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Mae Young Classic Episode 6: Seize the Day



Episode Six: Seize The Day

Match One: Toni Storm versus Lacey Evans

Toni Storm is a rockstar. There’s no one quite like Toni and in this tournament, she shined pretty bright. Lacey Evans is that woman you know is not going to back down, she’s always going to keep pushing.

A lady versus a badass rockstar, is essentially what this match came down too. After the handshake, Lacey was ready to get down to business, but Toni was still taking in the crowd. Lacey could have really taken advantage of that, but much like Jack Gallagher, Lacey has manners.

Both women gave it their all, but Lacey was a bit surprising in this one. She countered Toni’s Hip Attack. She pulled off this amazing combo swinging around the ring post into a leg sweep; people who didn’t give Lacey a chance in this one, were being shown that she doesn’t give in.

Eventually, Lacey tried one move too many and Toni countered into the Strong Zero for the win. Toni would be moving on to face her pal Piper Niven.

Match Two: Mia Yim versus Shayna Baszler

You’ll notice two things with Shayna’s matches: she doesn’t shake hands and Ronda Rousey is at ringside. The MMA 4 Horsewomen becomes a big story throughout this tournament, but let’s talk about the match.

No handshake, so we get right into it. Mia Yim is one you just want good things for. She was prepared for this one and was going to go right for Shayna, which you have to respect. Mia was all over the ring; kicks, strikes, and dives galore. There was no give up in Mia, she followed up her strikes and went for pinfall attempts, a lot. Unfortunately for Mia, she went for a high risk move off the top and got caught in the rear naked choke. Shayna locked in the submission real good and Mia had no choice, but to tap out.

Match Three: Rhea Ripley versus Dakota Kai

Australia versus New Zealand, winner of this would advance to take on Kairi. But these two ladies weren’t intimidated in least.

This match was full of kicks, with a soccer player and captain of #TeamKick, it really should have been expected. Rhea kept control for most of this one, using her height and striking ability to her advantage.

A highlight in this one has to be where Rhea tosses Dakota into the air and leaves her to fall right on her face, a flap jack basically. Rhea played this match smart; any chance she could she would go for a pin attempt. Unfortunately for the 20, Dakota Kai used her experience to mount a kickful comeback. With her speed and a series of kicks, things were looking up for the Kiwi. After getting Rhea in the Tree of Woe, Dakota hit the double stomp from a rather difficult angle, for the win.

Match Four: Candice LeRae versus Nicole Savoy

This was the match that had Full Sail guessing, was Candice LeRae’s dream going to continue or would Nicole Savoy be the one to seize the day? No one was ready for Candice’s dream to end, which is why Full Sail was cheering loud for her every match.

Getting into the match, Nicole was vicious with suplexes, taking Candice to a new kind of Suplex City. A back suplex folded Candice up and looked to put her neck in pain, which later would be a factor when she hit her head on the turnbuckle. Every suplex, Candice was in trouble, but she’s resilient and continued to kick out of pin attempts.

As seemed to be the case in other tournament matches, Nicole made a mistake, she found herself on the top rope, not a place you want to be when facing Candice. To Nicole’s credit she tried to right her wrong, but Candice found her opening for Miss LeRae’s Wild Ride. Candice’s dream was still alive and Full Sail couldn’t have been prouder.

I'm more awesome than the Miz and like to think I'm a cupcake like Candice LeRae (she's way cooler than I am).British Wrestling stole my heart and I don't think I'll ever get it back. I blame British Strong Style, probably.