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Impact Wrestling Recap (7.12.18): oVe vs. Swann, Pentagon and Fenix



Match #1:  The OGz (Homicide and Hernandez) defeat two unnamed locals 

It’s been a while since Homicide and Hernandez have been in an Impact ring together. The original LAX laid waste to two young boys in seconds looking as dominant as ever. 

  • After the match, King cuts a promo on Konnan and says he took Konnan out cause he got tired of waiting and says he stayed two steps ahead of Konnan bringing in Homicide and Hernandez. King then says Konnan didn’t even bother calling Hernandez up when he made the new LAX and left Homicide to the curve for two young boys. King then says they don’t care about the Tag Team Titles they only care about taking out LAX and Konnan. King lays out a challenge to Konnan and LAX in a 5150 Street Fight at Slammiversary. 
  • Alicia Atout is backstage with Shotzi Blackheart asking her about her match tonight against Allie. Shotzi says she’s going to prove why she’s the ballsy badass after she beats Allie tonight. 
  • OVE are backstage says that Pentagon, Fenix, and Swann are screwed in their Six Man Tag tonight cause no one is better than OVE when it comes to a Six Man Tag. 

Match #2: Allie defeats Shotzi Blackheart

Huge debut here for Shotzi Blackheart. Shotzi has been making her name known all over the world and tonight got the chance to score a win over Allie. Shotzi gave the former Knockouts Champion a run for her money by Allie overcame Shotzi after hitting her with a Code Breaker to get the win. 

  • After the match, Tessa Blanchard attacked Allie and left he laying after a Hammerlock DDT.
  • Next, Grado runs into Eli Drake backstage and freaks out on him and introduces Drake to Katarina and Joe Hendry. Drake cuts Hendry off and starts flirting with Katarin and Grado gets angry and tells Drake he better watch out trying to steal his girlfriend. 
  • Tessa Blanchard is backstage saying she attacked Allie for getting in her way when she was trying to run through the roster and trying to capture the Knockouts Title. 
  • Austin Aries is backstage next and says he’s been hearing Moose is off training somewhere getting ready for their match and says Moose is trying to block out all the noise. Aries then says he can’t wait to hear the update DeAngelo Williams has on Moose. 
  • Josh Matthews is in the ring with DeAngelo Williams to give an update on Moose. Matthews asks Williams what he’s been doing since his last match at impact and Williams says he hasn’t been doing much but has been training a lot with Moose and then says that he’s think Aries is trash. Footage is shown of Moose’s training. Aries interrupts and comes down to the ring. Aries runs down Williams and says he’s amounted to nothing just like Moose and then Aries tells Williams to relay a message to Moose and then attacks Williams. Aries goes to hit Williams with a chair but Williams kicks Aries and then grabs the chair to go after Aries but Aries low blows Williams and then hits him in the back with the chair.  
  • Next, KM is backstage with Bahh asking him if he’s earned his trust back and Bahh says yes. Desi Hit Squad interrupts and starts talking trash and KM fires back.  

Match #3: Eli Drake defeats Grado

Grado told Drake earlier into not that he better not talk to his girlfriend and it resulted into this match. Grado failed to avenge his girlfriend after Drake hits him with the Gravy Train to get the win. 

  • After the match, Drake flirts with Katarina again but Joe Hendry gets in the middle. Drake then tells Grado that he thinks there is something going on between Katarina and Hendry. 
  • Alicia Atout is backstage with Matt Sydal and asks him about his title defense against Brian Cage at Slammiversary. Sydal says size doesn’t matter cause he’s been beating bigger guys all of his career cause of his 3rd eye being opened and that he will walk out still the champion. 
  • Next, Moose sends a response to what Aries did to Williams and Moose says next week he’s coming to the Impact zone to avenge Williams. 
  • Alicia Atout is backstage again, this time with Madison Rayne interviewing Rayne about her return to impact and her upcoming title match against Su Yung at Slammiversary. Rayne gets interrupted by Su Yung’s mind games and Rayne goes looking for Su. Rayne comes back to the interview but finds nothing but a blood sheet with a message written on it. Rayne turns around and sees someone walking into the room next to her.  

Match #4: OVE defeats Pentagon Jr, Fenix, and Rich Swann

This match was nothing short of exciting. Big move after big move. The Lucha Bros and Rich Swann had enough of OVE from last week and looked to get some revenged on them here. OVE overcame however after Callihan hits Swann with the Get Outta Here to get a huge win and gaining the momentum going into his hair vs mask match with Pentagon. 

  • The show ends with Rayne following the person she saw going into the room next to her. Rayne finds a door and opens it and leads to the woods where Su Yung’s undead army is awaiting Rayne and tells her that her time has come. Rayne gets cornered but they all flee and then Rayne turns around to find Su Yung behind he saying that her time has come and Su knocks out Rayne. 

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