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ICW Fight Club Episodes 93 & 94 Reviewed



Thanks to a lot of painting and decorating, I have been a little delayed with my Scottish Wrestling content. Before the rebranding of ICW Fight Club later this week, we now have 2 episodes to rundown. Now get ready for this exciting double bill of insane action.

Episode 93

ICW World Heavyweight Championship Number One Contenders Match – Chris Renfrew vs. DCT

We had a couple of intense backstage promos from both men to start this episode of Fight Club, and then we went straight into our opening contest.

With such high stakes, both contenders really stepped up their aggression. The match was incredibly physical, with stiff strikes and chair shots that were hard to watch. DCT took the majority of the punishment, but somehow managed to kick out of everything Renfrew threw at him. After taking over 10 chair shots and refusing to stay down, DCT finally hit a multitude of knees to the face of Chris and became the number one contender.

This was a real star making performance from DCT. From one match he went from the crowd pleasing midcarder, to a legitimate main eventer!

Backstage we had interviews with both The Filthy Generation and The Rudo Brand. Due to their altercation last week, we now have the Kings of Catch vs Bram & Iestyn confirmed for the next Fight Club tapings.

We also heard from Kid Fite after last week’s surprising attack on Ravie Davie. His reasoning for the attack centered on the fact that Davie (despite being a rookie) is featured on ICW’s posters while he is not. Davie then appeared to confront Fite, and was quickly disposed of by being thrown into a bar. Although a fairly pedestrian reason to be feuding, these two are a fresh matchup to enjoy while we are waiting for James Storm to return.

ICW Zero G Championship Match – Matt Cross vs. Mark Coffey (c)

I have been enjoying ICW more than ever for the last few months. Because of this I’ve been incredibly positive about the product in my reviews. Unfortunately this changes now.

I did not enjoy these two wrestling at all. This match was incredibly stilted, with little flow or storytelling. Thankfully (for me and the dead crowd) this was a short match, and Coffey retained his title with his finishing uppercut.

Following the match Mark took to the mic, and called out his brother for trying to steal the spotlight after his victory at Barramania. Joe came out to respond, and told us he was here for a fresh challenge and to raise the Zero G division. We also got the big reveal that Joe has signed again with The Rudo Brand (which is looking like an immensely powerful faction now) and brought out Red Lightning and a contract. At night 2 of Shugs we will have the battle of the brothers.

This segment was great, with real tension between the brothers. Red stayed in the ring (after a patronising slap from Mark) to introduce another of his brand’s talents – Kenny Williams.

Kenny Williams vs. Andy Wild

Our main event was thankfully worlds apart from the previous contest. Kenny spent the match methodically weakening Andy’s leg, attacking with a much more vicious style than we’re used to seeing from him. Despite the punishment, Andy was not going to go down easily. To finish the job, Kenny needed Red to distract everybody while he removed the turnbuckle pad and lured Andy into kneeing it. One Quiffbuster later and “The Bollocks” got his first victory for The Rudo Brand.

Following the march, it was time for some chaos. Kenny continued to attack (and threatened to break) the leg of The Wildman. This brought Aaron Echo out to confront him, which was thwarted by Bram & Iestyn ambushing him from the rear. Kenny taunted his former best friend, saying he chose Rudo & 205 live over mediocrity. Wolfgang finally emerged to (again) restore order and scare off an evil faction. Andy didn’t realise his good intentions however, and by shoving him built some tension between the two veterans.

So many combinations of potential rivals came from this short segment, and I personally was left intrigued for future confrontations.

Despite a few misfires, this was still a good episode of Fight Club. DCT stole the show, Kenny proved he was right to turn on his friends and fans, and the Coffeys are building to an exciting confrontation. Let’s just hope I never have to watch Matt Cross & Mark Coffey wrestle again.


Episode 94

ICW Tag Team Championship Match – The Marauders vs. The Kinky Party (c)

Bird & Boar have returned to ICW. The Welshmen have been sorely missed since losing their titles. Bird cut a great promo backstage while Boar did some of his patented grunting.

