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Impact Wrestling Recap (10.19.17): Rosemary vs. Taya Valkyrie



The show starts off with a pre-tape of Moose And Stephen Bonnar walking into the arena with a wagon full of American Top Team’s Championship belts that they stole last week. 

Match #1: Johnny Impact defeats Chris Adonis

This was a decent match. Impact has his shot against Eli Drake at Bound For Glory but first he’s got to get past Chris Adonis. Impact picks up the win after hitting the Impact Elbow on Adonis. After the match Eli Drake runs in to attack Impact but Impact had him scouted and attacks Drake. Adonis attacks Impact but Impact prevails and fights Adonis off and takes down Drake, taking Drakes belt off of him and beating him with it. Adonis attacks Impact and then him and Drake beats down on Impact until Garza Jr runs in for the save. 

Match #2: Texano Jr defeats Eddie Edwards, James Storm, EC3, and El Hijo Del Fantasma 

This was a fun match. This match took place from the Hard Rock in Cancun during Impact’s trip to Mexico doing shows with AAA. Fantasma hits EC3 with a modified Pile Driver but after is distracted by Texano trying to talk Storm into attacking Fantasma’s father who was siting ringside. Fantasma goes to attend to Storm while Texano slides into the ring to pin EC3 to pick up the win. 

• A pre-tape is shown of OVE in Tijuana going to a Crash show to have a talk with Konnan. A messenger interrupts Konnan to tell him OVE wants to speak to him and Konnan tells the messenger to tell OVE if they successfully defend their belts at the show then they can talk to him. 

• EC3, James Storm, and Eddie Edwards are seen backstage arguing about their match from earlier in the night from Cancun. 

• Dan Lambert is in Jim Corentte’s office yelling at him about Moose and Bonnar stealing from American Top Team. 

Match #3: Dezmond Xavier defeats Andrew Everett 

This was a good match. Dezmond Xavier has had his eyes set on the X-Division Title since winning the X World Cup. He gets one step closer to getting a shot at the title after hitting Everett with a Pele Kick to secure the victory. 

• A video package is shown of Trevor Lee’s title defense in Tijuana for Crash. 

• A pre-tape is shown of OVE backstage at the Crash show looking for Konnan but is stopped by a security guard telling them that if they want 5 minutes with Konnan they have to defend the titles at the show.

• Moose and Bonnar are backstage looking through the stuff they stole from American Top Team. 

• A video package is shown highlighting Grado’s journey since being represented by Joesph Parks sports management agency.  

• Grado comes down to ring to call out Jospeh Park for using him just to get all the fame and fortune and Park admits to it. Grado wants Park to handover his work visa to him but Park says he will but with one condition, Grado has to wrestle Abyss for it in a Monsters Ball match at Bound For Glory. 

• A video package is shown highlighting the issues between American Top Team and Moose. 

• Grado is shown running to his car freaking out about his match with Abyss. Grado is searching through the radio for some turns to calm him until he comes across Abyss’s music and then James Mitchell appears In the car with him and scares Grado away. 

Match #4: OVE defeats Black Diamond and Black Danger 

This was a good match. This match also took place at The Crash show in Tijuana. OVE earned their 5 minutes with Konnan after hitting Black Danger with a Tombstone+Top Rope Foot Stomp combo to get the win. 

Jeremy Borash is in the ring next but is interrupted by American Top Team. Dan Lambert gets on the mic and cuts a really good promo about how being a die-hard pro wrestling fan is what lead him to being the leader of American Top Team and shows off legendary championship belts that some of the all time greats have held that he has in his collection. Lambert ends with saying Bound For Glory will be the end of Impact. Moose and Bonnar come down but is quickly assaulted by Lashley. A huge brawl breaks out as Impact officials and talent run down but gets fought off by American Top Team. 

• A pre-tape is shown of OVE getting their 5 minutes with Konnan. After talking with Konnan, Konnan calls for some of the Crash talent to surround them and attacks OVE. 

Main Event: Taya Valkyrie defeats Rosemary

This was a really good match. Taya picks up the victory after hitting Rosemary with a Northern Lights Suplex followed by Standing Double Foot Stomp. After the match Taya goes for the Road To Valhalla on Rosemary but Rosemary responds quick spitting red mist into Taya’s face. The show ends with Rosemary challenging Taya to a match at Bound For Glory. 

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