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Impact Wrestling Recap (3.1.18): Callihan vs. Edwards, Rosemary vs. Hania



Impact Wrestling Recap


Match #1: Tyrus defeats EC3

This match wasn’t much. Last week EC3 double crossed Tyrus which led to the end of their friendship. Tyrus was all about getting revenge on his former best friend. After all of the shenanigans EC3 tried he wasn’t able to put down Tyrus. Tyrus gets the win with the Tongan Death Grip. 

  • Joseph Park is backstage on the phone with his Grandmaw and he tells her he refuses to bring back Abyss. 
  • Sami Callihan is shown piecing together a picture of Eddie Edwards and has a ball bat in his hand. 

Match #2: El Hijo Del Fantasma defeats Braxton Sutter

This match was fine. Braxton Sutter has been away for a while and looked to get back on track with a win here. Fantasma wins after hitting Sutter with The Thrill Of The Hunt. 

  • After the match Sutter gets on the mic and says he’s not out here with Allie because Allie ruins lives. Then he goes on to say that management doesn’t care about him. Brian Cage interrupts and destroys Sutter with the Drill Claw. 
  • McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Matt Sydal. Sydal is interrupted quickly by Ishimori handing him a  scroll. Sydal makes Mitchell read it and it says that Ishimori wants Sydal to put his Grand Championship on the line next week so he can go back to Japan a double champion and tell everyone that Sydal is a choke artist and then calls Sydal a deuce bag.  

Match #3: Kongo Kong defeats Jospeh Park

This match wasn’t much. Park refuses to bring Abyss out and decides to take one Kongo his self. Kong gets the win with a Big Splash. After the match Jimmy Jacobs says he’s only going to ask one more time for Abyss as Kong chokes Park with a scarf. Jacobs then says they are just getting started. 

  • Cult Of Lee is backstage hosting a party celebrating early that they will beat LAX and win the Championships. The Mumbai Cats show up and COL apologizes to them for attacking them last week. Konnan shows up and talks trash to COL. COL start to get in Konnan’s face until Santana and Ortiz are revealed as the Mumbai Cats and attacks COL and then dunk their heads into a swimming pool.
  • Alberto El Patron is backstage and says that Aries stole the spot that belongs to him. 

Match #4: Rosemary defeats Hania

This match was fine. Rosemary was looking to put an end to Hania here. Rosemary does exactly what she sets out to do after hitting Hania with the Red Wedding to get the win. Rosemary gets on the mic and says she wants the Knockouts Championship back. Taya Valkyrie makes her return and renews her rivalry with Rosemary. Taya gets the mic and provokes Rosemary and then attacks Rosemary and gives Rosemary a Road to Valhalla on the ramp. 

  • Next is Laurel Van Ness’s commitment ceremony for her and the Knockouts Championship. KM is out with the Championship to minister the wedding. Laurel gets KM to the objection part of the wedding. Braxton Sutter comes out and says that he realized he still loves Laurel after that Drill Claw by Cage and proposes to her. Laurel says no. Laurel then makes KM ask if anyone has any objections again in hopes of reeling Allie out. Allie sneaks up behind Laurel and attacks her setting her sights on the Knockouts Championship. 

Match: #5 Eddie Edwards defeats Sami Callihan

This is was a good match. Eddie Edwards came to the rescue of Lashley as he was taking a beat down from OVE and the two decided to team up against OVE. Tonight it was just Eddie and Callihan and Eddie looked to avenge Lashley. Callihan went to roll Eddie up but Eddie falls on Callihan and gets the pin fall victory. After the match Sami attacks Eddie. Lashley tries to come to his rescue but is stopped by The Crist Brothers. Callihan sits a chair on top of Eddie and then smashes the chair with a baseball bat.

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