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It’s Time to Get Behind Jinder Mahal



This past Tuesday on SD Live, WWE Champion Jinder Mahal lit a new fire in the legacy of his title run, when he issued a mega-sized challenge to his RAW counterpart, Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. And of course, the internet had plenty to say about it.

Here’s the bottom line, there was a time not too long ago, when fans were begging WWE to produce new stars. Big returns from superstars pertaining to previous eras in wrestling were greeted with eye-rolls and petty social media takes, while the good majority of fans were able to consume the product and enjoy it. Obviously, nothing is perfect and there were glitches along the way, but taking a guy like Jinder Mahal, who totally transformed himself for the part, and thrusting him into the main event scene is a guy we should totally root for. And by that, I don’t mean as a fan, but quite simply, as a person.

Jinder’s ascension to the top was only going to work with a lengthy title run that would at minimum, carry him to the end of the year. Whatever global purposes there was to put the belt on him shouldn’t really matter.

This is why I’m lost:

As fans, we despise being told that wrestling is “fake” and is not a sport, but in “real” sports, don’t we always root for the underdog to do something big? That’s Jinder Mahal. When did we all get our director’s wand? Jinder is the guy who came off the bench in the playoffs and hits a home run to win the game. That moment is immortalized, so most of us motion to appreciate it as fans.

Let us not confuse the inner-workings of WWE’s business decisions with someone you would switch places with in a heartbeat, trying to make a living for himself.

As independent star and trainer, Brutal Bob Evans, recently wrote in a Facebook post: “A year ago no one saw Jinder coming, but Jinder did.”

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