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Impact Wrestling Recap (3.29.18): Aries vs. Sydal, Cage vs. Lashley



  • The show opens up with Austin Aries making his way into the building and is stopped by Matt Sydal and Josh Matthews. Sydal talks to Aries about to X-Division Championship and how Aries gave it away for a World Championship Short. Aries decides he wants to give Sydal a World Championship shot but the Grand Championship must also be on the line and Sydal agrees. 

Match #1: Petey Williams defeats Suicide, Rohit Raju, and Taiji Ishimori

This was a fun match. Petey Williams won a X-Division title shot in the feast or fired match and was looking to keep his roll going. Williams hits Suicide with the Canadian Destroyer to get the win. After the match he declares he’s cashing in his title shot at Redemption. 

  • McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Eli Drake. Drake says he’s disappointed pulled down the Tag Title shot briefcase cause he wants the World Championship back. But then says he don’t want a partner but then he says he just had an idea and walks away. 

Match #2: Su Yung defeats Amber Nova

This was a showcase for Su Yung. She quickly defeats Nova with the Panic Switch and cements herself as a serious threat to Allie’s Knockouts Championship. 

  • McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Johnny Impact. Impact says he came here to become champion and says that everyone wants the same thing. He is interrupted by Jimmy Jacobs and tells Impact he doesn’t know what he wants. Impact then says that Jacobs must be looking for a match. Segment ends with Jacobs telling Impact that Kongo Kong says hi and Impact says to tell him hello. 
  • Taya Valkyrie is backstage talking about how she beat Rosemary. Rosemary is stalking Taya from top of the production trailers and throws a trash can at her. The two brawl in the back and is then broken up by impact officials. 

Match #3: KM defeats Fallah Bahh

This match wasn’t much. This match was brought to us from WrestlePro out of Brooklyn. Bahh attempts a Bonzai Drop to KM but KM moves and then pins Bahh with his feet on the ropes to steal the victory. 

Match #4: Brian Cage defeats Lashley

This was a good match. Cage has been on a tear since his debut and has been making his name as impacts new destroyer but before he can cement his name as that he has to get through Lashley. After a hard-hitting match Cage nails Lashley with a Discus Lariat to get the win. 

  • Allie finds Gail Kim backstage to ask her advice about what to about Braxton Sutter and Su Yung and Gail tells Allie to stand up to Su. 
  • Eli Drake finds Moose backstage and is trying to talk him into trading cases. Moose makes a deal with Drake to have a match next week putting their cases on the line. 
  • Eddie Edwards is at a show in Ohio looking for Sami Callihan. Edward interrupts OVE and attack’s then with a  kendo stick. Callihan then comes out but Edwards gets the upper hand on him. The first brothers then attack Edwards and holds him up for Callihan to hit with a bat. Edwards fights out and attacks Callihan but OVE gets the upper hand again. Callihan then hits Edwards with the bat. 

Match #5: Austin Aries (c) defeats Matt Sydal (c) to win the Grand Championship and to retain the Impact Global Championship

This was a good match. Aries was looking to add another title to his collection and he wanted a title he’s never held before, the Impact Grand Championship. Matt Sydal tried his best to keep the Grand Championship In the hands of his Spiritual Adviser but failed to do so after Aries hits Sydal with a Brainbuster to win the match.  

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