As is so often the case with The Kinky Party, this was more of a street fight than a wrestling match. The merch table, bar and seating area all played host to the action. Upon arriving back in the ring, a steel chair was used to trap Sha’s leg and (after Jack tried valiantly to save him) was viciously crushed by a Wild Boar Senton.

Amongst the brutality, was the surprise appearance of Bram & Iestyn. We soon discovered who big Iestyn’s loyalties belonged to as he mercilessly attacked his former Marauder team mates. The Rudo pair began to systematically destroy all 4 of title competitors, and a message was sent. Two members of the Rudo Brand will soon be our tag team champions.

From backstage, we cut to the sad, drunken shell of a man who is Lionheart. Losing to Jackie Polo certainly doesn’t seem to have left him in a good place! Mark Dallas (for the mainly selfish reason of wanting a rematch) was unable to get him to snap out of his misery. As of now, Jackie Polo vs Lionheart 2 will not happen.

Back in the Garage, my favourite act in ICW made their entrance. Joe Hendry & Leyton Buzzard were here to settle their rivalry with referee Kieran Kelly (with the assistance of their new friend Bantz). After revealing the intimidating fact that Bantz had done prison time for not paying for his TV licence, they demanded an apology. When this wasn’t provided (and after singing the Casualty TV theme for reasons better left unexplained) their attack was thwarted by Chris Renfrew. Chris demanded a rematch with Hendry at Shugs Hoose Party. Hendry agreed on one condition & a match was set for a future episode of Fight Club – Kieran Kelly & Chris Renfrew Vs Bantz & Leyton Buzzard. If Kieran & Chris win the rematch will take place and Kieran will become a member of the full-time roster, if Hendry’s team win then Chris becomes Leyton’s Intern.

This all sounds a bit convoluted, but it was explained simply in the segment and the match should be a lot of silly fun!

Before the action continues, we were briefly informed of the identity of the guest commissioner for Shugs Hoose Party. WWE hall of famer Jeff Jarrett. I can only assume that he will have some sort of interaction with ICW’s own double J, Jackie Polo!

ICW World Heavyweight Championship Match – Stevie Boy (c) w/ Kay Lee Ray vs. DCT w/ Coach Trip

This match was not booked for this evening, but since Stevie didn’t have an opponent (as BT Gunn was not cleared to wrestle), he called out DCT. Despite already competing this evening, the number one contender came out and was mercilessly assaulted by Kay Lee Ray & a steel chair.

The match unfairly begun, and (as is so common with The Filthy Generation) was essentially a handicap affair. After destroying Kay Lee Ray by launching her into a chair wedged in the corner, DCT locked in the Karma Sutra leg lock and looked to be turning the tide of battle. The Kings of Catch appeared to aid their leader, stacking the odds even further against DCT. It wasn’t looking good for our young hero (especially after taking the 3 person Apter Burner + Superkick combination) until Chris Renfrew’s music shockingly played. Team Hendry then arrived to dispatch of Chris, and Kieran Kelly then appeared to support him!

The intense chaos was not over and – after Kieran was utterly demolished by a 4 person Filthy Generation Superkick – our resident regulator Wolfgang charged his way to the ring. He then began to clear away the majority of the unnecessary wrestlers. The two actual competitors were then surprisingly able fight uninterrupted for a short period, until DCT started to get the advantage. Once DCT’s finishers were prevented by Lewis & Aspen, Stevie stole the victory with a Glasgow Destroyer & retained his title.

Understandably DCT was not happy with how this contest played out, so as Stevie was leaving he challenged him for the title one last time. Stevie Boy agreed but on one condition, if he wins DCT must leave Scotland. To end the show, the match was set for the main event of Shugs Hoose Party Night 2.

Despite only being an hour long, this episode had everything. Great wrestling, entertaining segments and a level of unpredictability rarely found in professional wrestling. This was the perfect way to usher in the new era of ICW Fight Club, and (for my taste) was one of the best hours of content I could have hoped for.


Chips lives in a tiny seaside village in the north of England, where he watches a ridiculous amount of wrestling on demand, and then writes about it! His main passion is British wrestling, but he has an eclectic taste. Follow him on twitter @fishchipswhips where he talks more about wrestling, video games and everything else!