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Impact Wrestling Recap (1.18.18): Rosemary vs. Spinelli, Drake vs. El Patron vs. Impact in Detroit



For a full recap of IMPACTonTwitch’s Barbed Wire Massacre 3 match between oVe and LAX—click through this link.

Match #1: Taji Ishimori (c) defeats Dezmond Xavier to retain the X-Division Championship

This was a great way to open the show. These two men brought out the best in one another putting on a great match. At one point in the match, Xavier hit Ishimori with a dive to outside dumping Ishimori over the guard rail, and Xavier followed up with clearing the turnbuckle and the guard rail with a Swanton onto Ishimori. Xavier’s momentum would run out after Ishimori hit Xavier with a 450 to get the win and to retain his X-Division championship.

  • An in depth look at the history between LAX and OVE leading up to their Barbed Wire Mayhem match is shown. Barbed Wire Mayhem will be aired on Twitch after Impact goes off the air.  
  • Next Allie is backstage with McKenzie Mitchell and she says that next weeks she’s taking the Knockouts Championship from Laurel Van Ness 

Match #2: Kongo Kong defeats Chandler Park 

There wasn’t much to this match. The inexperienced Chandler Park didn’t stand a chance again the Monster Kongo Kong. Kong defeats Park with the Rikishi Driver. 

Match #3: Eli Drake (c) vs Johnny Impact vs Alberto El Patron ends in a contest 

This match was brought to us by Border City Wrestling out Detroit. This match was fine. This match was thrown out after Eli Drake takes out not one but two referees causing the 3 men to brawl forcing the locker room to empty bout to break things up. 

Match #4: Rosemary defeats KC Spinelli

This was a good match. KC Spinelli has looked great in every match she’s been in since joining Impact but has yet to pick up a win. Rosemary picks up the win after hitting KC with the Red Wedding. After the match Rosemary gets on the mic and says that she will get that Knockouts Championship back. Hania makes her impact debut attacking Rosemary from behind and beating her down all over the arena. 

  • One last look at OVE vs LAX is shown heading into Barbed Wire Massacre. Head over to Twitch to see the match. 
  • A video package is shown highlighting next weeks Genesis.  

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