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Impact Wrestling Recap (12.14.17): New Knockouts Champion Crowned



  • The show opens up with pre-tapes of Laurel Van Ness and Rosemary preparing for their Knockouts Championship match tonight

Match #1: Allie defeats Sienna, KC Spinelli and Madison Rayne 

This was a great opening match. These four women all came up short in the Knockouts Championship tournament but had a chance to get back into the running here. Sienna had Rayne set up for the AK-47 but Allie sneaks in from behind and rolls Sienna up for a pin fall to get the win. 

Match #2: Taiji Ihsimori and Dezmond Xavier defeat Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley 

This match was fine. Ishimori rolls up Lee to get the win. A pin over the X-Division Champion will definitely put Ishimori in a spot to get a title shot. 

  • American Top Team, James Storm and Moose are shown making their way to the ring. Jeremy Borash notes that Lambert gave Lashley the night off. 
  • Johnny Impact, Petey Williams, and Alberto El Patron are backstage talking about their six-man tag against Eli Drake, Chris Adonis and a mystery partner. 
  • Eli Drake and Chris Adonis are backstage talking to Jimmy Jacobs. 

Match #3: Alberto El Patron, Petey Williams and Johnny Impact defeat Eli Drake, Chris Adonis and Kongo Kong

This was a pretty good match. Jimmy Jacobs came out but revealed that he wouldn’t be Drake’s and Adonis partner but reveals that their partner will be Kongo Kong. At one point in the match El Patron delivers a Back Stabber to Impact. Later in the match, Kongo Kong power bombs Williams into the crowd and then carries Williams off to the back. Back in the ring Impact hits Patron off the apron and then hits Drake with a Star Ship Pain. Impact goes for the pin but Patron pulls Impact out of the ring and DDT’s Impact on the Impact. Patron hits Drake with a Splash from the top rope to get the win. 

  • Joseph and Chandler Park are backstage. Chandler tells Joseph that in the new year he wants to be a pro wrestler and tells Joseph that parks are fighters. 
  • Moose and James Storm come out and call out Lambert and Lashley. Moose says that Lashley fears him. Lambert then mouths off to James Storm and Storm challenges him to a match. Lambert tells Storm that Storm must put his career on the line. Storm agrees. Lashley attacks Moose and they roll to the outside. Lambert tells Storm the match will be no holds barred. KM runs in to attack Storm but Storm nails him with a Last Call Super Kick. 

Match #4: Laurel Van Ness defeats Rosemary to become the new Knockouts Champion

This was a great match. Both women defeated 2 other women each to get to this match. Rosemary is on the top rope and spits Green Mist at Van Ness but Van Ness sucks it and the mist gets all over her hands. Van Ness then rubs the mist all over Rosemary’s eyes and then hits Rosemary with a Unprettier from the top turnbuckle to pick up the win and becomes the new Knockouts Champion. 

  • Sami Callihan and Konnan are out side at a park to talk business. Konnan asks for another shot at the Tag Team Titles but Callihan tells only if he puts LAX on the line if LAX loses. They shake hands and then Callihan throws a fireball in the face of Konnan. 

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