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ICW Fight Club #92 Review



After possibly the best show in ICW history, we were left with many unanswered questions as to what was next. After a long few weeks, we are finally able to see the very first story threads weaving their way to Shug’s Hoose Party 5.

Without further ado, allow me to take you through this eagerly anticipated episode of Fight Club.

The show opened with a speech from our new ICW Heavyweight Champion (accompanied by Kay Lee Ray and the Kings of Catch). Stevie Boy had a lot of thanks to give to his Filthy Generation allies, and then the fans. Unfortunately his thanks to us were all a ruse, as was revealed when he said we could all suck on one of his appendages…

After announcing BT Gunn wasn’t there for his title match tonight, Stevie decided to take the night off… Enter Mikey Whiplash. After talking up the idea that Stevie relied too much on his allies, and that he needed to face a final test – he was promptly surrounded and beaten down by the Generation. After a failed save from rookie Sam Barbour, Wolfgang’s music hit and the ring was cleared of all but The Kings of Catch.

Wolfgang vs. Aspen Faith

Thanks to a brief fallout with his apprentices The Purge, Wolfgang didn’t have anyone to help with the numbers game in this match. It was a singles match in name alone, as Lewis Girvin (understandably) used every opportunity to ambush Wolfgang and help his partner.

Despite Wolfy’s best attempts to overpower the duo, he never really stood a chance against one of the best tag teams in Scotland. After stealing his Brass Knuckles, one punch later allowed Aspen Faith to pin the former Heavyweight Champion.

This match perfectly illustrates why I love all of The Filthy Generation. They consistently turn matches into handicap affairs, which is what teams that don’t play by the rules should do!

We had a few backstage segments up next. The Wee Man is planning to manage a currently unknown woman to take on Viper for the title, which is an exciting new direction for everyone’s favourite ICW manager. Also The Kings of Catch taunted Red Lightning about his tag team, which will assumably lead to a (probably great) match on a future episode.

ICW Women’s Championship Match -Sammii Jayne vs. Viper (c)

We had a match between two titans of women’s wrestling next, and both competitors came out with multiple belts from a variety of global promotions.

If this match hadn’t been cut short, I think it could have been remembered as an all time classic. Sammii spent the whole match convincingly working Viper’s arm, whilst Viper used her brute strength to overpower Sammii. As the challenger continued to weaken the arm, Viper struggled to pull off some moves and the whole contest was very believable.

Sadly, after Viper hit a Cannonball off the apron, the match was stopped as both Women had serious enough injuries to warrant staying in hospital. Both are recovering well, but best wishes to both of these talents. I would love to see these two continue this (and maybe start a full-blown feud) when they are able to do so.

Announced after this match, was the debut of Walter at Shugs. With his raw physical power and ridiculous chops, I think he’ll fit in perfectly!

Back to the ring, Mark Dallas came out with some exciting news. First he introduced the hottest name in ICW today, “Just Justice” Jackie Polo. Then we were told that at Shugs Hoose Party Night 1, the main event will the rematch – Justice vs. Lionheart!

Lionheart’s music hit after the announcement, but he was nowhere to be seen. It seems like we may be getting another “will the match happen” storyline, this time with Lionheart refusing initially.

After the announcement, Jackie was allowed to say a few words. He now speaks with an American accent, and I do not understand this character change at all but I love it! He was incredibly funny on the mic, and the crowd ate it up!

Backstage, poor Jennifer Louise was given the task of interviewing the terrifying Aivil. Jen fled and Veronica had to take over, as Aivil proceeded to talk about blood oath and feeding on flesh. I’m very interested in what comes next for the former Jokey, as her character has a lot of potential to be creepy and menacing.

Bram & Iestyn Rees w/ Red Lightning vs. The Govan Team

Feuds that last this long are almost never this good! ICW have managed to mix things up with multiman and tag matches so perfectly that I still adore whenever Bram and Ravie Davie face off.

The match played out as you may expect, with Davie flying around hitting Moonsaults and the Rudo pair hitting nasty power moves. This was The Govan Team’s first match in ICW, and hopefully not their last! Zander and Davie work really well together, as evidenced by a fantastic double team Backcracker & Lungblower combination. The Govan’s looked to have it won when Davie hit a huge somersault Coast to Coast, only for Red to break up the pin and hit the perpetual underdog with a chair. Bram then robbed us of our feel good moment, by finishing the job with two Murder Castle Powerbombs (one on the steel chair).

Now after the match we had the traditional angry stare down, but unexpectedly it was interrupted by Kid Fite attacking The Govan Team. I didn’t see this coming at all, and it seems Davie can’t catch a break!

Once the dust has settled, Kenny Williams came out of the crowd to finally speak up about turning his back on his best friend and the fans. After bigging up the Rudo brand for getting him on 205 live, Kenny decided to call out Echo for not congratulating his WWE debut.

Aaron came to the ring, and proceeded to melt the hearts of the fans with his ridiculous cuteness. He was full of pride for Kenny, and wanted to congratulate him but couldn’t hit send on the text. Kenny proceeded to pretend to try and make up with Aaron, only to then hit him with the microphone.

The last words we hear are from Red Lightning, who says that Kenny didn’t sell out – Kenny bought in.

This was an all around great episode of Fight Club. Some questions from Barramania were answered, but enough were left for future episodes that I’m still eagerly awaiting their release. All three matches were very good, with a nice mix of styles that kept me entertained throughout. A very easy watch, and a perfect template for how to make a great episode of a 90 minute weekly wrestling show.


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