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Impact Wrestling Recap (5.10.18): Pentagon Jr. vs. Eli Drake for the Impact World Title



  • At the top of the program, Josh Matthews breaks the news that Don Callis will not be on the program and goes over the attack to Callis by Sami Callihan. Video footage shows Callihan telling Callis he’s coming for him for stopping him from ending Edwards in New Orleans. Footage is then shown of the attack from Callihan to Callis. Don Callis was at Destiny Wrestling to accept the comeback of the year award from Anthony Carelli when Callihan attacks him and leaves him bloodied and beaten. Matthews then tells us that Impact management are in an ongoing meeting to discus Callihan future in Impact and will update us later. 

Match #1: Z&E ( DJZ and Andrew Everett) defeats LAX

LAX is still without their leader that no one seems to know what happened to. Z&E are hot off a victory in a 6 man tag last week and won’t to rise through the rankings by beating the former champions.

LAX had DJZ set up for Street Sweeper but Z reverse it into a roll up to grab the win for his team. 

  • Grado is backstage with Joseph Park getting ready for his match. Park asks Grado about his girlfriend Katarina as she appears and Park questions how Grado got her. 
  • Austin Aries is back stage wishing Eli Drake good luck in his match tonight against Pentagon Jr. 

Match #2: Grado defeats Rohit Raju

This was Grado’s first match back with his girlfriend Katarina at ringside with him. Raju had control early on but Grado managed to fight back and get the momentum on his side. Grado hits Raju with a Cannon Ball to get the win 

  • Joseph Park is found backstage laid out with an X on his chest. 
  • Next is a special look at Tessa Blanchard. 
  • McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Eli Drake and Scott Steiner. Drake talks about cashing in his world title case and says being known as the number 1 man is the most important thing to him. Drake then tells Steiner he doesn’t need any help tonight. 

Match #3: Fantasma defeats Drago, Aerostar, and Taji Ishimori to become #1 contender for the X-Division Title

Similar to the Lucha rules 6-man tag last week, this match was tons of fun to watch. Big move after big move. These four men were proving they belonged in Impact.

Fantasma gets the win after hitting Aerostar with the Thrill Of The Kill to get the win and become #1 contender for the X-Division Title. 

  • Eddie Edwards made his way to the meeting about Callihan. They tell Edwards they decided to fire Callihan but Edwards says no that he didn’t ask for them to throw in the towel that he almost lost his eye and career for impact. Impact tells Edwards they won’t fire Callihan but tells Edwards if he wants Callihan he has to do it somewhere else. 

Match #4: Moose defeats Kongo Kong by DQ

Mr. Impact versus the Monster of Impact. This match brought to us by House Of Hardcore. Kong controlled most of this match proving how much of a monster he is. Moose finally gets the ball in his court but Jimmy Jacobs runs in and hits Moose with a chair causing the DQ. 

  • A video is shown of Fallah Bahh being coach by KM in different workouts to get into shape.

Match #5: Brian Cage defeats Takashi Sugiura

This match was brought to us be Pro Wrestling Noah from Japan. Cage has been on a world tour wrestling the best the world has to offer so when he comes back to Impact he will still be undefeated just like he said he would. Sugiura put up a tough fight against Cage but it wasn’t enough. Cage hits the Drill Claw on Sugiura to get the win.

  • Next, a vignette of Allie is shown standing in front of a mirror reflecting on what Su Yung did to Rosemary. Allie goes to leave the room and opens the door to find a creepy doll by the door with a note pinned to it. 

Match #6: Pentagon Jr (c) defeats Eli Drake to retain the Impact World Title

Eli Drake earned this shot by beating Moose to win the world title Feast or Fired briefcase and all he’s wanted for weeks is to become the World Champion once again. Eli Drake gave his all but Pentagon stayed dominant throughout, putting Drake away with the Pentagon Driver to retain his title.

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