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Impact Wrestling Recap (7.5.18): The build to Slammiversary continues



Match #1: Fenix defeats Rich Swann

Impact kicked things off with a fantastic bout pitting two of the very best in the world today against one another. Big move after big move, these two put on a cruiserweight clinic. Fenix got the win after hitting Swann with a Modified Spinning Muscle Buster.

After the match, the Crist Brothers attack Fenix and then Sami Callihan disguised as Pentagon Jr joins them. OVE goes to take off Fenix’s mask but is stopped by Rich Swann. OVE takes out Swann and then goes back to Fenix but Pentagon Jr runs down to make the save. 

  • Next KM is backstage apologizing to Fallah Bahh and says that he deserved the beating he took from Scott Steiner and that he’s not giving up on Bahh. 
  • Next Alicia Atout is backstage with Madison Rayne and Allie asking them how they feel about their upcoming tag match against Su Yung and one of her undead brides. Rayne says she’s never faced anyone like Su but she feels safe facing her with Allie. Allie says that Rosemary told her to not let the darkness consume her but she did anyway, and says that she doesn’t regret and says that Su thinks that she killed her but she didn’t, she brought another side of her to life. 

Match #2: Killer Kross defeats Fallah Bahh

Killer Kross laid out Bahh a couple of weeks ago and now Bahh is seeking revenge. Bahh fell very short after Kross chokes Bahh out and leaves the ref no choice but to stop the match. Kross goes to attack Bahh but KM stops him only to get choked out by Kross. Petey Williams runs down with a chair and hits Kross with it but it fails and then throws it at Kross and Kross leaves the ring. 

  • Next Alicia Atout is backstage with Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong. Jacobs runs down all the big men that Kong has taken out and then says that Cage is no match for Kong. 
  • Next the Desi Hit Squad are backstage planning what to do next to win the Impact Tag Team Titles. 

Match #3: Madison Rayne and Allie defeat Su Yung and her Undead Maid Of Honor

Allie and Madison Rayne both have it out for Su and tonight, they got their chance to take out not only Su, but a member of her Undead Army. In the middle of the match, the ref takes a toe to the eye and is distracted long enough for Tessa Blanchard to run down and attack Rayne. Rayne and Allie take Blanchard out of the ring and Rayne hits a he Maid Of Honor with the Cross-Rayne to get the win for her team. 

  • Next LAX and King are in the club house talking about Konnan saying he’s got proof that King was behind the attack. King talks about loyalty and reminds them of all the things he’s done for them and says he never meant to take Konnan’s spot. And then says they are going to join Konnan in the ring. 
  • Next Desi Hit Squad are training for their next steps. 
  • Next OVE sends a message to Pentagon about coming out tonight to save Fenix and Swann and says that next week they challenge Pentagon, Fenix, and Swann to a six man tag. 
  • Next a special look at Austin Aries and his journey to becoming a world champion. 
  • Next Konnan is on the phone with someone saying that night he will expose King for the fraud that he is and that after he does it to let the war games begin. 
  • Next a bloody Tommy Dreamer speaks out about Eddie Edwards and says that Edwards may have an obsession with Callihan but that he now has an obsession with Edwards. Then Edwards vs Dreamer in a House Of Hardcore match got announced got Slammiversary. 

Match #4: Katarina defeats Rebel

Katarina made her in ring return to Impact tonight and looked better than ever against Rebel. Katarina hits Rebel with a Back Breaker Variation to get the win and then celebrates with her boyfriend Grado after the match. 

  • Next Grado and Katarina are because and Katarina says she has a gift for Grado and Joe Hendry walks up singing to a Grado and Grado is overly excited about seeing his friend. 

Match #5: Brian Cage defeats Kongo Kong

For weeks, Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong have been targeting Cage and claiming that Cage will be the next victim. These two brawled all over but Kong seemed to have Cage’s number. Cage didn’t let that happen after hitting Kong with an F-5 to get the win. 

  • Next, Konnan is out to expose King. Konnan says he’s not even mad that King was behind the attacks, he’s mad cause the little kid that he brought in would turn his back on him. King admits that it was him and says cause Konnan’s time is up. Konnan says that King didn’t get the job done as Santana and Ortiz aides with Konnan but King questions that as Homicide and Hernandez attacks LAX and stands tall as the show ends. 

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