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Impact Wrestling’s Don Callis Claims “AEW Screwed AEW” Following Controversial Title Change



IMPACT Wrestling’s Don Callis played a big role in the AEW Dynamite Winter Is Coming the main event, and he has commented on that.

Callis appeared in the main event as Kenny Omega challenged Jon Moxley for the World Title, initially to be part of the commentary team. However, it turned into being much more than that.

After taking a nasty bump on the floor, Callis left the commentary position to check up on his friends, demanding the medical team and the referee called off the match. However, Omega then used the microphone to attack Moxley, drawing blood while the official was distracted, leading to the finish.

The two men then quickly hurried away from the ringside area together before Justin Roberts could even announce Omega as the winner, leading to a lot more questions than answers.

A fan claimed that Callis had screwed AEW on social media, but he quickly responded claiming that AEW has screwed AEW, and we will hear all about it on IMPACT Wrestling. He also thanked Tony Khan for the invite, rubbing the salt in the wounds a little further.