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Impact Wrestling Results (6.14.18)



  • The show opens up with Grado and Katarina coming out for a match but as soon as Grado hits the ring, Eddie Edwards comes out of nowhere and hits Grado with a kendo stick and runs him off. Edwards gets on the mic and starts talking about last week when he almost had Sami Callihan finished but was stopped by Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer hits the ring and tells Edwards that he stopped him cause enough was enough and he didn’t want to see Edwards cause Callihan brain damage. Edwards fires back saying he doesn’t care and that he wanted to kill Callihan. Edwards then says that he’s ignored his wife for a week and Dreamer says that he knows that Edwards has ignored Alisha. Edwards gets angry at the fact that Dreamer has talked to his wife and attacks Dreamer with the kendo stick. 
  • Dreamer runs into Scott D’amore and says he wants something about Edwards and D’amore tells Dreamer he will come up with a plan. 

Match #1: Taya Valkyrie defeats Rebel

Rebel made her return to Impact and had a huge test ahead of her in Taya Valkyrie. Taya spoiled Rebel’s return after hitting her with the Road To Valhalla to get the win. After the match, Taya calls out Madison Rayne and says that things have changed now that she’s the Queen of the Knockouts. 

  • McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Matt Sydal to ask about his X-Division title defense against Brian Cage. Sydal says that he sees through the strength and size of Cage and that he will be on his way to his path of enlightenment after he defeats Cage. 
  • OVE is backstage and Callihan says it’s their time to take over and their first objective is sending Jake Crist to take out Fantasma. 

Match #2: Cult Of Lee defeats KM and Fallah Bahh

KM has been busy helping Bahh change his life around and had high hopes tonight to get a much needed tag team win over Cult Of Lee. Bahh got Eye Raked by Konley which left him blinded. KM went to check on Bahh but by didn’t know it was KM and have him a Samoan Drop thinking it was one of his opponents. Cult Of Lee took advantage and took out Bahh and time went for the pin on KM to get the win. After the match KM pushes Bahh and tells him that he’s done with him. 

  • LAX are in their clubhouse having a drink In honor of being back to their winning ways. King says someone named Peaches has everything on lock down and that he also lined up a Tag Title match for LAX next week. Everyone but King leaves the room and King says that the world is his. 

Match #3: Moose defeats Eli Drake to become the #1 Contender for the Impact World Title

This match was brought to us by House Of Hardcore during their stop in Philly. The match quickly went to the outside and then made its way back into the ring. Eli Drake wanted to back up his claim of being gold and being better than Moose but came up short after failing to hit Moose with the Gravy Train. Moose reversed and  then quickly connects with a Boot to the face and a Spear to put Drake away and will now go on to main event Slammiversary challenging Austin Aries for the Impact World Title. 

Match #4: Tessa Blanchard defeats Kiera Hogan in a No DQ match

For weeks, Tessa Blanchard has been tormenting Kiera Hogan and Hogan was ready to finally end Blanchard tonight. These two brawled all over the place bringing a chair into play to inflict damage on one another. Hogan goes for something to Blanchard into the chair but Blanchard reverses and slams Hogan’s face into the chair and pins her to get the win. 

  • An update on who the mystery person is laying people out and leaving X’s on its victims is given. Still no lead has been made to figure it out. 

Match #5: Fantasma defeats Jake Crist

This was the first step in the plan of Callihan. Unfortunately though, Crist came up short on defeating Fantasma after Fantasma rolled him up to get the win. After the match, Callihan and Dave Crist attack Fantasma and OVE beats him down. They attempt to take Fantasma’s mask off but is stopped by Pentagon Jr. 

Match #6: Matt Sydal (c) defeats Brian Cage via count out to retain his X-Division Title

Since Cage has made his debut he has been ripping through everyone who’s been placed in his path. Matt Sydal was looking past the machine to get on to his road of enlightenment. In the middle of the match, Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong come out and eventually distract Cage by tossing him into the steps causing the count out a victory for Sydal to retain his title. 

  • Before the show ends, Sonjay Dutt catches Petey Williams with an X card in his hand standing over a knocked out Fallah Bahh. Petey pleaded with Dutt that it wasn’t what it looks like but Dutt has Petey arrested anyway. As the cop takes Petey away, he attacks him and then reveals himself as the man behind the attacks. 

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