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Mae Young Classic Episode 7: Dream Crushing



Episode Seven: Dream Crushing

Match One: Abbey Laith versus Mercedes Martinez

Abbey has been shocking the WWE Universe the entire tournament, but right at the start Mercedes would bring chops and hard strikes to Abbey. Ever the innovator though, Abbey found a way to incorporate her dance background: a jawbreaker, while doing the splits.

Even though Abbey would hit a very impressive suicide dive and then bring Mercedes back into the ring to nail a German Suplex, Mercedes kicked out. An attempt at her signature move, the Alligator Clutch, would prove to be Abbey’s downfall. Mercedes, as a traveled veteran, has many counters and in this case she rolled through the Alligator Clutch to get into position for the Fisherman Buster.

Unfortunately for Abbey, the dream of being the Mae Young Classic winner would come to an end here. Mercedes is a focused and determined women is winning the Mae Young Classic her destiny after all?

Match Two: Candice LeRae versus Shayna Baszler

This will be quick because this one still hurts. Candice really brought it; if she was going down, she was going down swinging.

With a through the ropes dive, which turned into a DDT on the ramp, Candice Wrestling was looking really good to pull off what some would consider a surprise win, I was not one of those people. For the first time in the MYC, Candice performed the Gargano Escape, this is where Full Sail thought it was Candice’s moment. Shayna wouldn’t tap out, so Candice took the match to the top rope, unfortunately not the best choice.

Instead of Miss LeRae’s Wild Ride, Full Sail got Shayna’s rear naked choke instead. Candice tapped out, but Shayna would not let go after the bell. Johnny Gargano was brought into the ring, but Shayna would still kick at Candice.

Match Three: Toni Storm versus Piper Niven

Match of the tournament. You’d be hard pressed to convince me otherwise. Sitting at Full Sail, this was the match that gave me chills. These two UK wrestlers are absolute stars and deserve every ounce of spotlight they receive from the MYC.

Friendship aside, Piper and Toni held nothing back. This was a hard hitting contest, fast paced, and graceful honestly. Toni and Piper work so well together, Piper may have a bit of a size advantage, but how Toni is that doesn’t really matter.

When you can get a test of strength over with a crowd you are doing something right. You would think Piper had the advantage, but Toni is strong and could hold Piper up, it was amazing.

Both women were really impressive, Piper didn’t give Toni much space. Piper hit Toni with all she could, she started to climb for a splash off the second rope and got caught by Toni with an amazing german suplex. With Piper down, Toni climbed the ropes herself to hit a leg drop for the win.

Match Four: Kairi Sane versus Dakota Kai

This is the first time in the tournament that Dakota had a size advantage over her opponent, although Kairi has been smaller than all of her opponents.

We begin the match in a feeling outs of sorts, both women trying to get strikes and kicks to pick up momentum. Once both competitors figured each other out, it was a great back and forth match.

Through the match you could tell Dakota wasn’t moving quite as fast as she normally does, a knee injury was bothering her. This injury was helpful for Kairi, she had more time to move from kicks and get in better positions for moves. While Dakota was impressive, as she had been the whole tournament, it just wasn’t her match to move on. Kairi took advantage of the missed double stomp to be able to hit her signature elbow drop and move on to the final four!

I'm more awesome than the Miz and like to think I'm a cupcake like Candice LeRae (she's way cooler than I am).British Wrestling stole my heart and I don't think I'll ever get it back. I blame British Strong Style, probably.