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Jordynne Grace bodyslams perverts with ‘DM’s of a Female Indy Wrestler’



We would like to acknowledge that Jonathan Gresham (pictured above) is not a pervert in question

It goes without saying that being admired in the public eye is both a gift and a curse; especially when you are a woman in the year 2018. The internet has long provided an easily accessible safe haven for keyboard warriors to say and express anything they wish. Often times, these terrible things are either sexual or violent in nature and are provoked by things as simple as a woman rejecting unwanted advances or reacting accordingly and getting angry after receiving unwanted pictures of male genitalia.

The age of frail masculinity is very much alive, but perverts and weirdos beware… “Thick Mama Pump” is here to put you on blast. In addition to being one of the best workers and prospects on the independent wrestling scene, Jordynne Grace may have just released the most important piece of wrestling merchandise in this age of the business, a short fanzine/book entitled “DM’s of a Female Indy Wrestler”, a 28 page glimpse into the garbage that people regularly direct message to her social media accounts.

While I missed the pre-sale and found the zine was already sold out as I went to order yesterday, I have long followed Grace on every platform and routinely enjoy when she posts trashy DM’s she has received from people. While many things “fans” have said are often simply eye rolling and laughable, it makes me wonder how one can handle such bile with poise. While it comes with the territory of being a public figure, it certainly something I couldn’t fathom having the strength to deal with on a regular basis. The buzz around Grace’s zine seems to be a mixture of shocked and entertained with fans saying that they couldn’t believe the audacity of the people sending the DM’s while simultaneously being entertained by how Grace handles these situations with humor and a few eye rolls of her own.

Her poise in publishing such a work is true testament to her character. Grace has done more here than just publish a quick read to make us laugh. She has found a way to shed light on a real issue that effects more than just public figures (such as pro wrestlers), but a real life issue that could plague just about anyone who has a social media account. With this release Grace exerts her power over senseless internet trolls and screams that this is behavior that no person should tolerate. The pen is truly mightier than the sword, and how ironic that the sword Grace has chosen to let them fall on is a sword that is all their own.

Judging from her retweets and responses to her actual fans (not the pervs and cretins in her DM’s), it seems as if Grace is far from finished with her inbox as she has tweeted out that she hopes to do more zines of the same nature with additional wrestlers; both female and male alike. I haven’t even had but a glimpse of this first zine (just what has been read to me) and I am already clamoring for the next one.

In addition to receiving their “DM’s of a Female Indy Wrestler” zine, many fans were also delighted to receive “thank you” notes, signed pictures and stickers from Grace which makes me wonder why you are still reading this article and not heading over to her store to purchase something. To find out more about Jordynne Grace and her in ring work or to purchase her merchandise, visit her on all of the social media platforms below…Just be smart and stay out of her DM’s if you have anything ignorant to say.

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