Brooke getting the wrong briefcase, Corbin committing two acts of legitimate murder by throwing two guys off the roof to cartoonish sound effects, food fights, Otis beating up a guy in a mobility scooter, AJ Styles having Nam flashbacks over the Boneyard match and so much more. Even Vince made an appearance to make a hand sanitizer joke and scold AJ and Daniel Bryan. That being said it wasn’t without fault. A lot of the time competitors went outright missing, Baszler mysteriously never even made it to the roof. The actual on roof section was barebones with few ladder spots and a little scramble. Asuka won after taking a face full of ladder which I’m all for. I will always support an Asuka win. Otis was the other winner. He caught the briefcase after AJ dropped it and Elias interfered to cost Corbin. This was very out of left field but I appreciate the oddity of Otis winning. It felt on brand for the feel of the PPV.

The Bad


Look okay, who doesn’t like an R-Truth appearance at a PPV where he can be a comedy goof? Still why the hell is R-Truth vs MVP a PPV match here and not a kick-off novelty at best? I couldn’t be any less motivated to watch this one. Both guys are great but this ain’t a match I needed to see. What made it worse, they were both then used as fodder for Bobby Lashley. Well, technically, MVP bailed so Bobby could beat up Truth. Still not that great to be honest. The only positive was R-Truth trying to hype up a non-existent crowd.


I know I’ve been pretty generous throughout the review. Here is where I clarify some points. This was a very meh show. Matches were good because they offered weird or specific things. Overall, though, this was a rather lacklustre show. It had the benefit of being short and to the point but that didn’t disguise the fact that the show was predictable and dull at time. Matches would go too long or be too dry but offer something to make it a bit worthwhile. Those moments don’t disguise that this show felt very awkward at times and at times boring. Looking at the show on the whole it was very meh.

The Weird

The Corporate Ladder

So once again we find ourselves watching a no audience PPV from WWE. This one felt no less weird as it took the MITB concept and added a new twist to it. It was a new experience but I can’t help but comment on just how weird it was. Watching WWE stars fight around WWE HQ as both ladder matches went on at the same time felt like a contrived way to make sure both matches went on and could be done easily. Did it work? Fortunately for WWE, yes. It was a complete and utter mess of the highest calibre played up for laughs and thankfully that is what is winning for WWE in this pandemic struck era of wrestling. We want entertainment and they put it on.

Wyatt Family Drama

Oh, I wanted to like this. I seriously tried to like this but it all fell a bit flat. I never imagined Bray winning. I’ve already seen the Fiend get screwed so I don’t pin my hopes on Wyatt and titles but I knew what they were going for. The rebirth of the Black Sheep, a wound deep in the heart of Wyatt. That should have ruled but the match itself felt wildly different. What should have been a simple murder was dragged out to fill time and offer Bray a shot of hope. We got the expected gotcha moment. I liked the drama; I just wasn’t sold on the presentation. Hence why it gets weird and not bad. It was a unique mix of high drama and competent wrestling. I would have just preferred it to be slightly more one sided in either Braun’s favour or the Fiend’s, not this weird in between.

John is a UK based wrestling obsessive who still wants to believe the Bullet Club is fine. He is always tearing the business apart and first realised wrestling was for him when he saw Mankind fall from the top of the cell at King of the Ring 1998.