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Men’s ‘Money in the Bank’ 2018 Ladder Match Preview



Money in the Bank is back and the men’s match has a long history of giving us great moments both in and after the match. This year could be like that as well except half of the field is there for name value only and has zero chance of winning. The match could still be good but there are only four actual choices. Let’s go over the competitors.

Braun Strowman, Finn Balor, Bobby Roode, and Kevin Owens for Raw. (Insert New Day member here), The Miz, Rusev, and Samoa Joe for Smackdown. Each one could have a good argument to win but I will state here so I don’t repeat myself: no one from Raw will win because Brock Lesnar is champion. There would be exactly zero opportunities to cash in so all of the tension is gone. Then again, maybe a cash in is the only way Brock would lost the title, but I doubt that. I’ll present why they could win but Brock invalidates half this field and that is sad.

Braun Strowman: What argument really needs to be made here? He’s the most over giant-ish superstar since Paul Wight pulled himself through the ring and became The Big Show. He will absolutely wreak havoc over this match. Braun would look comically large carrying the briefcase but there would be no question he could put down anyone who was unfortunately the champion. Unless that person’s Brock since Brock has already beaten Strowman.

Finn Balor: I miss the demon. Fonzi Finn doesn’t do it for me. He’s incredible in the ring and could attack from any angle with the briefcase. The first universal champion hasn’t had the chance to earn it back to my recollection (could be wrong) and the briefcase could be the justification to get that match to happen again. Giving Finn a reason to cut some promos with some passion and some threats would be great for him and may make up for the missing demon, who brought a dark side to Finn’s character that he sorely lack right now.

Bobby Roode: The Glorious One has floated in upper midcard limbo since coming to the main roster. Babyface Bobby is not working. He needs something to make him the cocky heel he really needs to be and having the briefcase could do just that. Bring back the suits and talk about how he’s going to make the title glorious. His entrance being so big could also make for the perfect distraction for a sneak attack cash in.

Kevin Owens: Is there anything he’s not good at? I’ll answer that question: no. He’s the best promo on Raw right now. His matches are nearly always must watch. Kevin Owens can do no wrong. We are a bit removed from the prizefighter persona but that doesn’t mean Kevin Owens couldn’t use a prize. Kevin as Mr. MITB would absolutely make for compelling, don’t fast forward your DVR television. The wildcard that is the relationship with Sami Zayn could also make for some unique mashups leading to a cash in we might have never seen before. Sami could have matches with the champ just to set up the cash in. It would right itself. If only Raw had a title.

(Insert New Day member): The freebird briefcase would be the most unique thing WWE has done with the contract ever. Any of the New Day could conceivably be in and win this match. Kofi could claim experience, having been in more Money in the Bank matches than the rest of the field combined excluding The Miz (I think). Big E is the powerhouse who matches power with everyone in this match except Braun but no one matches Braun. Xavier has finally had the opportunity to show how good he is in the ring and could easily play spoiler to the other guys in the match.

I think Xavier will be the guy in the end. It really doesn’t matter. If one member of the New Day wins, they’re all Mr. MITBs and that will be just pancakes.

The Miz: He’s won the match, successfully cashed in, and had a decent run with the title. The Miz, however, is not the same Miz from back then. He’s so much better it’s insane. He would easily cut promos about how it’s Miz and Mrs. Money in the Bank, how he’ll cash in when he’s ready, and try to play mind games with whoever the champ is. It would just make sense.

Rusev: Happy Rusev Day! Rusev is as over as anyone right now. We want him to win. We want him on top. He’s the easy fan choice and for good reason. We could have the first cash-in song. If Lana won as well, having an actual Mr. and Mrs. Money in the Bank would be refreshing and new. By proxy, Aiden English wins if either of them win because he is central to the hype train. It won’t be like the New Day where he would be co-MITB winner but he will be everywhere and get to make new half song/half raps all over the place.
If this happens, it will be the happiest Rusev Day in the history of Rusev Day.

Samoa Joe: Apparently the chant “Joe is gonna kill you” was less about his opponents and more about every promo he has cut for the last six months. Joe is on absolute fire and this is coming from a guy who hasn’t found him interesting at all any time I’ve seen him. Joe doesn’t need the briefcase to be scary but if he had the briefcase, he would be objectively terrifying. His cash in wouldn’t be sneaky or sly. He’s just as likely to come out, go face to face, cash in, and decimate the champion as he is to appear from hammer space and put them to sleep before cashing in.

My prediction: Samoa Joe. It would make for the most compelling television. His promos and matches would be incredible. He could cash in on any champion and it would make sense.

What about the ladies? Funny you should mention that, you can check out that article right here if you haven’t already.

Alex Mihailoff is a WWE fan who loves a good storyline and overanalyzing the WWE. He doesn’t know everything but will readily give his opinion on anything.